How To Catch A Piglet

For whatever reason you may wish to know how to catch a piglet—perhaps to feed it, bathe it, or prevent it from self-harming, this article provides instructions on how to do so.

We’ll also talk about building bonds with these smart animals and how to make them feel at ease. Prepare for a fun journey!


How Do You Get Piglets To Like You?

How To Catch A Piglet
An adorable scared piglet up close with the camera.

To successfully bond with piglets, one must be patient, empathetic, and gentle. Here are some suggestions on how to get piglets to like you:

  • Treats and Positive Reinforcement:
    Win their hearts through their tummies! Offer them delicious snacks to develop a positive link with your presence. Use treats, such as fresh produce or food made especially for pigs, to encourage positive behavior.
  • Gentle Touch and Petting:
    Move cautiously toward the piglets and start with light touches. Many piglets respond positively to having their backs scratched or having their ears scratched first. As they relax, you can increase your physical touch with them.
  • Soothing Vocalization
    Pigs can be lulled to sleep by soft music. Use a low, soothing voice and be constant and comforting when you speak to them. Instilling confidence and comfort via familiarity.
  • Respect Their Space:
    Piglets should be given space to come to humans at their speed. Avoid making any unexpected moves that could shock them, and give them their space. Trust must be patiently earned.
  • Play and Enrichment:
    Provide enrichment activities and playtime for piglets. Pigs are highly intellectual creatures that thrive on challenges to their minds. Play with and or participate in things that stimulate curiosity and socialization with your piglet.
  • Establish Routine:
    Pig loves a regular schedule. Establish regular times for eating, playing, and talking. They will feel safer and more comfortable in your company if you are consistent.
  • Be Calm and Confident:
    Have self-assurance and a cool approach when talking to piglets. Being calm and collected during dealings with pigs is beneficial for both parties.


How Do Pigs Say I Love You?

Pigs are known for being smart and friendly, showing love in unique ways that show a strong emotional bond. Pigs often show their love for their humans by gently touching or leaning against them, which shows that they trust and feel safe with them.

Furthermore, their happy, rhythmic, and soft grunts serve as verbal confirmations of their love and happiness. Another important thing to pay attention to is their body language. A relaxed pig with a wagging tail and acting calmly are all signs that it is feeling at ease and attached.

Pigs may also follow their human caretakers around, showing that they want to be close and take part in activities. The kindness of their love is also clear when they cuddle up together and are happy to see other people.


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How Do I Get A Pig To Come To Me?

To get a pig to come to you, you can entice them by providing them with delicious delicacies like fruits and vegetables. Calmly call their name or make a sound they identify favorably with you, and speak to them kindly.

Crouch down to their level to appear less threatening and move slowly to avoid surprising them. Let them approach you at their own pace, and when they do, praise them with sweets and soft pats.


Why Is My Piglet Trying To Bite Me?

When your piglet tries to bite you, it might be a way for them to learn about the world. Piglets use their mouths a lot to learn and find out things. It’s like how kids eat. They may also nibble as a way to have fun.

You should, however, redirect their attention to appropriate toys or treats if the bite gets too rough or annoying. It’s important to set limits and teach them that being nice to others is more fun.

You can make sure you and your piglet get along well by teaching them regularly and giving them treats when they do something good.


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Why Does My Pig Not Like Me?

One of several things could be making your pig not like you. It can take a while for a pig to get used to a new person, just like it does with people. They might not trust because of different situations in the past. When you walk up to them, be cool and don’t move quickly.

Spend time with them, giving them treats and soft pats, to make a good connection. Sometimes it’s about knowing what they want and giving them room when they need it.


Why Do Piglets Scream When You Pick Them Up?

If piglets scream when you pick them up, it’s usually because they don’t like being lifted. They might feel scared or awkward when you pick them up. Think about how you would feel if someone picked you up out of the blue.

Piglets may also be saying that they want to stay close to their mom or where they are used to being. To make them feel better, carefully walk up to them, touch them gently, and give them treats. By slowly getting them used to being held, you can make the experience less scary, build trust, and make picking them up a good thing.


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How To Catch A Piglet

Catching a piglet requires a gentle and patient approach to ensure their comfort and well-being. Here’s a simple guide to help you catch a piglet without causing stress:

Catching A Scared Pig:

  1. Go Slow:
    Move slowly toward the pig without making any rapid moves. It makes them feel less scared.
  2. Speak Softly:
    Talk in a soft, calm way. Pigs like to hear nice sounds so speaking softly helps them feel at ease.
  3. Yummy Treats:
    Offer tasty treats to the pig to make them come to you.  This makes them associate you with good things.
  4. Gentle Catch:
    When the pig is close and calm, catch it gently. Hold their body up with both hands to keep them safe


Catching Wild Pigs

  • Strategic Baiting:
    Start with small amounts of food to ease them in slowly. So, the pigs can get used to the idea that there is food nearby without being scared.
  • Concealed Traps:
    Place traps discreetly and camouflage them with natural materials. Pigs are more likely to investigate without being scared if the traps are less obvious. You can get a good concealed trap here
  • Gradual Increase in Bait:
    Add more bait slowly over time. This keeps the pigs from thinking that a sudden excess of food means they might be in danger.
  • Patient Observation:
    Be patient and keep your distance from the pigs. Don’t get in the way of their normal behavior, allowing them to become comfortable with the bait and traps.
  • Adapt to Their Behavior:
    Make small changes to your plan based on how the pigs are acting. Change where the food and trap are placed if they seem wary or avoid certain areas.

Approaching the situation carefully and adjusting your tactics based on the pigs’ behavior will increase the chances of a successful and humane capture.



In conclusion, The key to a successful and humane engagement with any pig, from a frightened piglet to a wild pig, is to tailor your approach to the pig in question. To catch a piglet, you need a skill that requires understanding, persistence, and a good attitude for you to be able to build trust with these creatures which requires accommodating their unique personalities.


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