What are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers That Start With C?

The letter C has been discovered to harbour beautiful flowers, which you will come to discover in our list of top 10 beautiful flowers that start with C.

Through thorough research, we have listed in this article the top 10 flowers that start with C, all arranged in alphabetical order from the first to the last.

In this article, you will find that the flower you expected to be in the top 10 of flowers that start with C won’t even be mentioned, as there are many before it.


What are the Top 10 Beautiful Flowers that Start With C?

1. Calendula:

Flowers That Start With C

The calendula plant, also known as the pot marigold, is the first flower in our list of beautiful flowers that start C. It is a stunning and delightful flower.

The calendula flower possesses aesthetic appeal when situated in a garden or meadow, and it also serves practical functions in the realms of cuisine and medicine.

The petals are commonly used for colouring various types of butter and cheese. Calendula flowers exhibit exceptional frost tolerance and cold hardiness, making them highly advantageous.


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2. California Flannel Bush:

Flowers That Start With C
California Flannel Bush

The California flannel bush is a flowering shrub renowned for its exceptional beauty, commonly found in the state of California.

This plant exhibits rapid growth, reaching impressive heights of up to 20 feet. The flowers exhibit a yellow colouration on their upper surface, while their lower surface displays a rusty brown hue.

The flannel bush is renowned for its ability to attract butterflies and has a lifespan of up to eight years before eventually wilting.

3. Calla Lily:

Flowers That Start With C
Calla Lily

The calla lily possesses distinct characteristics that make it exceptionally beautiful. The floral structure consists of a spadix and an upper part with a trumpet-like shape.

One remarkable characteristic of this flower is its wide range of colours, which includes white, yellow, peach, and red. The calla lily is indigenous to tropical regions.

It has the potential to reach a height of five feet or greater, with leaves that can span up to 12 inches in width. Hummingbirds are frequently attracted to the flower.

4. Calluna:

Flowers That Start With C

The calluna plant, classified as a low-growing evergreen shrub, is a visually appealing specimen that blooms from July to September.

The calluna plant is commonly observed to have a mauve hue, although certain specimens may exhibit a white appearance.

5. Camellia:

Flowers That Start With C

The next flower on our list of aesthetically pleasing flowers that start with C is the camellia plant, known for its remarkably stunning buds.

There are over 220 individuals belonging to this particular species, all of whom possess remarkable qualities.

The described plant is a perennial shrub with dark foliage and abundant, vibrant flowers that typically bloom in autumn and early spring.

When fully developed, the plant has the potential to reach a height of 12 feet. The flowers of this plant commonly exhibit colours such as pink, white, red, yellow, and lavender.

6. Campanula:

Flowers That Start With C

The campanula species, commonly referred to as bellflower plants, is a beautiful perennial flower that naturally thrives in regions with moderate temperatures.

The peak blooming period for these plants occurs in June and July, although certain varieties can continue to flourish until October.

Campanula is a botanical classification encompassing more than 300 species of annual plants. Among these, the bellflower stands out as particularly aesthetically pleasing.

7. Campion:

Flowers That Start With C

The red variant of the campion is petite and modest, yet it possesses a remarkable visual appeal. This plant is a type of herbaceous perennial that is known for its ease of cultivation and distinctive red star-shaped flowers.

The campion plant is commonly known as a “spiller” due to its tendency to cascade over the edges of pots.

The plan also appeals to insects and pollinators and experiences rapid growth in the spring and early autumn seasons.

After the plant has reached maturity, it exhibits a notable ability to withstand periods of limited water availability.


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8. Clarkia:

Flowers That Start With C

The clarkia is the next species to be discussed in our compilation of beautiful flowers that start with C. There are more than 40 different varieties of clarkia, each of which is aesthetically pleasing.

The flower in question is indigenous to the western region of Northern America and is classified as an annual herbaceous plant.

Clarkia plants have a maximum height of three feet and exhibit blooming during the summer or autumn seasons.

Clarkia flowers are highly suitable for cultivation and would enhance the aesthetic appeal of any garden.

9. Coral Bells:

Flowers That Start With C
Coral Bells

Coral bells possess distinct characteristics that can introduce a fresh element to your backyard. These flowers exhibit a diverse range of colours, including red, pink, white, and yellow.

Additionally, they have the potential to reach a height of three feet. Coral bells are a type of plant that requires minimal upkeep and exhibits strong growth.

In addition, they can attract birds. To flourish, these organisms necessitate ample illumination and exhibit optimal growth in temperatures exceeding 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

10. Coreopsis:

Flowers That Start With C

Coreopsis plants, also known as tickseed, are characterised by their strength, robustness, and aesthetic appeal.

This species is characterised by its low-maintenance nature and ability to withstand drought conditions.

It produces flowers that have a long blooming period, making it an attractive addition to gardens or flower beds.

There are more than 80 different types of coreopsis, which are visually appealing despite lacking a fragrance. The growth rate of this species is moderate, and it exhibits blooming during the early summer period.


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The table below shows a summary of the top 10 flowers that start with C, as mentioned above:




1. Calendula
2. California Flannel Bush
3. Calla Lily
4. Calluna
5. Camellia
6. Campanula
7. Campion
8. Clarkia
9. Coral Bells
10. Coreopsis

Now that you know the top 10 flowers that start with C as well as what they are and entail, do well to tap that share button so your friends will be as informed as you are!

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