7 Easy Puppy Potty Training Tips You Need to Know

There are easy puppy potty training tips you need to know as a dog lover. Dogs are absolutely awesome. It’s why almost 50 million American households have at least one of them at home.

But dogs can also be a lot of work. Puppies, in particular, will force you to jump through quite a few hoops when you first welcome them into your home.

House training a puppy is one of the trickiest parts of getting a new dog. But there are puppy potty training tips you can put to good use to get the job done in way less time than you might think.


7 Easy Puppy Potty Training Tips You Need to Know

What easy potty training tips do you know? would you like to get your hands on some of these puppy training tips so that you have an easier time house-training a dog?

Take a look at seven of them below and keep them in mind while training a puppy to go to the bathroom outside.

Easy Puppy Potty Training Tips

1. Start Potty Training a Puppy Right Away

When you first bring a puppy home, you might not necessarily want to jump right into trying to potty train them. But the sooner you get started, the sooner they should begin to get the hang of it.

If you wait too long to start using the easy puppy potty training tips listed here, your new dog might begin to get into bad habits like peeing and pooping in certain spots inside your home.

This is obviously the last thing you want. Ideally, the easy puppy potty training process should start the day your new dog comes home. It’ll make this process go quicker overall.


2. Take a Puppy Outside Immediately in the Morning

The best way to get the puppy potty training process moving in the right direction is by taking a puppy outside every morning.

By doing this, you’ll be able to introduce them to the idea of peeing and/or pooping outside from the beginning of their first day with you.

At the start, you should take them to the same spot day after day so that they form good habits. Before long, they should get the sense that they’re supposed to pee and poop outside in this spot as opposed to doing it inside your home.


3. Give a Puppy Plenty of Time to Explore Outside

Your puppy might go right outside on their first day and pee and poop for you. But they might also run around in your yard and want to play a little bit before doing anything else.

You should make sure you’re not in a huge hurry to take your puppy outside. You want to give them as much time as they need to get comfortable before they pee and/or poop.

Puppies are naturally curious creatures who will want to do some exploring of their new surroundings. You should let them do this and not try to force them to focus on going to the bathroom if they aren’t ready to do it.


4. Praise a Puppy for Going Potty Outside

Whether your puppy pees and/or poops right away when you take them outside or they take a while to get around to it, they will eventually go.

It’s going to be your job to watch them like a hawk and be right there next to them when they’re finished going.

Once they’re all done, you should shower your puppy with praise and let them know how proud you are of them.

You should also provide them with special puppy treats so that they associate going to the bathroom outside with being rewarded.


5. Keep an Eye on a Puppy When They’re Inside

After your puppy goes to the bathroom outside in the morning, you can bring them back inside. But you aren’t going to want to let them run free unsupervised.

At first, you should contain them in one particular part of your house. You should also put them in a place where you’ll be able to see them if they’re sniffing around and looking like they might need to go again.

Many puppies will have to pee and/or poop about once every hour at the start. You want to be sure you’re looking after them so that you see signs that show they need to go.

You might also want to set up this indoor grass potty for dogs. It’ll look and feel just like the grass you have outside, and it’ll provide your puppy with a place to go if they can’t make it outside in time.


6. Be Patient and Understanding With a Puppy

Prior to purchasing a puppy, you need to be honest with yourself and make sure you can commit to easy puppy potty training them. It’s going to take time for them to get used to going outside to pee and poop.

Accidents will happen, and they will happen at some of the worst possible times. You should remain patient with your puppy and continue to offer positive reinforcement to them in an attempt to get them to go outside more often than not.


7. Give a Puppy Enough Time to Potty Train

Some puppies will be potty trained within a matter of just weeks. Others might take months or maybe even up to a full year to be fully potty trained.

You shouldn’t ever try to rush the process. Instead, you should give a puppy the time that they need to encourage them all along the way.


Use These Puppy Potty Training Tips to Your Advantage

As you’ve seen here, there will be a lot of work that’ll come along with potty training a puppy. But you can accomplish this goal by utilizing each of the puppy potty training tips that we’ve listed.

You and your puppy should ultimately enjoy this process together and feel good about how it went in the end. It’ll give you both a chance to make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Find more easy puppy potty training tips on taking care of a dog by reading through some of our other blog articles.

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