What are the Best Dog Parks DC Has Got To Offer?

Dog Parks DC has several options for your dogs to run, play fetch, or cool down with a splash. While you enjoy the shade, your pup can play a game of fetch.

If you want to get away from your usual neighbourhood walk, these locations are well worth a look.

It can be hard for dogs in large cities to find space to run and play. Dog parks DC are available to help. Continue reading to find out more.


What are the Best Dog Parks DC Has Got To Offer?

Dog Parks Dc
Dog Parks are Fun

Dog parks offer a fun environment for your dog to play and exercise. Some dog parks will provide a better experience than others.

Dogs need plenty of room to run around and drink water. If you have a shy or smaller breed, there may be areas specifically for them.

You can choose which dog park to visit, but you will find it easier to make a decision if you are familiar with the best in your locality.


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  • Shirlington Park:

Shirlington Park has been a favourite dog park for D.C. residents and visitors with their furry friends.

The park has a special enclosed area where small or nervous dogs can play. There is also a lot of greenery and large open spaces for dogs to run around.

After all that fun, you need to cool off. The beautiful stream that runs through Shirlington Park makes for the perfect splashing spot.

This park is well worth the drive, even though it’s a bit far from D.C. The park is the size of several football pitches and includes a separate area for puppies, as well as poop bags and bowls.

There’s even a dog washing station next to the park for those hotter days.

  • Swampoodle Park:

This dog park, which is less than a year old, has quickly become a popular spot for children and dogs. The entire park is turf, so the dogs won’t get dirty. There’s also a multi-level jungle gym where kids can swing.

This park is perfect for families with dogs and young children. Swampoodle Dog Park, a 5,000-square-foot area is perfect for your dog to run free.

There is also a nearby playground, which makes it a great place for children. The turf is completely fenced and the dog park is enclosed. There are obstacles like stairs, small tunnels and other obstacles that can be enjoyed by active dogs.

The Swampoodle Dog Parks have a limit of 10 dogs, but it is not always adhered to, making the park too crowded on certain days. The area is not separated for small dogs. However, most of the dogs who visit are well-behaved.

  • S Street Park:

S Street Park, located on S Street in Northwest Washington is an ideal place to walk your dog or let them run in the dog park. The area off-leash is approximately 5,600 square feet and fully fenced.

The surface of the dog park is synthetic turf. It’s not flat. On hot days, a kiddie pool is set up for dogs to enjoy the water and a water dispenser is available.

There are poop bags available in the event that you forget to bring them. Every dog lover wants to know that their dog is safe, and can be used for recall training, or even some playful antics.

S Street Dog Park in Washington, D.C. is one of the most spacious and safe enclosed dog parks that you can find for your dogs to play.

You can’t keep up with your dog’s speed? There’s no shame in it – those benches under the trees are there for a reason. Relax and watch your dog run and play.

  • Barkhaus:

Barkhaus is a popular dog-friendly bar in the city. As the name implies, this stylish yet affordable establishment has been created to accommodate our four-legged companions. Let your dog run wild in one of D.C.’s best indoor dog parks.

Barkhaus offers daycare for your dog if you want to take a break from your Washington DC tour. They can enjoy the indoor D.C. dog parks while you are out and about.

  • Bundy Dog Park:

This is one of the largest parks in the world, and it’s perfect for dogs who are high-energy. They can run around all day. There are plastic bags available for easy dog doo-doo cleaning, but no water fountains.

  • Dog Mason Recreation Center Dog Park:

The Guy Mason Recreation Center Dog Park is a popular residential area and a peaceful place to bring your dog. The play area is made up of wood chips. However, after rainy weather, it can become muddy.

There is plenty of space for dogs to play and run in the park, which is a medium size. The park is only allowed to have 14 dogs at once in order to avoid it becoming too crowded.


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  • Shaw Dog Park:

It’s one the largest dog parks around the D.C. region. Water bowls and security gates are placed throughout the park to satisfy your dog’s thirst. Shaw Dog Park is unique in that it’s run entirely by volunteers.

Shaw Dog Park has a strong sense of community, thanks to its many trees and shaded places to sit. This ensures that there are as many opportunities to rest as there are to run around.

Shaw Dog Park, a 15,000-square-foot area of play for dogs, is a great place to let your dog run free. The dog park has two separate fenced-off sections, one for larger dogs and another for smaller puppies.

There are only 28 dogs allowed in the large area and 5 in the smaller run. There is plenty of space for your dog to run around and burn off all its energy when it’s not busy.

To ensure your dog is safe when socializing with other dogs in the park, you must have a current Rabies tag on him, a DC registration tag and a DC dog exercise tag.

This park’s surface is made up of gravel and sand. This may cause problems for those who want to keep their dog clean. Shaw dog park offers a relaxing area with many trees and benches.

  • Newark Street Dog Park:

It is one of the most highly rated parks on Yelp. There are separate areas for small and large dogs, complete with water bowls and fountains.

There is also a Children’s Garden, which includes monthly learning sessions, tables for picnics, and garden equipment for children.

The Newark Street Dog Park opened in 2010 and is a 9,100-square-foot fenced area dedicated to letting your pup enjoy themselves off-leash.

There are two areas with a gravel surface. The park has benches, water bowls, and poop bag dispensers.

Newark Street Dog Park has other amenities around it, such as a garden, tennis court and playground. Residents love it, but there’s a limit of only 22 dogs to keep the park from getting too crowded.

If you live in the Newark Street neighbourhood or are near it, this park is a great place to let your dog run around and play with other dogs.

  • Eckington Dog Park:

The community loves the large size of this dog park and its cleanliness. The Eckington Parks and Arts Foundation runs this dog park and receives donations to fund it.

The dog park at Eckington is very spacious, with a mixture of turf and pavement for soft paws. Local volunteers maintain and clean the park regularly.

The relationship between the dog park and the local community is what makes it unique. There are many friendly dogs and local residents in the park.

The park is located right next to the Metropolitan Branch Trail with a beautiful urban view.

  • Stanton Park:

Stanton Park attracts many amateur athletes, families and dog owners. This place is a hidden jewel among dog parks in D.C. with its well-maintained grass and shady trees.

  • Glencarlyn Park:

It’s a tranquil haven for dog owners and their dogs who want to reconnect with nature. On hot days, dogs can cool off in the stream and waterfall. There is also a small play area for children.

This park is not enclosed, but it is not the best place for dogs that don’t respond well to voice commands. Glencarlyn Park in Washington, D.C. is a beautiful park. However, it’s not enclosed.

Its popularity is not affected by this, as it has a beautiful waterfall and a crystal-clear stream on site.

  • Swampoodle Dog Park & Playground:

The Swampoodle Dog Park, a 5,000-square-foot area, is perfect for your dog to run free. The area is also home to a playground, which makes it an ideal place for children.

The dog park is completely fenced in and has a turf floor. There are obstacles like stairs, small tunnels and other obstacles that can be enjoyed by active dogs.

  • Lincoln Park:

The wonderful Lincoln Park is a must-see on any list of Washington, D.C. parks. Lincoln Park is a great place to enjoy a variety of activities.

Lincoln Park, located in the heart of Washington, D.C., is a great place for those who are looking to do something different than their normal walk around the neighbourhood.

Two playgrounds are available for children, and there is a mile-long dirt circle path for dog owners who enjoy running with their pets.

  • Langdon Dog Park:

Langdon Park is one of the newest parks on this list. The park is spacious, fenced in and offers plenty of space for dogs to run. There’s also a separate area just for little furballs.

The Langdon Dog Park is a gravel-surfaced dog park with two separate fenced-off zones for larger and smaller dogs. Both fenced-off sections of the park have water fountains and poop bag dispensers.

There are many grassy areas for leashed walks around the dog park. You can also enjoy the pool, recreation centre and other amenities once your pooch has had enough.

The Langdon Dog Park is a great mix of grass and concrete, with lots of water bowls. Langdon Park may be large, but it doesn’t mean that those who maintain it are cutting corners.

You can expect a safe and clean place for your dog to run around and play fetch.

  • Columbia Heights Dog Park:

The Columbia Heights Dog Park, a small area fenced in and dedicated to dogs from the locality, is not the most luxurious park to bring your dog to.

The park is a large open area with trees, dirt and concrete. It is a large park with plenty of space for your dog.

As a neighbourhood park friendly dogs and local residents frequent the park. During the rainy season, this park is plagued by mud because the majority of the land is dirt.

The only other amenity is a dog water fountain. The Columbia Heights Dog Park offers enough space for residents and visitors to the area to let their dogs play and stretch out in safety.

  • Montrose Park:

This is a good place to bring your dog, even though it’s not a true dog park. Dogs are required to be on a leash as there are tennis courts, children’s playgrounds and picnic areas.

This is a well-kept secret among D.C. locals. It’s the perfect place to escape from the sights and noise of the city.

  • Francis Field Dog Park:

The Francis Field Dog Parks are smaller but still have plenty of space to let your dog run around and burn off all their energy.

There are benches and trees throughout the area for your dog. A water fountain is also available in case they get thirsty. Visitors keep this park relatively clean, and there are many friendly dogs in the park.

Francis Field Dog Park has a gravel surface, which is prone to getting your dog dirty after rain. The park is located next to a large open field that is perfect for taking your dog on a walk when not in use.

Francis Field Dog Park may not be the biggest park, but it’s a safe and welcoming place for your dog to play.


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Washington D.C. is unlike any other city on the planet. You’ll want to know the best places to let your playful paws run, whether you’re passing through or staying awhile.

Now that you know the best dog park DC has got to offer why not try them out?

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