How To Attract Foxes To Your Yard

You’re in the right place if you want to learn how to attract foxes to your yard and make a good and nice space that they want to be in.

Enlivening your yard with the enigmatic presence of foxes is not only a delightful prospect but also an opportunity to connect with the wild in your own space.

We will look into what foxes like, what they tend to be drawn to, and even what might make them wary in this article. Get inside the mind of a fox and learn how to make your yard a safe place for these beautiful animals to live.



What Do Foxes Like The Most?

How To Attract Foxes To Your Yard
A picture of a Red fox cub resting on a garden step.

Foxes like a lot of different things, but fish and meat that smell strong are often their favorites. They also like sweet things, like veggies that have been covered in sugar. They can find and enjoy these tastes in their surroundings thanks to their strong sense of smell. Even though each fox is different, these tastes give us a good idea of the variety of foods they like to eat.


What Attracts Foxes The Most?

Foxes are attracted to your yard by things like trash cans, compost, dog or cat food that has been left out, chickens, and mice. They also like places to hide, like under your porch or shed, and will actively look for any water sources in your yard. It’s important to get rid of or limit these things that foxes like so they don’t come to your land. This will make it less appealing for them.


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What Are Foxes Most Afraid Of?

Like many other animals, foxes can be scared of larger predators. Foxes have natural adversaries like wolves and coyotes; seeing one might be terrifying. It’s also possible for household dogs to inspire alarm and avoidance due to their potentially threatening appearance.

Foxes may also be frightened by the presence of humans, particularly in locations where they have little experience with humans. Foxes are easily startled and alarmed by loud noises, rapid movement, and strange odors.


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How To Attract Foxes To Your Yard

You can encourage foxes to come to your yard by using the following methods:

  • Give them Food
    Foxes are attracted to strong-smelling foods. If you give them a mix of sweet treats, like sugar-coated veggies, and meat, like chicken or fish, they will be attracted to your yard.
  • Provide a Safe Water Source
    Make sure there are safe water sources nearby. Foxes like to hang out in wet places. Make sure your yard has easy-to-reach water sources, like a pool or a small pond to keep them around.
  • Make a Shelter
    Foxes are not just attracted to a place with food, they also look for places that are suitable for them to mate and raise their young. if you have a fox den box or kind of a garden, where there are lots of plants alive, that makes them feel safe, they will love your yard.
  • Keep Noise And Disturbances To A Minimum
    Foxes are scared of loud noises and quick movement. Reduce the number of interruptions in your yard to make it a peaceful and welcoming place.
  • Limit Attractants
    Get rid of things that foxes might find dangerous, like leaving dog or cat food out or locking up trash cans. Give them what they like to make your yard more appealing.
  • Keep up the Natural Features
    Foxes like yards that have both open areas where they can hunt and places to hide where they can stay safe, ensure to provide them with the right amount of open space and plants, this will attract them to your yard.
  • Use Scent Markers
    Consider using scent markers in your yard, such as fox urine or other scents that resemble those used by foxes to mark their territory. Because of the comfort it provides, they may be drawn to the yard.
  • Avoid Overly Tidy Spaces
    Do not keep your yard in flawless shape, as foxes like more natural settings. Leave some natural cover in your yard, such as bushes or tall grass, and refrain from over-pruning.


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Foxes are tricky to get to come to your area, so you need to know what they like and make a setting that works with their instincts.

We cover everything, from figuring out which areas are appealing to foxes to making a space that they will enjoy by providing them with food and a safe place to stay in this article.

If the thought of sharing your space with these smart animals makes you happy, the steps in this article can make that dream come true. Experience the magic of meeting a fox as you work to make your outdoors a safe place for them.

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