Farmer’s Insurance: How to Apply and Get Approved in Nigeria

Being a successful farmer doesn’t depend on using the best farming technique, a good farmer’s insurance plan which is a good backup plan is what you need to keep your farming activities at pace. In our previous article, we discussed everything you need to know about farm insurance.

In Nigeria, several farmer’s insurance companies have their policies in which you have to adhere to get your approval. In this article, we are discussing the possible ways to how to apply for farmer’s insurance and get approved.


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How to Apply for Farmer’s Insurance in Nigeria

When applying for a farmer’s insurance you need to consider these factors; location of your farm, farm structures, buildings, and workforce and farm activities. While in pursuit of an insurance policy most insurance companies consider those factors.


Requirements for Farmer’s Insurance Policy

While applying either online or filling a form, they are certain information which will be required from you, they are:

  • Worker’s compensation or other social insurance required by local legislation
  • Employer’s liability
  • Personal accident
  • General third-party liability
  • Professional liability
  • Automobile liabilities

N/B: The coverages will be based on the insurance provider of your choice.


Benefits at Farmer’s Insurance

Depending on your insurance plan, some farmer’s Insurance provider gives a discount on bundles that are full-time and low maintenance laborers, medical coverage which offers help with dental, vision, life coverage, and wellbeing programs.


Frequent Asked Question and Answers

  • Insurance coverage: How does my risk influence the cost of my coverage?

Farmers see that it is so essential to convey quality coverage at moderate rates. We comprehend that as a committed driver, property holder, parent, or laborer, you need, and appropriately merit, the most reliable coverage for your well-deserved cash, and with safe propensities, should come lower insurance costs.

That is the reason, at Farmers, we’re continually searching for better plans to keep the expense of insurance moderate.


  • What is personal umbrella coverage?

Claims have gotten typical in this day and age, and increasingly more we’re seeing bigger granted aggregates than at any other time.

To help secure your well-deserved resources, you keep up obligation coverage with property insurance like auto and mortgage holders.


These plans have been restricted, however, and with expanding recurrence, claim grants are surpassing these points of confinement. That is the place Farmers Personal Liability Umbrella insurance comes in.

An umbrella insurance policy is an additional layer of obligation coverage, intended to go well beyond the coverage of your other insurance arrangements.

In case you’re at any point sued for harms, and the decision surpasses even the most elevated breaking points on your current property coverage, an umbrella policy kicks in to cover the extra costs so you don’t need to put your investment funds, your home, and your business in danger.


  • Who would it be a good idea for me to call to report a misfortune?

After an auto crash, home harm, or any sort of misfortune, it’s essential to tell your insurance provider. To report the case and get it fixed promptly.


  • What sorts of Auto insurance limits are accessible?

Farmers are offered an assortment of limits to assist you with saving money on your insurance and reward you for safe conduct.

Limits change by state, so make a point to check for which limits you’re qualified.


  • Is there any coverage for the rent of machines or vehicles?

Machines and vehicle rental organizations charge day by day expenses for their own insurance to harms in your tenant contract.

Nonetheless, it is conceivable that your present auto policy gives rental vehicle coverage. This normally shifts by state however, so check your policy or contact your insurance specialist for more subtleties.


  • What is full coverage?

Full coverage does confuse lots of people, it doesn’t refer to a policy that covers “everything.” Instead, full coverage normally refers to a policy that incorporates both risk coverage and coverage for harm to your property.

Your Auto insurance Policy Declaration page records the coverage you have chosen, and a Farmers operator can assist you with choosing the Auto insurance coverage that meets your requirements and spending plan.


We hope this review will guide you when applying for any farmer’s insurance policy in Nigeria. Do well to drop your feedback or contribution via our comment box below.

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