How To Tell a Full Grown Cavapoo

After reaching the age of 2 years, it is not anticipated for a full grown Cavapoo to experience any additional weight gain. Unless, of course, they had a lower body weight due to certain factors prior to that point.

If an individual’s canine companion is experiencing weight gain, it is advisable to decrease their daily food allocation by one-third.

After achieving their desired weight, a gradual increase in food intake can be implemented until they stabilise at a healthy weight.


How Big Does a Full Grown Cavapoo Get?

Full Grown Cavapoo
Picture of a Full Grown Cavapoo

If an individual possesses a Cavapoo of the first generation, which is the result of breeding a Toy or Mini Poodle with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, it is possible to reasonably estimate their size.

Nevertheless, the predictability of their size diminishes as one progresses through subsequent generations, due to the interbreeding of Cavapoos with varying proportions of each parent breed.

However, one can maintain a reasonable level of confidence that the weight of the object will be within the wide range of 6 to 18 pounds, and its height will measure between 10 and 15 inches.

If one desires a canine companion that is slightly smaller than a Cavapoo, yet exhibits a comparable temperament, it would be prudent to examine the similarities and differences between Cavapoos and Maltipoos.


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How Can I Determine the Size of a Full Grown Cavapoo?

  • The Size of Their Parents:

Given the variability in the size of purebred canines, the subsequent course of action entails an examination of the specific dimensions of the breeding canines.

By considering the size of the parents in conjunction with the established size ranges for the respective breeds, one can more accurately predict the eventual size of the offspring.

However, there are certain concerns associated with this particular methodology. Examining the sizes of the parents is only effective when the parents exhibit close proximity in terms of their sizes.

Upon examination of the provided chart, it becomes evident that the Mini poodle exhibits a similar size to that of the Cavalier.

As a consequence of this, the miniature Cavapoo breed will present the least difficulty in accurately predicting their final adult dimensions.

However, accurately predicting the future size of a mixed breed dog becomes challenging when the parent dogs involved, such as the Cavalier and standard poodle, significantly differ in size.

The puppies within the same litter exhibit a notable degree of variation in their adult size.

  • The Cavapoo Size:

The Cavoodle breed is intentionally bred in three distinct size categories, namely toy, mini, and standard.

The sizes are determined by the breeders and typically correspond to the breeder’s estimation of the puppy’s adult size.

As a result, the specific height and weight ranges for each size category may exhibit slight variations depending on the dimensions of the breeder’s own breeding canines.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that even in such cases, the size ranges provided are merely approximate.

While one might anticipate a diminutive size for a mini Cavapoo in comparison to a standard Cavapoo, this assumption does not consistently hold true.

  • The Gender of Your Dog:

The size of a puppy can be influenced by its gender. On average, the size of males is approximately 10% greater than that of females.


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  • The Generation of the Dog:

The size of a Cavapoo is influenced by its doodle generation, which serves as an additional determining factor.

combining a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a toy poodle produces an F1 Toy Cavapoo, which is projected to have a wider range of sizes than an F1b Toy Cavapoo, which is produced by combining an F1 Toy Cavapoo with another toy poodle.

The reason behind this phenomenon can be attributed to the F1B Toy Cavapoo inheriting a larger proportion of genetic material from the toy poodle.

Given that the F1 toy Cavoodle is a hybrid resulting from a 50% genetic contribution from the toy Poodle and a 50% genetic contribution from the Cavalier, it follows that the offspring will inherit genes from both parental breeds.

The genetic material will be introduced into the genome of the toy poodle, thereby augmenting the offspring with an increased manifestation of toy poodle traits.

  • Looking at the Past Litter:

An additional method for estimating the adult size of a Cavapoo is to examine the size of the previous litter, provided that they share the same parentage.

Nevertheless, a single litter cannot provide sufficient evidence to predict the future size of the offspring.

However, if the breeding pair has produced multiple litters, it is possible to observe a consistent pattern in the sizes of their progeny.

If all the puppies in a litter exhibit consistent size, it is reasonable to infer that your own puppy will likely fall within a similar range.


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If the weight of your canine companion significantly deviates from the range discussed earlier, it may be appropriate to contemplate modifying its dietary and exercise regimen.

If the change in fitness of your pet is sudden or highly significant, it is advisable to consult with a veterinarian prior to initiating any fitness regimen independently.

In order to ascertain that there are no underlying medical concerns, it is advisable to conduct further investigation.

Physical activity is a crucial component in the overall well-being of canines. However, in terms of achieving weight loss goals, dietary adjustments consistently prove to be a more effective strategy. Thanks for reading!

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