How To Keep Birds Out Of Your Carport

Do you want to know how to keep birds out of your carport? Having an open carport offers many advantages, from easy accessibility to lower construction and maintenance costs. However, one downside of open carports is that they can attract birds.

Birds may find your carport appealing for food sources or as a nesting spot. If left unchecked, bird activities can cause a mess and even damage your vehicle. But worry not! In this guide, we’ll share some simple and effective tips on how to keep birds out of your carport.


What Attracts Birds to Your Carport?

How To Keep Birds Out Of Your Carport
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Birds are mostly interested in two things: food and a place to build their nests. You can keep birds out of your carport by figuring out and fixing these problems.

Animals like birds are very clever and can find food in strange places. Keeping your carport clean is very important if you don’t want them to come in. Regularly sweep away leaves and other waste, especially in the fall when leaves tend to pile up. Birds won’t be as interested in your carport if you keep it clean because there won’t be any food there for them.


How To Keep Birds Out Of Your Carport

1. Eliminate Food Sources

It’s easy for birds to spot small pieces of food. To get food, they will look through leaves and other trash. If you don’t want birds to eat in your carport, you need to get rid of any food sources. Do not leave food crumbs or litter in your garage, and properly throw away pet food. Keeping your patio clean and free of food scraps will make it less likely that birds will be drawn to it.


2. Protect Your Rafters

Birds often find safe places to build their nests in the rafters of carports. Where the roof pieces meet at the structure points makes a great place for birds to land. Here are some things you can do to keep birds from building nests in your carport:

Bird Netting

One effective method to create a physical barrier between the rafters and birds is by using bird netting. This netting can be easily found at hardware or home goods stores. Install the netting at the height of the rafters to prevent birds from accessing these areas. If you’re uncomfortable with heights, consider hiring a contractor to assist you.


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Methyl Anthranilate

Methyl anthranilate, a substance found in grapes that keeps birds away, is another option. Methyl anthranilate is safe for people and the earth, unlike harsh chemical pesticides. The smell of grapes is nice, and it keeps birds away very well. You can find methyl anthranilate at garden shops and use it regularly to keep birds away from your carport.


3. Show Them a Reflection

Birds can be easily deterred by reflective surfaces that create the illusion of an occupied space. Placing mirrors or strips of foil tape in strategic locations can trick birds into thinking that your carport is already occupied. This not only discourages them from entering but also creates a deterrent effect as the reflective surfaces bounce light around the area.


4. Install a Fake Predator

An effective way to repel birds from your carport is to bring in a dummy predator. Birds will naturally stay away from regions where they think a predator might be lurking. Put a fake snake or owl in your carport or near it for good luck. Maintain the efficacy of the fake predator by moving it regularly. Another option is to employ wind-moving inflatables like balloons to make it look like a predator is actively pursuing them. Taking these precautions will lessen the likelihood of birds nesting in your carport.


5. Spray Non-Stick Cooking Spray

A domestic option for preventing birds is to use non-stick cooking spray. Spray this material across the horizontal and vertical surfaces in your carport to prevent bird nests from sticking. The non-stick cooking spray creates a slippery surface that discourages birds from nesting in your carport. Reapply the spray in the spring season to maintain its effectiveness and keep new birds from making your carport their home.


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6. Install Bird Spikes

Your carport’s structural components can be fortified with bird spikes, often called “porcupine wire,” to deter birds from perching and constructing nests. These thin metal spikes stick out in all directions, making it hard for birds to settle comfortably.

One surefire way to keep birds away from your carport is to secure spikes to the upper corners of the rafters. Please be informed that bird spikes are not harmful to birds; they merely hinder their ability to locate an appropriate nesting site.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there anything you can spray to keep birds away? A: Yes, you can use non-toxic pest control options like methyl anthranilate or non-stick cooking spray.

Q: What can I put outside to keep birds away? A: Reflective surfaces, fake predators, and bird spikes are effective options to deter birds from your carport.

Q: How do you stop birds from coming in? A: By removing food sources, protecting your rafters with bird netting or spikes, using reflective surfaces or fake predators, and applying non-stick cooking spray.

Q: Is there a smell that keeps birds away? A: Birds dislike strong or sharp smells. Methyl anthranilate, derived from grapes, is a bird repellent with a pleasant scent that keeps birds away.

Q: What is the most effective bird scarer? A: Reflective surfaces, such as mirrors or foil tape, and fake predators like owls or snakes are known to be effective bird scarers.

Q: What are birds scared of? A: Birds are naturally wary of predators, reflective surfaces, and sudden movements.


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More on How To Keep Birds Out Of Your Carport

Here’s a video that explains How To Keep Birds Out Of Your Carport:



Keeping birds out of your carport is essential to protect your vehicle and maintain a clean space. By following the tips and tricks outlined in this guide, you can effectively deter birds from your carport.

Remember to eliminate food sources, protect your rafters with bird netting or methyl anthranilate, use reflective surfaces or fake predators, apply non-stick cooking spray, and install bird spikes if needed. With these preventive measures in place, you can enjoy a bird-free carport and a clean environment for your vehicle.

So, don’t let birds take over your carport. Take action today and implement these strategies to keep your carport bird-free. Happy carport bird-proofing

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