How to Get Rid of Paper Wasps | DIY Paper Wasps Control

Do it yourself (DIY) methods on how to get rid of paper wasps are the best to eliminate paper wasps permanently. Paper wasps are a common problem because of their tendency to build nests in and around homes or structures while they sometimes feed on other insects.

Paper wasps are also known to be aggressive when they feel their nest is in danger. So in this article, you will learn how to identify and treat paper wasps on your property by yourself.


How to Identify Paper Wasps

In any DIY pest control process, the first thing you should do is identifying what exactly you are dealing with. No pest identification or suggestions could lead to wrong treatment methods which will cost you time and money.

This will speed up the process of how to get rid of paper wasps. Most paper wasps grow to be 1 inch in length, they can as well grow as large as one and a half inches.

Paper wasps have two wings and their bodies will be black or brown with either red or yellow markings like other wasps. Paper wasp do have stingers but note that it’s only the females that have a stinger like bees.

Wasps will sting when they feel threatened, unlike bees which sting more than once. It is easy to confuse paper wasps for other wasp species like Yellow Jackets, but you can tell paper wasps apart as they have thinner, and longer legs.

You can also identify paper wasps by looking at their nest. A paper wasp nest is made from paper-like material.

Hence, their name is derived and their shape is like an open umbrella. When the nest is exposed, you will see one comb made up of many hexagonal cells.

If you see a cone-like or enclosed look. This is a different type of wasps and may require a different treatment approach.

How To Get Rid Of Paper Wasps
Paper Wasps


What are the Signs of Paper Wasps and Where to Inspect?

Checking for pest activities on your property is the next phase of any good pest control plan. Once, you have identified the pest, check around your property to confirm their presence or find hot spots of activity.


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Signs of Paper of Wasps

To confirm paper wasps on your property, Look around your structures to find where paper wasps can establish their nest’s paper.

  • Paper wasps tend to build nests on elevated parts of man-made structures.
  • In rare cases, paper wasps can even build nests indoors.
  • If the ceiling is high enough, you can also use the presence of any nearby wasp to help you locate any nest since wasps usually travel within a set distance from their home.
  • Take note of where you find any nest since you will treat these directly with pro-grade insecticides.


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Where to Inspect

After spotting the signs of paper wasps on your property, possible places to inspect for paper wasps are:

  1. Door frames,
  2. Window frames,
  3. Outdoor ceilings,
  4. Eaves,
  5. Roofs, and
  6. Trees.

Inspecting these places, there are high chances of spotting paper waps. However, take note of these places as treatment will be focused.


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How to Get Rid of Paper Wasps

After identification, inspection, and knowing the signs of paper wasps activity on your property, it’s time to start treatment. Do not begin any treatment without putting on your personal protective equipment or PPE.

Always remember to keep all people and pets away from the treated areas until dry. When dealing with stinging pests like wasps always, use caution and keep yourself protected.

If you are dealing with aggressive wasps or large infestation, consider wearing a professional suit to prevent stings and direct chemical exposure.

You will need three products to eliminate paper wasps completely.

  • To treat paper wasps use striker wasp and hornet killer insecticide to deal with any wasps, and nests on your property.
  • Follow up with a barrier application of Sylo insecticide.
  • Use Pyrid aerosol for wasps that make way indoors.


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How to Apply Stryker Wasp and Hornet Killer

  • First, start with stryker wasp and hornet killer. Stryker is an aerosol spray that delivers a quick knockdown to paper wasp, and their nests and has a long spray distance of up to 20 feet.
  • Simply shake, point, and spray the product directly onto the nest, though the spray can reach up to 20 feet. It’s best to spray from 6 to 15 feet away from the nest.
  • Be sure to apply when the wind is at your back and spray nests at an angle and not directly underneath after you, and that’s around your property.


How to Apply Sylo Insecticide Sprays

  • First, make a barrier treatment with Sylo insecticide sprays. With 0.1% emulsion of Sylo, you can do this easily by mixing half an ounce of Sylo with one gallon of water.
  • We recommend you use a hand pump sprayer essential be spraying around the perimeter of your structures.
  • To mix Sylo, first, fill your sprayer halfway with water. Then add half an ounce of Sylo insecticide into the sprayer, add the remaining water up to the 1-gallon line.
  • Close the sprayer and shake to ensure an even emulsion.
  • Apply Sylo in low-pressure spray around the exterior of your home and other structures.
  • Treat along with spots where paper wasp will build nests such as along eaves under porch ceilings, around door frames, above the garage door, and around window frames.
  • This will leave a residual application that will help prevent paper wasps from re-establishing nest, for up to 90 days.

If you find a stray paper wasp indoors treat the paper wasps directly with an insecticide aerosol like pyrid.


How to Apply Pyrid Aerosol

Pyrid is a powerful pyrethrum insecticide that will deliver a quick knockdown and kill paper wasps within minutes. Pyrid is effective against wasps and many other pests around the home like cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders, flies, and many more.

To apply just shake the can and apply pirate directly to the paper wasps at a distance of about 2 feet. Vacate the area until all vapors have dispersed.


How to Get Rid of Paper Wasps Naturally

There are natural steps to ensure paper wasps stay away from your property.

  • Ensure your property is kept clean.
  • Pick up trash and make sure no food is Left outside.
  • Paper wasp are attracted to our organic material, eliminate all unwanted organic material.
  • Ensure that you regularly take out your trash and leave it in sealed garbage containers.
  • Trim back any overhanging tree branches and overgrown shrubs.
  • Careful destroy establish nests and most hanging spaces. This will help you to limit their choices on your property.
  • Frequently check your property for any further wasp activity.


Prevention Tips

Prevention is essential in keeping pests out of your property even after you have applied pesticides, it is necessary you set up preventive measures.

Although Sylo insecticide will continue to protect treated areas for 90 days after application.

If you find new nest forming, it will be easier to treat them sooner rather than later treatment. Protect the spot with an application of Sylo insecticide.



Paper wasps are common house pests and sometimes painful problem for many homeowners.

Following up with these DIY guide on how to get rid of paper wasps, you will be able to control paper wasps infestation and eliminate them completely from your property.

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