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How To Care For Your Ficus Altissima

Ficus altissima is a type of tree that is home to lac insects, which are a type of scale insect in the superfamily Coccoidea. These insects are used to obtain a dye called lac.

In southern Florida, the plant was introduced but unfortunately, it didn’t produce seeds because there were no native insects around to pollinate the flowers.

In this article, we have taken the time to mention the basic requirements for Ficus Altissima care!


What Does the Ficus Altissima Look Like?

Ficus Altissima
A picture of the Ficus Altissima

Ficus altissima is a big tree that stays green all year. It can grow up to 30 meters (98 feet) tall and has a wide crown. It often has several trunks with buttresses, which is a common feature of its subgenus called Urostigma.

The bark has a smooth and grey appearance, and it also has small pale brown pustules. The branches spread out and the twigs have a hairy texture, which is usually green when they are young.

The leaves of this plant are arranged alternately and have an elliptic to ovate shape. They have smooth edges and can grow up to 100 by 40 mm (3.9 by 1.6 in) in size. The plants have sheathing stipules and are supported on short stalks.

The flowers can be found alone or in pairs, and they are located where the leaves meet the stem. The seeds are hidden inside hollow receptacles that develop into orangish-red figs, about 25 mm (1 in) in size, with many seeds, after they are pollinated.


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What are the Requirements of the Ficus Altissima?

What is the Light Requirement of the Ficus Altissima?

If you are planning to put these Ficus trees in your garden, make sure to place them under the canopies of other trees or near branches that hang over them. This way, they’ll get enough natural light from their surroundings.

When you keep them indoors, it’s important to provide plenty of natural light for them, but make sure they are not directly exposed to sunlight. To prevent the leaves from getting burned, you can use glass or sheer curtains to block the direct sunlight.


What is the Water Requirement of the Ficus Altissima?

Make sure to wait until the top 5cm of soil or potting mix is dry before watering the ficus tree. During the spring and summer seasons, it’s best to water the plant once a week. However, in the fall and winter, you can reduce the frequency to once every two weeks.

However, the amount of water your plant needs depends on the amount of light it receives. If you give too much water to your F. altissima, you’ll notice that its leaves turn yellow, gradually lose their colour, and eventually fall off.


What is the Temperature Requirement of the Ficus Altissima?

The Ficus altissima likes it when the temperature in homes is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21.1 degrees Celsius). The Ficus tree doesn’t thrive in temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 degrees Celsius).

Remember that extreme temperature changes can be too much for your F. altissima. The fiddle leaf fig is also famous for this. If your plant is content in its current location, it’s best not to disturb it by moving it around too frequently.


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How Do I Propagate My Ficus Altissima?

  • To take a single cutting, select a healthy stem and make a cut just below the leaf node. Make sure the segment has at least two or three leaves.
  • Once the cuttings are ready, you can start preparing the potting mix. You have the option to use either sand or a combination of peat and perlite.
  • To enhance the growth of the cutting, you can try dipping it in the rooting hormone.
  • Make sure to place each cutting in a container with the leaves standing upright.
  • Make sure to place the plants in an area with bright, indirect light.
  • The cuttings will usually start to develop roots within a period of 3 to 4 weeks. When you look at the bottom of the root ball, you’ll notice some small white roots.
  • Let the cuttings keep growing. After 6 to 8 weeks, it’s safe to transfer them to bigger pots without worrying about causing any damage.


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Ficus trees are known for their fast growth and they do well in subtropical and tropical climates.

Different species and locations can have varying growth rates, but generally, trees that are healthy and grow quickly can reach a height of 25 feet within ten years.

Make sure to follow the above tips to properly care for your Ficus Altissima.


FAQs About the Ficus Altissima?

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