Does the American Cockroach Fly? Study Tells

Does the American Cockroach fly? The American Cockroach is one of the popular among the 4,600 species of cockroaches on earth. Yes! there are about 4,600 known species of cockroaches and among these, 30 dwell among humans.

Does the American Cockroach fly? this has been one of the most searched facts of the American cockroach.

What is its movement pattern? do they crawl? do they fly? these and many more are the questions we @pestclue are set to resolve!

Does the American Cockroach Fly
<strong>The American Cockroach<strong>

How can I Identify the American Cockroach?

Another name for the American cockroach is the “palmetto bug“. These cockroaches usually have reddish to dark brown colored bodies and are the largest cockroach species in the united states as they can grow up to 50 cm in length.

Immature American roaches are similar to adults in terms of their abdomen coloration. Both the adult American roach and the immature roach are identifiable by a yellow marking on their protonums (a prominent plate-like structure that covers all or part of the thorax of some insects). The Immature roaches however do not have developed wings like the adult roaches.

Although not all American cockroaches (male and female) are similar in anatomy, the males and females have certain features they share:

  • The male and female American roaches both grow to the same size.
  • The male and female American roaches both have appendages that are fingerlike at the end of their abdomens.

After reading the above facts, one would conclude the impossibility of distinguishing the male roach from the female roach. Below is a distinctive feature in the male and female American cockroach:

  • The female American cockroach has appendages used to detect air current around them. These appendages are referred to as cerci.
  • The male American cockroach also has the appendage ‘cerli’ to detect air current around them. What then distinguishes these two? well, the males have a pair of styli located between the cerci to distinguish them from the females.

The American roaches are a very sensitive species of roaches as they can smell and detect air movement all thanks to their very sensitive antennae. They have flat bodies (ovoid in shape) protected by an exoskeleton that is shiny and oily in appearance.

Just like every other cockroach, the American roach also has heads that are made up of:

  • Eyes
  • Salivary Glands
  • Mouth
  • Antennae


Does the American Cockroach Fly?

To the question of the day “does the American Cockroach Fly?”. The immature American cockroaches are incapable of flying since they are wingless at this stage. This leaves us with the adult American roaches.

You may have been frightened once by these pests! The answer is NO though. Although, these pests have wings they do not have the ability to fly but glide instead. The distance of flight is not usually much as they can only glide from high places, such as trees to the ground. They usually move on foot and tend to scatter when they are frightened by an external force.


Does the American Cockroach Fly in the House?

American cockroaches are filthy pests capable of spreading disease, carrying germs, and contaminating the food we eat. It is not advisable to have these pests in your home, as they can crawl through sewage → transfer these germs in the food we eat → Cause allergies and asthma.

According to WHO (World Health Organization),  American roaches are suspected carriers of the organisms causing diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, leprosy, plague, typhoid fever, etc.

The American roaches are outdoor pests and will only move inside when conditions seem harsh and food source is limited. They are usually found in damp, moist environments and will survive in areas where there is an available supply of food and water.

The main attraction of these roaches to the home is food and water. No food source = No American roach (as simple as that). You may often wonder how these roaches gain access to the house? Below is a list of possible access points:

  • Because of their flat bodies, the American roaches have the ability to pass under doors.
  • They can easily pass through windows.
  • The garage is another access point for these roaches.

When these roaches gain access to the home, you can guess where they head to:

  • The Kitchen
  • The Bathroom
  • Basement
  • Laundry rooms


How do I Prevent American Spiders from Flying In my Home?

  • Locate the affected areas of American cockroach activity.
  • Identify the causes of the problem.
  • Look for entryways that American cockroaches could be using to get into your home.
  • Remove dead leaves or rake mulch away from the foundation.
  • Apply gel baits where American cockroaches will eat them but children or pets cannot reach them.
  • Apply insecticides in suspected areas (cracks & crevices).



The American cockroach is a serious threat to human existence and should not be joked with. Luckily, we @pestclue have been able to resolve the question “does the American cockroach fly?”

For more information about roaches, do contact us or let us know under the comment section.

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