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How Freshpet Killed My Dog: Product Review [UPDATED] 2024

At a time when this pet food was on the rise in the market, reports came from buyers who commented, “Freshpet killed my dog.” This made us do our research just to ensure that this product was safe for your pet’s consumption.

Freshpet has beaten all odds when it comes to the production of fresh food for our pets over the years. In the fresh dog market, Freshpet has been at the leading edge since 2006.

There are several downsides to Freshpet products, like high prices compared to other dry food brands, needing refrigeration to store dog rolls that have been opened, and getting bad when exposed for more than 3 hours while the dog is done eating.

Freshpet killed my dog: How true is this statement? Let’s now find out.


Can Freshpet Kill My Dog?

Freshpet Killed My Dog
Freshpet Killed My Dog: How True Is This?

Over the years, Freshpet has exceeded all expectations regarding producing fresh pet food.

Regrettably, using Freshpet products caused some dog owners to lose their pets. Some were fortunate enough to survive, but after consuming Freshpet, they were seriously ill.

A recall of one of Freshpet’s products led to multiple reports of sick and dead pets. Both favourable and negative reviews proliferated online as a result.

Nevertheless, the majority of pet owners are happy with Freshpet products. Positive reviews outweighed negative ones, despite conflicting emotions and evaluations.


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How Freshpet Killed My Dog (Positive Review)

My father and his fiance recently started making their dog food. However, being a busy New Yorker, I didn’t think that was feasible for me.

I was searching for a fresh and nutritious alternative that was affordable and also something my dog, Duncan, would love to eat. I stumbled upon a holistic pet care shop located near my apartment and thought of giving it a try.

As I roamed around the store, I came across a refrigerator at the back that piqued my interest. That’s when I discovered Freshpet®, which seemed perfect for my needs.

There were several options, but I was particularly interested in a formula called Freshpet® Select. It claimed to be made with fresh ingredients, just like a home-cooked meal—a chicken recipe with vegetables and cranberries.

I thought that this could be the one for my picky dog, Duncan. The experiment would begin the next day.

Now, as I had mentioned before, Duncan was a very picky eater. He would circle his bowl, sniff the food, and walk away, only to come back and take a bite.

But when he tried Freshpet® Select for the first time, he finished his entire bowl in an instant. He loved it so much that he would have asked for seconds if he could. Finally, I didn’t have to beg him to eat his dinner!

As time passed, mealtime became a thrilling experience for Mr. Dunc. Whenever I opened the fridge door, he would start dancing by my feet, knowing that he was about to receive a healthy and nutritious treat.

I was very impressed with the quality of the food as well. It smelled amazing and looked so delicious that even I wanted to eat it.

Since he started eating Freshpet®, his digestion has improved significantly. His dog walker even sends me midday texts to let me know how healthy and perfect his stool looks (we’re very close).

Although it’s only been a short while, I’ve noticed that Dunc has started to become more active and lively.

He’s now playfully approaching some dogs on his walks, wagging his tail furiously, whereas before he would simply ignore them.


How Freshpet Killed My Dog (Negative Review)

“I just buried my dog, Jackie, today. Before I took her to the veterinarian yesterday, she had been sick and had been throwing up for a few days.

As each day went by, the vomiting became progressively worse. She was also having trouble breathing. I finally admitted to the vet that I had only given her a Freshpet to consume.

The veterinarian asked me whether I thought the product might be from a faulty batch. I had to check on Google to find out, and I discovered that Freshpet had issued a recall for that particular product.

I was unaware of the salmonella recall or its consequences. Jackie was so tired of her liver and pancreas. Poor thing. When we got home later, she passed away in my arms.

My dog died from this food because she had never experienced any health problems. I was clueless about what to do. I was powerless, and I didn’t want anyone to go through what my dog had.


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Why Freshpet Killed My Dog?

Animals and people who have consumed or handled contaminated food may get salmonella. Regretfully, if treatment is not received, the effect may be so strong that your dog may die.

Dogs with salmonella infections may exhibit lethargy, bloody diarrhoea, fever, and vomiting, depending on the food consumed. Some dogs may exhibit signs of heat, stomach pain, and lack of appetite if the intake is limited.

The FDA notice indicated that even asymptomatic dogs may still spread salmonellosis to their owners and others.

When you develop salmonella in people, it indicates that the bacteria has penetrated your stomach acid and immune system sufficiently to cause illness.

The intestinal lining cells are invaded and destroyed by Salmonella bacteria. This can cause stomach cramps by hindering your body’s ability to absorb fluids. Diarrhoea is your body’s way of releasing water.


Can Freshpet Be Frozen?

Freshpet products are not frozen during the manufacturing and transportation processes. You will only need to freeze it once the package has been opened. You can stop food from spoiling in this way.


How Long Is Freshpet Safe For Dogs?

Products from Freshpet outlast those from other companies. As a result, after your dog has finished eating, you only need to refrigerate the leftovers.

Some dogs can eat Freshpet products every day since they like them. However, some dogs find Freshpet products to be too sweet. Instead of forcing them to eat, you can try feeding them again with a different brand.


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Where To Buy Freshpet



If you suspect that Freshpet might have played a role in the death of your dog, it’s important to gather all the necessary information and contact a veterinarian to understand what might have caused it.

If you suspect a product defect or contamination, it’s crucial to report it to the relevant authorities so that they can investigate the matter further.

Freshpet killed my dog: How true is this statement? Well, now you know.

Thank you for reading!

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4 thoughts on “How Freshpet Killed My Dog: Product Review [UPDATED] 2024”

  1. I am sorry if your pet really died from eating fresh pet food. You sound Like a paid reviewer to keep people away from other fresh food brands to sell the one that is paying for you review. If you have ever had a cat and a dog, then you know that dogs love to eat cat crap. If cat crap and the other items in their cat box won’t kill them, plus dogs lick everything. Most of the food on the shelf today should kill every animal on earth but it doesn’t. I bet there are people who feed their dogs chocolate and onions, which will kill your dog. I know that you can leave fresh pet out overnight in the dog’s bowl and they will eat it the next day. I have had dogs that eat lizards, yet they live.

    I feel that if your poor animal died it passed from some other problem, not Fresh Ret Dog Food. Maybe the dog had issues that were not picked up or ate something prior that cause its death. Unless you can completely prove it don’t bash a good product. It is better than 90% of the dog food on the shelf and I am not getting paid for this response, i just think it is B.S.

    My Opinion

  2. Hi Matt, your opinion on this topic is absolutely great but they are also greater risk of exposing your pet friend to health risk by letting them consuming fresh pet food left over night or eating any fresh stuffs around. Even if nothing goes wrong immediately but certainly in the long run and you might actually not be aware.

    • My boyfriend and I started feeding our 9 month old dog The FreshPet beef and chicken recipe rolls and about two weeks later we noticed he had really bad diarrhea, he still does actually it hasn’t been that long. And we are recently finding out it’s their company causing this. I usually make my dog his food using organic ingredients but we recently noticed this brand at Smiths and we decided to try this out because it was much cost efficient but I guess the price isn’t that good if the quality isn’t good. We trying to figure ways to treat his diarrhea but if it doesn’t get better, we will take him to the vet.

      • Hi Ariana, so sorry to hear that your pet is sick of diarrhea, thanks also for your sharing your experience. When feeding your pet freshpet meals, you need to verify the brand and ingredients from your vet, if your furry friends doesn’t get well soon, ensure you visit any vet near you.


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