How to Get Rid of Sugar Ant

You are probably going through an infestation of sugar ants, seeing them in your food stuffs and are anxious to know how to get rid of sugar ant.

Truth of the matter is that sugar ants are not aggressive and are not so destructive but if you are having any of the issues mentioned above with sugar ants, it is best to get rid of them. In this article, we have provided you with how to get rid of sugar ant.


What Is a Sugar Ant?

How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ant
Sugar Ants Do Not Necessarily Feed On Just Sugar

The sugar ant are likely large species of ant, the posses two different castes of workers, major workers, which are also called the soldiers, and the minor workers. This group of workers are measured around 5-15 millimeters.

Queen ants are more larger than the others. They are mainly nocturnal, sugar ants prefer wet habitats, they can be easily traced to forest and woodland.

They are also rarely seen in urban areas, where they are classified as pest. This specie of ant focus their diet on sweets, which is retrieved from aphids.

Sugar ants compete with the meat ant, and food robbery and nesting are characters exhibited by this two specie of ants.

Worker ants prey on insects, by using a formic acid to weaken and kill them, the sugar ant are preyed by certain predators like birds, other ants, and echidnas.

Female sugar ants are easily to identify by the black head and orange thorax, and also by the orange-brown band which goes around their gaster. However, their males are completely black.

The dark zones of the thorax and legs possess a rust color. Their antenna and mandibles are black and the head spread wider than the thorax.


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Where Is the Habitat Of a Sugar Ant?

Nest made by sugar ants are seen in various sites, like holes popped through woods, inside roots, trees and most shrubs, inside spaces between rocks in the soil.

Most times, sugar ant colonies form small mounds, which is measured to be less than 20 centimeters in diameter and takes the shape of a funnel. Mounds are not constructed in regions free of predators.

The entrance to their nest usually consists of a smooth vertical walled shaft. They have chambers inside the nest which have similarities to the entrance.

They also construct shaft roof top 10mm in height. Nest of meat ants show that sugar ants will also make a home in them.


What Is the Behavior of a Sugar Ant?

Sugar ants are very active when it comes to being nocturnal. The worker species are mostly seen during the close of the day.

When they are foraging for food, they pick up trails of trees they are attracted to and the scent of their prey, walking right into it.

They however hunt during the day, but their hunting skills are full at night, due to the fact that other species they rely on are night walkers.

They also prefer seasons to be active, jus like summer. Sugar ants adopt multiple techniques in other to make their colleges benefit in a case where they find food.

And when attacked, they help carry the body of their mate, and by doing so there is a possibility, that they survive.


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What are Facts About Sugar Ants?

Sugar ants have some amazing facts up their sleeves, facts that can not be achieved by other species. Below are facts about ants

  • Sugar ants bite, but do not sting, when threatened or agitated.
  • They prefer warm climates.
  • They are usually active at night, than during day time.
  • Their names are gotten from their action of carrying sweets and other sweet contain materials.
  • They are found in forests, and woodland zones.
  • Males are completely black, mean while females have orange stripes on their body.
  • They are nesters.

Above are a few listed facts about sugar ants, now to answer the main query in this article, how to get rid of sugar ants.


How to Get Rid of Sugar Ant?

Well, before giving the thoughts of eradicating sugar ants, it must have mean that they are now growing and increasing in number.

Sugar ants are not however destructive, but when in a large number are not to be left walking around. When the cold are nigh, sugar ants run into your home, in search of warmth.

Below are a few steps on how to get rid of sugar ant:

  • Clean your floor with vinegar oil.
  • Vacuum your carpets and rugs regularly.
  • Place garlic on the floors in your pantry, it should be at the corners.
  • Layout bay leaves.
  • Use glue traps and ant bait, like bread and sugar.
  • Seal cracked walls and roof top/

This few listed steps, are 24 hours away from kicking out sugar ants from your home, as they tend to be very effective and fast.


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Finally, on ‘how to get rid of sugar ant’ what a thrill it has been, as we have brought the answers to this long time query to you in an article easy enough for a pre schooler to understand. We have given you various ways to use in getting rid of sugar ants.

Now for help, assistance and further queries on ‘how to get rid of sugar ant’ feel free to contact us by speaking to us via the comment box provided below.

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