Getting Rid of Mosquitoes in the House: 7 Easy Ways

Getting rid of mosquitoes in the house is what you should do if you have any because mosquitoes are one of the deadliest pests on the planet.

They bite more than just about everyone. More people have died from their bites than from any other animal because they transmit deadly diseases.

The United States is home to 176 mosquito species; getting rid of mosquitoes in the house is a top priority.

Not only do mosquitoes spread severe diseases like malaria, dengue, and yellow fever, but their bites can ache for days after they occur and their buzzing can keep you awake at night.

If you’re trying to figure out getting rid of mosquitoes in the house, there are a few things you should do.


How to Recognise Indoor Mosquitoes Infestations

Getting Rid Of Mosquitoes In The House

There are over 3,600 different species of mosquitoes, all of which belong to the family Culicidae. Mosquito translates to “tiny fly” in Spanish.

Mosquitoes have extended mouthparts, a slim segmented body, one set of wings, one set of halteres, three sets of long hair-like legs, and a single set of antennae.


1. Why do I have tiny mosquitoes in my house?

Small size and obscured features make insects challenging to recognize. Adult mosquitoes in the United States typically measure between 0.2 and 0.35 inches in length.

It’s possible that the little mosquitoes people see inside are actually midges, gnats, or some other microscopic insect that neither bites nor flies away.

Indoors, these pests may be lured by things like exposed garbage, too much dampness, or too much exposure to light.


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2. Why are Big mosquitoes keep coming into my house?

Like giant mosquitoes, crane flies are easily recognizable. Crane flies are drawn indoors by the light and are a common household pest.

Some mayfly species also nest in the same areas that mosquitoes do, so locals may confuse them with a larger version of the common nuisance.

While neither mayflies nor craneflies are dangerous due to their bite or disease transmission, they can be a severe nuisance nonetheless.


How do Mosquitoes Get Into The House?

These bugs are easily brought indoors and prefer cold, shady areas. Mosquitoes can get inside houses in a variety of methods, whether it’s day or night:

  • Carports
  • Cracked displays
  • Garages
  • Access points
  • Leaking windows


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7 Easy ways to Getting Rid of Mosquitoes in the House Naturally

There are various ways to getting rid of mosquitoes in the house, these approaches are all-natural. You need no professional idea or assistance to try them. Below are the 7 easy ways to getting rid of mosquitoes in the house.


1. Citrus and Spices like Cloves and Lemon

Getting Rid Of Mosquitoes In The House

Using lemons and cloves together is a tried and true strategy for eliminating mosquitoes from your home. Cloves, along with other lemony scents, are known to repel mosquitoes.


How to Apply

  • Cut the lemon in half and stuff each half with a clove.
  • Keep bowls of these lemons, rubbed with cloves, around the house to ward against mosquitoes.
  • You can use it indoors with confidence knowing that it is safe and effective against mosquitoes.


2. Garlic Sprays can be Effective in Reducing Mosquito Populations

Getting Rid Of Mosquitoes In The House

A basic garlic spray will work excellently if you don’t want to use chemical-laden mosquito sprays. Some garlic, either crushed or minced, and some water should be boiled for a while.


How to Apply

  • To use the solution as a mosquito repellent around the house, simply pour it into a spray bottle and spray the area.
  • To keep mosquitoes out of the house, try using garlic, which has many useful characteristics.
  • Garlic has a strong odor, but the mosquitoes won’t be there for long after you use it because the smell will fade.


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3. Maintain a Plate of Alcoholic Beverages

Maintain A Plate Of Alcoholic Beverages

You may effectively eliminate mosquitoes inside your home if you stock up on beer or other alcoholic beverages.


How to Apply

  • Mosquitoes can be kept at bay simply by keeping a dish of beer or alcohol out in the open.
  • Beer and alcohol have a strong odor that repels mosquitoes, so try this strategy to rid your home of pests.


4. Make Sure You Have Some Soapy Water Handy

Make Sure You Have Some Soapy Water Handy

Did you know that a bowl of soapy water helps keep mosquitoes at bay inside? Inside your home, you may keep mosquitoes at bay by setting out a large dish of soapy water.


How to Apply

  • Make sure there are bubbles all over the dish when you put some soap in it.
  • The use of a detergent or dishwashing soap is recommended.
  • The presence of standing water encourages the proliferation of mosquitoes.
  • However, if they land on this dish of soapy water, they will drown in the foam and eventually die, leaving your home mosquito-free.


5. Maintain Mosquito-repelling Vegetation

Maintain Mosquito-Repelling Vegetation

Indoor mosquito repellant plants are a simple solution for eliminating mosquitoes from the inside of your home. Mosquitoes will avoid your home if you have one of these plants in your bedroom or on your workstation.

Some of these plants are effective at repelling mice and other pests in addition to mosquitoes. Smaller in size, these plants can be readily kept inside to prevent mosquito infestations.

Plants such as marigolds, tulsi, lemongrass, citronella (which thrives in cooler regions), mint, and catnip can be grown indoors to ward off mosquitoes.


How to Apply

  • Identify areas with high mosquito infestation.
  • Grow these plants in regions with high mosquito infestation.
  • You can drop plant leaves indoors to prevent mosquito infestation.

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6. Keep the Mosquitoes Outside While You’re Inside

Keep The Mosquitoes Outside While You'Re Inside
Making sure mosquitoes can’t get in is the first step toward a mosquito-free home. At sunset, if you don’t have nets over your windows and doors, be sure to shut them as firmly as possible.

Mosquitoes are less active throughout the day, but at dusk, they become a serious problem. Keep the mosquitoes out by preventing them from entering the house.

Door strips can be purchased online and installed to seal the perimeter of your home against mosquitoes.


7. Eliminate Mosquito Breeding Sites Within the Home

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard, it’s also a good idea to see if there’s any breeding going on inside your house. Mosquitoes can breed in standing water, such as that left from an air conditioner or from the garden.


How to Apply

  • Clean any attic or storage space in your home on a regular basis to prevent mosquito breeding grounds from developing there.
  • You can reduce the number of mosquitoes around your home by covering drains and filling in ditches with earth.

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