How to Get Rid of Mice in Walls

Having mice go up and down your walls is not pleasant, due to their nature of causing damage properties. Have you ever thought of how to get rid of mice in walls and the ways you come up with seem to be less productive?

Well, look no further as pestclue has presented again a solution to your query on how to get rid of mice in walls. With well-researched information needed to guide you and other basic ideas that may be needed in this quest.


What Attracts Mice

First, we’d like for you to have an insight into what may be the reason why mice are so in love with your home. In migration, there are three(3) major things that must be considered which are access to food, safety, and of course, a place to raise a new home.

Mice are strong hunters and perfectly built travelers, as their noses can sense food and danger, and also a safe spot to run into, so with these amazing abilities, here are a few things that attract mice into your home.

  • Cracks and Dark holes
  • Warmth
  • Absence of predator
  • Seeds
  • Pet foods
  • Fruits
  • Clutter
  • Dark moist corners
  • Poultry
  • Junk metal scraps

These are a few of the major materials mice find attractive for it to come into your house. Knowing this might be a good start to knowing how to get rid of mice in walls.


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How Do Mice Get into the House?

Knowing what attracts mice into your home, they however have a way of entry which we’ve exposed in this article. Mice have various means of gaining access to your home it could be underground or overground.

Mice are quite tiny and very tricky, using stealth, speed, and their size they are capable of performing wonders, they could disappear in a blink, making them hard to catch.

Below are ways mice get into your home and form a nest:

  1. Wall Cracks: the tiniest of cracks in the world, can be a very big get for mice to get into your walls and home, with the use of their size they walk their way through the walls getting them into your domain.
  2. Broken Pipes and toilet holes: mice can crawl up pipes, drainage systems, and lots more, then they make burrows in the ground and meet a broken pipe, they use that as an opportunity to get into your home.
  3. Leaks in windows and doors: mice are very good climbers, they can climb a ninety-degree wall, so in a case where there are holes in your windows and doors they’ll take this opportunity to sneak into your home.
  4. Weak floor boards: floorboards that have gone weak, wet, and weathered, are a good opportunity for mice to bite, and scratch through to pave the way into your home.

Here are a few ways mice use to get into your walls and home, and you need to treat these listed means as complimentary answers on how to get rid of mice in walls.


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How to Get Rid of Mice in Walls

Having gone through the top of this interesting and educating article to this point, you’ve got the idea of how these tiny, havoc-causing creatures get their way into your home, what attracts them to your home, and to provide you with the solution to how to get rid of mice in walls permanently, with easy DIY steps to follow.

Mice infestation is not a case that should be taken lightly, as they are well known to destroy household properties like pieces of furniture, rugs, paperwork, and lots.

Below are effective ways to get rid of mice in walls and at home.

  1. Find entry points and seal them off: with the knowledge of how mice get into your home and walls, you can get rid of mice by blocking off all these entry points, you’ve taken a huge step in getting rid of them. However, this doesn’t work if you already have an infestation.
  2. Inviting in a natural predator: Cats! These animals for years have been known to be the natural enemies of mice, and getting them would be a nice and effective way to curb mice infestation.
  3. Fixing of broken pipes: earlier, we found out that mice can get their way into your home and walls by snugging through broken pipes, so having a change of these pipes is a start to getting rid of mice.
  4. Trapping: When trapping mice you can do it humanely or by total extermination all depends on you, using of traps and poison, you’re on a good start to getting rid of mice.


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Now to conclude on how to get rid of mice in walls. We have provided enough research facts to solve this query, giving simple tips on how to get rid of this cunning pest.

With all the information stored in this article, you have nothing to worry about as all the listed remedies are proven to be effective.

Feel free to reach out to us for questions and further assistance on any issues you may have on how to get rid of squirrels in the yard.

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