How To Get Rid Of Javelinas

Are you struggling with javelinas causing havoc in your yard or garden? If so, you’re in the right place. In this article on how to get rid of javelinas, we’ll guide you through effective strategies to keep these pig-like creatures away and safeguard your property.

Javelinas do not only pose a threat to pets they can also be a problem for humans. Keep reading to learn how to get rid of javelinas and restore peace to your outdoor space.


What Is Javelinas?

How To Get Rid Of Javelinas

Javelinas, also called collard peccaries in science, are pig-like animals found in the southwest United States and South America. They look like pigs from the Old World but have adapted to the dry climate in unique ways.

Javelinas have lived in these areas for millions of years, living in small groups of up to 20 called squadrons. Although they might seem harmless and adorable, javelinas can actually cause a lot of damage to properties and can be dangerous to people and pets.


How To Prevent Javelina Intrusion in Your Property 

To effectively deal with javelinas, use these steps to stop them from coming into yards and gardens. Get rid of things that attract them and put up barriers, to lower your chances of having problems with these animals.


Fencing and Securing Your Trash

One of the best ways to stop javelinas from causing damage to your property is to put up a strong fence around your yard. A fence blocks them from getting in easily.

Make sure the fence is at least four feet tall and goes well into the ground to stop them from digging underneath it. Also, keep your trash cans and other things that could attract them securely closed to keep them from being interested in your yard.


Sealing Possible Shelters

Javelinas will look for places to hide like caves, shady spots under big trees, or rocky areas. Close off these hiding spots to keep javelinas from living near your property.

Then look for any openings under your house, sheds, patios, or groups of trees that might be inviting to javelinas, and use the right materials to block these areas and keep them out.


Dissuading Javelinas from Water Sources

Javelinas like to go where there’s water and might break hoses, water dishes, or even swimming pools while looking for a drink.

To stop them from getting to a water source, consider putting a fence around these places or covering them up. Also, make sure there aren’t any easy ways for them to get water, like hoses that leak or open containers.


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How To Get Rid Of Javelinas

When preventive measures alone are not sufficient, you can use repellents to keep javelinas away from your property. There are different choices, but make sure to pick ones that are safe, work well, and don’t harm the environment.


1. Using Smells to Deter Javelinas

Javelinas depend a lot on their sense of smell to find food. You can take advantage of this by using certain smells to keep them away.

Spray ammonia or bleach on things like trash cans or other places that smell like food to stop javelinas from coming onto your property.

Also, put smells like chili peppers or other spicy vegetables near where they might get in to make the area not appealing to javelinas.


2. Ultra Sound Repellers

Putting up ultra-sound repellers is a good way to keep javelinas away from your place. These gadgets make high-pitched noises, loud sounds, and flashing lights that javelinas and other animals don’t like.

The high-pitched noises work well because javelinas are sensitive to them. Put the repellers on the edges of your property or where you’ve seen javelinas before.

Make sure they’re on at night and follow the instructions from the maker to set the volume and pitch.


How To Trap Javelinas

In situations where preventive measures and repellents don’t work, you might need to trap javelinas. Traps let you catch them safely and move them somewhere else, which can solve the problem for a while. But make sure to follow the law and use ways of trapping that are kind to the animals.


1. Leghold Traps

Traditional trappers often use leg-hold traps to catch javelinas. These traps grab the animal’s legs and hold it until it can be moved. Make sure you use traps that match the size of the javelinas in your area.

Put the traps where the javelinas usually walk, and make sure they’re fixed in place so the animals can’t escape or pull the traps away.


2. Snaring Javelinas

Another way to trap javelinas is by using strong cable snares. These snares are tough enough to catch big animals like bears and mountain lions, so they’re good for catching javelinas.

Put the snares where you know the javelinas walk, and make sure they’re tied well to big trees or strong things. Check the snares often to get the animals out quickly and move them somewhere else.


3. Using Live Traps

You can use live traps to catch javelinas without hurting them. These traps keep the animals safe and let you move them to a new place. Put the traps where the javelinas go, and cover the bottom with something to hide the cage.

Put corn or other food they like inside to tempt them in. Check the traps often, so you can let the animals go somewhere safe away from houses.


4. Legal Considerations

Before you try to trap or get rid of javelinas, you need to know the laws in your area. In many states where javelinas live, they’re seen as animals to hunt, and you might need special licenses or tags to hunt or kill them legally.

Check with your local game and fish department or wildlife control agency to be sure you’re following the rules for removing javelinas.


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Does coyote urine repel javelinas?

Using predator urine to scare away animals like javelinas is based on the idea that the smell of a predator will make prey animals stay away.

However, there isn’t much proof that coyote urine works well to keep javelinas away. Javelinas have been known to fight coyotes if they feel in danger, so just using coyote urine might not be a good way to keep them from coming around.


How to make homemade javelina repellent?

To make a homemade javelina repellent, create a solution using strong and distasteful smells that make your yard unappetizing to javelinas.

Wash surfaces with a diluted ammonia or bleach solution to produce a strong odor that repels javelinas. Also, you can spread chili pepper flakes near javelin potential entry points can stop them from entering your property.


Can mothballs Keep javelinas away?

Mothballs are not a good way to keep javelinas away. Even though the strong smell might make them stay away at first, it usually isn’t strong enough to stop them from coming into yards or gardens. Also, the chemicals from mothballs can get into the soil, which could be bad for the environment.


What plants won’t javelinas eat?

Javelinas have specific foods they like. The University of Arizona’s College of Agriculture and Life Science says that plants like alyssum, basil, butterfly bush, carnations, chili peppers, cucumbers, dahlias, eggplant, juniper, rosemary, sage, and snapdragons usually are not appealing to javelinas. plant these in your yard to stop them from looking for food there.


How to tell the difference between a javelina and a wild pig?

Although javelinas and wild pigs share some common similarities, there are distinct differences that can help differentiate between the two.

One key distinction is the tail; pigs have a unique tail, while javelinas have short, almost indistinguishable tails. Javelinas also has a white collar, which is absent in pigs.

Also, javelinas are generally smaller in size, weighing between 40-60 lbs, while pigs can grow to be much larger, ranging from 120-220 lbs.


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More on How To Get Rid Of Javelinas

This video explains How To Get Rid Of Javelinas:



Dealing with javelinas can be hard, but if you use the right plans and ways to stop them, you can keep them away from your property. Put up fences, Keep your trash secure, close off possible hiding places, and stop them from getting water to keep them out of your property.

Using things like smells and machines that make high sounds can also help. If none of these works, you might need to trap them, but make sure to do it kindly.

It’s important to know and follow the rules about getting rid of javelinas in your area. If you do these things, you keep your yard and garden safe from javelinas.

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