How Long Do French Bulldogs Live? The Lifespan of French Bulldogs

How long do French bulldogs live? You would be happy to have the French bulldog as a pet in your home. These not-so-furry, short, flat-faced breeds are loveable creatures formed by a crossbreed between the local Ratters in Paris and the toy bulldogs (foreign) imported from England.

Before going to the lifespan of the French bulldog, a well-researched detail such as what it is, its behavior, its various characteristics, etc. will be written below for further enlightenment. So fasten that seatbelt and enjoy the ride!


French Bulldog Facts

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a 28-pound dog with a square-shaped head and bat-like ears. French bulldogs are also known as the flat-faced breed and possess dark eyes. The French bulldog has short-haired, fine, and silky skin, and this skin is of different colors depending on the breed involved.

These colors may include brindle, fawn, or white, and some of these colors are linked to genetic health problems not usually found in the breed.

If you are looking for French bulldog breeders near me, make sure to research the health history of the breeder’s dogs. The French Bulldog is a loyal, affectionate, and playful breed known for their gentle demeanor.

These include blue coloration, which is somewhat connected to a form of alopecia, i.e., hair loss, sometimes known as “Blue Dog Alopecia.”. However, this fact is not acceptable to some organizations.

It has been suggested that health and skin conditions are caused by the color pigment, also referred to as melanin, clumping in the hair shaft itself. Even dogs that are not blue can develop “blue dog alopecia” or canine follicular dysplasia.

These loveable creatures have certain health issues that owners can avoid with proper care. Unlike other dogs, they do not require too much walking or strolling, but at least short walks daily.

Since they are in the category of “flat-faced” dogs, too many strenuous activities that result in heavy breathing, especially in hot temperatures, should be avoided. They shouldn’t be overfed, as this can help minimize complicated health issues that can occur when French bulldogs become obese.

Exercise is a wonderful way to keep French bulldogs healthy and is a very essential method. Also, brushing and cleaning the coat of a French bulldog is kind of easy and will only require some brushing as they have a short, silky, and fine coat.

However, it is recommended that French bulldogs not be allowed near water bodies as they are not capable of swimming due to their body structure being so heavy towards their front.

The French bulldog has many wrinkles on its face; it is advisable to clean between the wrinkles and keep them dry.

Like most dogs, French bulldogs will need the occasional bath, but brushing should suffice most of the time in order to have hair oils distributed evenly through the coat to maintain a natural shine.


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How long do French Bulldogs live?

The lifespan of a French Bulldog varies depending on the species of dog; these dog’s lifespans could range from 9 to 12 years. In recent years, the statistics show that the French bulldog’s lifespan fluctuates; however, we arrived at this figure after utilizing various trustworthy sources.

Standard-sized French bulldogs can live up to 15 years, which is an extreme age at which these dog breeds can survive.

In the case of mini French bulldogs, they seem to have a shorter lifespan, which ranges from 10 to 12 years. Having said this earlier, their lifespan varies depending on their breed.

A result from our research shows that the oldest French bulldog lived for about 15 years and 2 months; this is the oldest age ever recorded for the French bulldog.

These dogs are mammals, and just like humans, they are prone to diseases and illnesses that could result from hereditary causes or may be contracted by other dogs. There are diseases that are capable of killing your French bulldog within a week.

These diseases serve as factors that reduce the lifespan of your French bulldogs; however, the well-being and safety of your bulldog solely depend on you.

Feeding your dogs with the right diet, going for regular medical check-ups, and preventing your dog from other infected homeless dogs running in your surroundings actually extend the lifespan of your dogs.


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How to Extend your French Bulldogs Lifespan

As we mentioned earlier, the safety and well-being of any dog depend on the breeder; it does not end there. There are lots of duties expected of you, and as a dog breeder, you need to provide adequate care and nutrition.

However, when picking foods for your dogs that you have little knowledge of, you are in the right position to ask your food provider or a veterinarian for the appropriate meal for them.

Foods like vitamins, proteins, antioxidants, fatty acids, and carbohydrates should be given to them in the right proportion; this will enhance their immune system, and several improvements such as strength, shiny hair, and smooth skin will be built.

Another category of diet that will help build your French bulldog’s health is fruits and vegetables. You can utilize the vegetables to make meals for your bulldog. A good feeding routine should be drawn and implemented to ensure not repeating a particular meal.

They have also dried meals sold on Amazon that will also help in building and extending the lifespan of your French bulldog.

We hope with this review, you will be able to know how long French bulldogs live and also the possible ways to extend their lifespan. For further questions, suggestions, and help, do well to contact us, we will help you happily.

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