How To Keep Scorpions Away [The 8 Steps You Must Know]

Knowing how to keep scorpions away is necessary, as they are a rare pest to encounter in the home, but they do occasionally wander indoors, often by accident.

Scorpions possess an innate tendency to roam and frequently enter residential dwellings in pursuit of insects for predation or seeking refuge. They may gain access to residential properties by utilising the garage or alternative entryways.

If you happen to come across a scorpion on your premises, our do-it-yourself (DIY) manual will provide you with effective procedures and recommended products to eradicate the scorpion and deter any potential future infestations.


How To Keep Scorpions Away In 8 Steps

1. Plant Lavender:

How To Keep Scorpions Away

There is empirical evidence suggesting that lavender possesses the ability to deter scorpions. To naturally deter scorpions, it is advisable to plant lavender along the boundaries of your residence or outdoor space.

Alternatively, consider cultivating lavender in specific regions of your property where scorpions are frequently observed.

Another option to consider is creating a lavender spray. In a spray bottle, combine about 20 drops of lavender essential oil with a few cups of water to achieve this. Apply the mixture to the desired surfaces or areas to deter scorpions.


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2. Allow Chickens Roam Freely:

How To Keep Scorpions Away
Allow Chickens Roam Freely

Chickens serve as natural predators for the insects that scorpions consume. One can choose to raise a small number of chickens on their premises and allow them to move about unrestrictedly.

Observe the joyful pecking behaviour of these birds as they diligently search the ground for insects, thereby diminishing the available food resources for scorpions.

Chickens may attempt to consume scorpions if they encounter them on your premises.

3. Remove Scorpion Food Sources:

A decrease in the availability of food sources results in a corresponding decrease in the population of scorpions.

Conduct inspections to identify the presence of infestations, such as termites, spiders, cockroaches, and other insects.

To address the issue, one can either employ pesticides to eliminate the pests or seek assistance from a professional pest control company.

Scorpions have a diverse diet, consuming various small insects. However, they exhibit a particular preference for crickets, ants, and cockroaches.

4. Seal Cracks and Crevices:

How To Keep Scorpions Away
Seal Cracks and Crevices

This serves as a barrier that hinders scorpions from entering indoor areas via small openings. Engage in a stroll around the perimeter of your residence, paying close attention to potential openings such as holes and gaps.

Focus particularly on areas surrounding windows, doors, and the foundation. To ensure airtightness, it is recommended to seal all openings using either caulk or spray foam.

Additional locations to inspect for gaps include dryer vents and air conditioning ducts.

5. Get Rid of Debris:

How To Keep Scorpions Away
Get Rid of Debris

This eliminates obscure and attractive locations for concealment. Dispose of garden waste, such as accumulations of leaves and brush.

Remove piles of rocks or timber as well. It is recommended to relocate wood piles to a minimum distance of 50 feet (15 metres) from your residence.

Scorpions typically seek shelter in dimly lit areas during daylight hours, emerging at night to engage in hunting activities.

It is advisable to wear long-sleeved clothing and gloves while cleaning your property to protect yourself from potential scorpions that may be concealed within piles of debris.

6. Turn Off Light Bulbs (Use Yellow Bulbs):

How To Keep Scorpions Away
Employ Yellow Light Bulbs

By employing this method, the level of insect attraction to your lights is reduced, thereby decreasing the likelihood of scorpions being drawn to them as a food source.

To minimise insect attraction, it is recommended to replace all outdoor light bulbs with warm, yellow bulbs. It is advisable to refrain from using lights when they are not needed.

It is important to acknowledge that yellow light does not actively repel insects; rather, it simply attracts them to a lesser extent compared to white light.


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7. Fix Plumbing Leaks:

How To Keep Scorpions Away
Fix Plumbing Leaks

This action eliminates water sources that serve as attractants for scorpions. To mitigate the presence of scorpions in your vicinity, it is advisable to address any leakages in your plumbing system, as this will reduce the amount of water available for them to consume within and around your residence.

It is advisable to promptly address any leaky faucets or other sources of leaks within your household.

It is advisable to address any roof leaks promptly to prevent water accumulation in the attic.

To prevent scorpions from accessing water dishes, it is advisable to either keep them empty during the night or place them in elevated locations, particularly if you have pets.

8. Use Glue Traps:

How To Keep Scorpions Away
Employ the Use of Glue Traps

Sticky cardboard traps are a cost-effective and efficient means of capturing lost scorpions within one’s household.

Place several Catchmaster 72MB glue boards strategically in various locations, such as the basement, garage, points of entry, yard, and other areas that are suspected to be potential sites.

The glue board is available in sets of 12, which is sufficient to fully cover an average-sized residence or property.

To apply, remove the wax paper and place the items in prominent and strategic locations. The glue board will likely attract insects, which may then attract a scorpion seeking to feed on the trapped bugs and subsequently become trapped itself.


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Watch the Explanatory Video Below To Discover How To Keep Scorpions Away



Scorpions are relatively uncommon in households compared to other pests, but there is a possibility, although rare, for them to enter homes.

You are in search of scorpions and the potential locations where they may seek shelter. It is advisable to identify locations where unauthorised entry has been achieved into your residence and designate them for exclusionary actions.

Make a record of the locations where you have encountered Scorpions, both indoors and outdoors, on your property. These are the areas where you should administer treatment.

Now that you know how to keep scorpions away, do well to share the tips you have discovered here with your friends.

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