4 Steps For Hobo Spider Control in Your Home

Hobo spider control is crucial due to their propensity to construct webs in dim, hidden regions of dwellings, making them a bothersome presence.

Hobo Spiders typically enter a residence with the intention of mating or in search of small insects as a food source. To eliminate Hobo Spiders that have infiltrated your residence, utilize our do-it-yourself treatment guide provided below.

Our team of pest control specialists has meticulously curated a set of straightforward and precise recommendations that can effectively eradicate the Hobo Spider from your residence in a prompt and cost-effective manner.


Step 1: How to Identify the Hobo Spider

Hobo Spider Control
An Image Describing What the Hobo Spider Looks Like
  • Adult Hobo Spiders are one of the smallest spider species. The males reach a body length of 11 millimetres, while the females reach a body length of 14 millimetres.
  • Their abdomen displays a prominent V-shaped pattern. There are also other types of hobo spiders that exhibit various colours of brown on their bodies.
    These spiders have stripes on their cephalothorax that transition into a zigzag or herringbone pattern on their abdomen.
  • Frequently confused for wolf spiders due to their similar body patterns. However, the stripes on a wolf spider typically extend down the abdomen, while those on a hobo spider do not.
    Furthermore, wolf spiders exhibit a significantly greater size compared to hobo spiders, reaching a body length of up to 35 millimetres.
  • In addition to their physical appearance, the two spiders also exhibit distinct behavioural patterns and have specific ecological preferences.
    Hobo spiders construct funnel-shaped webs and patiently await the arrival of unsuspecting prey, which becomes ensnared upon contact.
    Typically, these nests are located close to the ground and constructed within clutter, timber, or dense plant growth.
    Wolf spiders excavate subterranean tunnels for the purpose of resting or concealing themselves. They will actively pursue and capture prey either through ambush or by chasing it.
    Wolf spiders typically refrain from constructing webs.


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Step 2: How To Inspect For Hobo Spiders

Hobo spiders can inhabit a wide range of habitats that have openings, fissures, or crevices where they can conceal or nestle themselves.

Due of their limited climbing abilities, they are seldom encountered at elevations above ground level.

They commonly inhabit dim, damp environments and are predominantly discovered in basements, garages, attics, window wells, and crawl spaces.

In addition to the spiders themselves, it is important to search for locations where their cobwebs have been constructed, as these are the areas they commonly inhabit.

Hobo spiders construct funnel-shaped webs that have openings at both ends, with one end expanding into a broad, curving sheet. They construct a clandestine passage at the rear of the web to facilitate their swift exit when necessary.


Step 3: How to Carry Out Hobo Spider Control

  • Reduce Clutter:

Prior to applying pesticides and traps, it is advisable to decrease the amount of debris both inside and outside the property.

The greater the amount of clutter there, the higher the probability that a spider will establish its residence within the confines of your dwelling.

Organize your living space by decluttering and eliminating any superfluous possessions you have been accumulating. Pay particular attention to tidying up storage areas such as closets, the garage, and the basement or attic.

If you are experiencing bug issues, it is advisable to eradicate those insects, as the presence of Hobo spiders may be attributed to the availability of insects as their food source.

  • Supreme IT:

For indoor treatment against Hobo Spiders, it is advisable to apply Supreme IT Insecticide to all baseboards, areas around windows and doorways, and any other small openings or gaps where the spiders may potentially enter or hide.

Supreme IT is a versatile insecticide that is specifically formulated to effectively control a wide range of pests, including spiders.

Due to its extended residual efficacy, this treatment serves as an excellent barrier against pests, effectively repelling them for a period of up to 90 days following application.

To ascertain the required quantity of Supreme IT for an application, compute the total area in square footage that need treatment.

In order to accomplish this, ascertain the dimensions of the area and calculate the product of the length and width (length x width = square footage).

To cover an area of 1,000 square feet indoors, apply Supreme IT at a rate of 0.33 to 1 ounce per gallon of water. First, pour an equal volume of water to fill half of the required capacity of the sprayer.

Next, carefully add the precise determined quantity of Supreme. Incorporate the remaining portion of water and thoroughly blend by agitating the sprayer. You are now prepared to apply the spray.

Supreme can be utilized indoors as a treatment for cracks and crevices, as well as outside as a treatment to create a barrier around the perimeter.

Our attention will be directed towards the application of insecticide indoors, namely targeting cracks and crevices. Pay particular attention to applying spray in the corners of your basement and garage.

  • Lay Out Pro Glue Traps:

Another effective tool that complements sprays is the Solutions Pro Glue Boards, which serve as adhesive traps.

The boards are available in sets of 12, providing ample coverage for effectively capturing Hobo Spiders that enter your home.

To properly set up the trap, first remove the protective waxy paper seal. Then, place the trap flat and flush against the wall in close proximity to the location where pest activity has been observed.

Ensure that this product is inaccessible to both children and dogs. If you or someone, such as a youngster or a pet, becomes trapped on these adhesive boards, you can utilize cooking oil to diminish the stickiness of the traps.

Strategically position traps in corners, along wall edges, and in other dubious locations, particularly if you are aware of the presence of multiple Hobo Spiders.

Soon enough, they will become ensnared in a sticky adhesive trap and unable to move. Subsequently, you can effortlessly discard them.


Where Can Hobo Spider Control Products Be Purchased?


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Step 4: How To Prevent Hobo Spider Control

  • Rectify any plumbing leaks, attend to any air conditioning issues, eliminate any stagnant water, and ensure the sinks are thoroughly dried each night.
    Water is essential for the survival of all animals. Pests are drawn to damp areas, so, by decreasing the moisture levels in your home, you can discourage pests from invading.
  • Regularly maintain the grass by raking it, removing any rubbish, and ensuring that firewood is stored appropriately, away from the foundation of your home.
    By eliminating extra hiding places, such as harborages, spiders and other pests will be compelled to find shelter elsewhere, away from your residence.
  • After a period of 90 days after the initial application, it is advisable to discontinue the use of Supreme IT.
    To enhance the effectiveness of your perimeter treatment around your property, apply the spray up to a height of 3 feet and extend it outward by 3 feet.
  • To further implement exclusion measures, it is advisable to effectively seal any newly found openings, gaps, or fractures in and around your residence.


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Watch an Explanatory Video on Effective Hobo Spider Control



The most effective methods for dealing with hobo spiders are cleaning combined with the use of Supreme IT Insecticide in indoor cracks and crevices. Additionally, installing Solutions Pro Glue Boards can help capture them.

In order to deter Hobo Spiders, it is advisable to maintain a clutter-free environment within your home and apply a perimeter treatment of Supreme IT Insecticide around your residence to establish a defensive barrier.

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