Genius Gift Ideas for Pets and Pet Owners

A Present They’ll Love. Pet owners love their animals, and they always have things they would like to buy them that, for whatever reason, they don’t. If you’re struggling with which gift you should buy your pet-loving friends, a great idea is to get something for their actual pets. Here are a few suggestions to help get your imagination going.

Genius Gift Ideas For Pets And Pet Owners

1. Long-Haired Pets Need the Right Brush

Cats and dogs are wonderful for any house, but some have longer fur than others. The result can be quite a mess. However, with a good brush, the problem can be easily curbed, and the pet enjoys it as well.

A lot of pet owners don’t get the right tools immediately. Leashes, water bowls, cat boxes, brushes, chew toys; the list goes on. You might pick up a few different pet accessories like this. They can be quite helpful.

2. Catnip and Catnip Toys

For cats specifically, catnip is a fine gift. Felines will almost always love it, and they’re going to run out. Pet owners will pick some up every now and again, but they’ll love it if you save them the time. The cat will appreciate the gesture as well. Certain accessories designed specifically for catnip can enhance the feline’s enjoyment while diminishing the mess, also.

3. A Puppy Playmate

Some pet owners are more passionate about their four-footed family members than others. It can be a household thing. Think about it. Maybe the man of the house doesn’t love the cat, but the woman of the house would move to a society made only of felines if she could. Maybe he loves the dog, but she can’t be bothered.

However, maybe both are absolutely enamored with their four-footed family members. Or maybe they’ve been looking for a particular breed. A very popular dog these days is the cockapoo, check this website for puppies. Everybody loves a puppy. Now granted, a pup is a big responsibility, so don’t get your friends a new one unless you know they’ll appreciate it.

That said, for the right person who is passionate about pets, or the right family, a new pet is a fine idea. Test the waters first. Young married couples tend to be more open to a new pet, and single individuals love the companionship; so this can be a fine gift in the right situation.

Genius Gift Ideas For Pets And Pet Owners

4. A Self-Adjusting Leash

A self-adjusting leash is good for cats or dogs, though it’s primarily a gift intended for canines. Basically, the leash will extend until you press a button, halting the extension. Some leashes are longer than others. Especially for dogs that are explorative, and really want to pull their owners along behind, adjustable leashes can be ideal.

The dog gets more opportunities to explore, and the owner doesn’t have to be virtually dragged behind. With a cat, you’re dealing with a situation where the animal doesn’t want to be “controlled”, but does want to go outside. Most cats roam the neighborhood at night without supervision, but today’s world features increased populations in diverse communities, and there’s a big danger for unsupervised pets.

Imagine a cat alone in a city like Los Angeles. It’s a different proposition than letting your feline roam around in a close-knit Midwestern community. Accordingly, many cat owners will actually take their cats for a walk in big cities.

If your friend lives in a crowded apartment or other community, a self-adjusting leash and harness can be a fine gift. Cats are prone to be “spooked”, and skittering under a car somewhere. However, they are animals that want territory, and to continuously “patrol” that territory. A self-adjusting leash is a win-win for them, their owners, and you as a gift-giver.


Finding Just the Right Gift

Everybody’s different, and some pet owners are more interested in buying their own pets or pet accessories. That said, pet needs aren’t always at the top of their list. You can save them a lot of trouble, and their pets will likely love these gifts as well.

So consider varying pet accessories, a new pup if your friends are open to it, catnip, cat toys, and adjustable leashes. If you’re having trouble figuring out what to get your friends with pets, hopefully, these ideas help give you some direction.

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