How to Get Rid of Clover Mites in the House

Wondering how to get rid of clover mites in the house? Then stick to this article cause we have here easy ways how to get rid of clover mites in the house.

Clover mites are one of the largest feeding mites. Crushing clover mites to kill them will only leave a reddish spot on your wall.


What are Clover Mites


The Clover Mites actually are arachnids closely connected to spiders and ticks. Clover mites eat like their name implies grass, clover, and other species of plants.

What separates clover mites from spiders and ticks is their eating habits – they don’t consume blood from humans or insects.


The Dangers of Clover Mites

Clover mites do very little damage. They may cause staining when you smash them onto white surfaces or spill on plants that they’re feeding on.

Since clover mites primarily feed on ornamental lawn grass and lawns and ornamentals, large numbers can be an issue and cause flowers and plants to turn discolored.

If you’re taking care of your plants but the damage caused by clover mites is purely cosmetic.

Small populations of clover mites simply won’t be able to overwhelm the healthy tissue of plants. They’re not carrying any plant-borne viruses or illnesses like sap-sucking creatures.


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How to Get Rid of Clover Mites in the House

Below are easy ways how to get rid of clover mites in the house.

Sprinkle the clover mites with insecticides to eliminate them

How To Get Rid Of Clover Mites In The House

To eliminate an entire group of clover mites treats them using an indoor-safe insecticide such as diazinon, permethrin, bifenthrin, or chlorpyrifos.

Make sure that you use the insecticide in a direct application on the mites. Repeat the procedure as needed until the mites have gone.

  • Insecticides may affect the quality of the air inside your home, so you should only use only as an option, last option
  • Indoor-safe insecticides are available in regular spray bottles and aerosol containers. It is available online as well as in most hardware stores for home improvements.


Sprinkle boric acid on your furniture to rid it of the clover mites

How To Get Rid Of Clover Mites In The House

The majority of clover mites steer away from the powder however, you are able to suck any that is trapped in it by using the aid of a vacuum.

Laundry detergents such as Borax include boric acid which is a chemical substance that repels and eliminates clover mites. If you’re using a powdered detergent sprinkle it on the carpets, rugs, and furniture pieces.

If you’re using the detergent for your laundry in liquid form, put some of the cleaning agents into the spray bottle dilute it using water, and spray it onto clover mites.


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Get rid of the clover mites in pets with soap and water

To get the best results, buy an insecticidal shampoo from a home improvement store, gardening store, or pet shop.

If your cat or dog is afflicted with clover mites within their fur Washing thoroughly with soap and water can eliminate the problem completely.

Make sure to read the label on the soap to determine if it is insecticidal before you use the soap on your animal. Most soaps are safe for pets however some might not be.

Don’t use typical insecticides for your pets Use only soap that is insecticidal.


Vacuum the clover mites in order to eliminate the pests from your home

Vacuum The Clover Mites In Order To Eliminate The Pests From Your Home

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove them if you spot a cluster of clover mites in your home. After that, clean the surfaces, walls, and windowsills in order to eliminate any mites or eggs that are difficult to detect.

  • The eggs of the Clover Mite are small with dark red orbs.
  • Do not crush the mites. If you do, it can cause an unclean, hard-to-clean stain.
  • To stop further infestations from occurring To prevent further infestations, ensure that you cover the vacuum cleaner bag before disposing of it.


How to Get Rid of Clover Mites Outside

Below are effective ways how to get rid of clover mites outside.

Spray the individual plants with liquid insecticide.

Vacuum The Clover Mites In Order To Eliminate The Pests From Your Home

Apply the insecticide in the morning, or later in the evening to prevent burning the plants. adhere to the directions on the label to avoid overdosing or under-dosing.

If you find clover mites clinging to your plants or trees and other plants, you should treat the affected plant using a liquid insecticide, or an acaricide.

Make use of an insecticide such as permethrin, cyfluthrin, tetramethrin, and tralomethrin. Also, you can use chlorpyrifos or malathion. You can purchase these on the internet and in many big-box stores.


The entire lawn can be treated with broad-spectrum insecticide

If you spot clover mites around your home or around your plants, you’re likely to find that your property is completely affected.

If further examination confirms this, apply an insecticide with broad-range properties like permethrin. For best outcomes spray the insecticide with a water bottle with a mist nozzle.

  • Be sure to spray your lawn early morning or evening so you don’t burn your lawn.
  • Dilute liquid and granular pesticides by adding water to them according to the directions on the label.
  • Find broad-range insecticides on the internet or at big-box retailers.


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To catch the clover mites, apply strips of double-sided tape.

If clover mites are found near your home, run strips of double-sided adhesive tape along the outside walls and in front of apertures such as windowsills.

Mites that crawl onto the tape will become entangled and finally die. When the tape becomes clogged with dead mites, simply peel it off and replace it.

  • If you wish, you can tape saran wrap to the home for more coverage.


Wet spots on your lawn, where clover mites are known to lay eggs

Clover mites are known to make eggs in the land that is dry such as those in the sun-exposed walls or at the bases of evergreens. It is possible to stop these eggs from hatching by flooding the dry areas thoroughly.

  • Clover mite eggs look like small, maroon balls.


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Natural Remedies for Clover Mites

Like the other insects, it’s crucial to seal your home effectively to stop insects from infiltrating. But, if they do enter your home do not break out the insecticides as they’re easy to get rid of by pressing the vacuum.

Don’t discount natural pest control. Clover mites can be easily removed by changing the natural environment and encouraging natural predators to attack your lawn.

It is likely that you will only encounter the mite-eating saviors on occasion Don’t be worried should your mite population begin to decline, and isn’t apparent to be due to an explanation.



Clover mites appear as moving dark spots to the naked eye, trying to crush them will only leave a reddish spot on your wall.

Hope with the help of this article you were about to get rid of clover mites in your home and also outside your home.

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