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The Differences in Dog Grooming Tables

Dog grooming tables are accessories you must have as a dog groomer. However, it is also an ideal table, as well, for a do-it-yourself dog groomer owner.

You can find just the right table for you, depending on your budget, space, and dog grooming needs. Two highly valued tables featured online are the airlift, manually adjusted table, and the electric lift table.

Both tables allow you to adjust the level of the device to make dog placement and grooming easier. To make a buying decision, you’ll need to consider cost, features, and how and where the table will be used.


Dog Grooming Tables: Examples of Features

Dog grooming tables today come in various styles and prices, so, again, you can find a table that supports your exact grooming needs.


An Electric Grooming Table

Differences In Dog Grooming Tables

For example, you can buy an electric table that features an x-design frame, which offers both power and stability. This amazingly sturdy table can be lowered to under a foot (8.5”) or raised to just over three feet, or 37 inches.

This type of table is therefore ideal for almost all dog breeds and supports the grooming needs, as well, of older and larger pets. Made with a black non-slip top, the table, whose 49-inch wide top can be removed for easy cleaning, comes with a stainless steel grooming arm. 

If you’re a professional groomer, this is an affordable table – one that provides both versatility and value for the price. This type of table will accommodate large dogs, such as boxers and mastiffs.


The Airlift Table Design

You can also find tables with an airlift mechanism that allows you to operate the table using a foot pedal for adjusting the height. Like the electric table, the grooming arm is made of solid and reinforced stainless steel. 

It also features three adjustable hooks designed to hold your grooming tools. The top on this model is also removable and the base is constructed with powder-coated steel – both of which are made for simple cleaning. This type of table is usually recommended for small or medium-sized dogs.

Both of the above-mentioned tables allow you to groom a dog ergonomically without hurting your back or spine. Also, both tables hold a dog steady. The non-skid surfaces allow you to avoid mishaps and provide a safe and pleasant grooming experience.

Dog Grooming Tables


Now Is the Time to Buy a Grooming Table

Whether you’re a professional dog groomer or an owner seeking a table to make grooming simpler, you can find a table that will support your requirements. Play it safe and make grooming more enjoyable by choosing a table for your business or pet.


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