How To Keep Spiders Off My Security Cameras

I started looking into how to keep spiders off my security cameras after I kept getting false alarms from my CCTV.

False alarms can be stressful, and it turned out they were caused by spiders just doing their thing, which was definitely not my thing!

But I found some great methods that worked for me, and I want to share them with you in case you’re dealing with the same issue.

Spiders are interesting, but they can become a problem when they cover your security cameras with webs.

This can block the view and cause false alarms if bugs set off the motion sensors. Let’s look at different ways to keep spiders away from your security cameras together.


How To Keep Spiders Off My Security Cameras
Cobweb-Covered Security Camera


Why are there Spiders around my CCTV Cameras?

The thing is, Spiders might look like they are around your security cameras, but they’re not actually attracted to the cameras themselves.

Instead, they’re drawn to the insects and bugs that are attracted to the infrared light from the CCTV cameras.

Like other predators, spiders follow their food source. If bugs and insects are gathering around your camera, spiders will naturally be attracted to it too.

Although spiders play a vital role in the ecosystem, their presence on CCTV cameras can lead to various problems. Let’s take a look at why it’s important to prevent spiders from being on CCTV cameras.


Is it Necessary to Keep Spider Away From my CCTV?

Yes, it is important to keep spiders away from your security cameras because they can block the camera’s view and cause false alarms, which can make your security system less effective. Here are some important reasons to keep spiders away from your security cameras:

  • Reduce False Alarms

Motion-activated security cameras are made to detect movement and trigger alerts when needed. But spiders making webs or bugs flying around can accidentally activate these cameras, causing false alarms.

If you stop spiders and their prey from being near your cameras, you decrease false alarms and avoid unnecessary inconvenience.


  • Ensure Clear Footage

It’s important to have clear and unobstructed video footage for good surveillance.

Spider webs and other dirt can mess up the camera’s view, making it hard to see people or events recorded on video.

When you keep spiders away from your CCTV cameras, you ensure your footage stays clear and useful.


  • Save Time and Resources

If you have to deal with spiders and their webs all the time, it takes up a lot of time and can be annoying.

But if you try preventive methods to keep them away, it saves you time.

The solutions we’ll talk about in this guide need only a little maintenance, so you can spend your energy on more important things.


  • Maximize Camera Performance

A security camera needs to capture good footage to work well. If you get rid of spiders and their webs, your CCTV cameras can work better.

This makes the footage better and ensures the cameras work nonstop, especially for solar-powered ones that can be harmed by spider webs.

Now let’s talk about different ways to keep spiders off your security cameras, now that we know why it’s important to stop spiders infestation on your CCTV.


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How to Keep Spiders off My Security Cameras

1. Shutting off Your Security Light

One reason insects and spiders like your security cameras is because of the lights. Insects that fly at night are attracted to light, like the infrared light from CCTV cameras.

When you turn off the security light, you reduce the chance of spiders setting off false alarms and also keep spiders away from your cameras.

But remember, not all cameras can turn off their lights. If yours can’t, you might need to find other ways to stop bugs and spiders from being near your cameras.


2. Using Lubricant on Your Camera’s Lenses

Making it hard for insects to land on your camera is one way you can use to keep them away.

One easy way to use lubricant on camera lenses is to use slippery substances like silicon, Vaseline, or Teflon spray on the camera’s lenses.

Put a thin layer of the substance on the surface to stop spiders from crawling on the camera and making webs.

Before you do this, you may want to cover the camera lens to avoid any accidental harm.

Also, tell anyone who takes care of the camera about the substances so they don’t accidentally remove or smear the camera.


3. Detering Spiders with Certain Scents

There are several scents spiders don’t like, like peppermint, citrus, and conkers, you can use these scents near your CCTV cameras to stop spiders from coming close.

Even though it might seem unconventional, it’s worth trying these scents to keep spiders away from your cameras. One way is to put a few drops of peppermint or citrus oil on a piece of fabric and hang it near the camera.

Be careful not to put the oils directly on the lens or cables. Another option is to hang conkers or put mothballs in a small bag near the camera.

These smells can help keep spiders away and stop them from making webs if you use them regularly.

Just remember, these smells don’t work right away and might need to be used often to keep working. And don’t spray the scents directly on the camera lens because that can mess up how the camera works.


4. Adjusting Your Camera’s Motion Sensor

You can’t get rid of all insects near your camera, but you can change the motion sensor settings to minimize false alarms caused by insects.

Most security cameras let you change how sensitive their motion sensors are. If you lower the sensitivity, it can stop bugs from setting off false alarms.

To do this, go to the camera’s settings and find the sensitivity controls. Lower the sensitivity and test the motion sensor by moving your hand in front of the camera. Make sure that it still detects real motion while reducing the likelihood of false alarms caused by insects.


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5. Wrapping a Dryer Sheet Around Your Camera

If you want to deal with spiders in a more humane approach, you can use a dryer sheet to keep them away from your camera.

Dryer sheets have a strong smell that insects, including spiders, don’t like. Wrap a dryer sheet around the camera with a rubber band to make a sort of bug repellent.

For the best results, put a dryer sheet on the top and bottom of the camera. This makes a stronger smell barrier and stops insects from coming near the camera.

Remember to check the dryer sheets regularly and replace them when they stop working. The rubber band will break when you need to replace the sheet.


6. Spraying Insect Repellent on Your Camera

If you want to stop bugs and spiders from getting on your security camera in a more direct approach, you can use bug spray made for this purpose.

Look for insect repellents that are meant to stop bugs from sticking to surfaces. Spray the repellent around your camera, and ensure you cover the lens and outside.

You will have to apply the repellent once a week to make it last longer and keep bugs away for a longer time.

Remember to always be careful and cover the camera lens before you spray the chemicals to avoid any damage or scratches on the lens.


7. Other Tips and Tricks to Keep Spiders Away

Aside from the techniques mentioned earlier, here are some extra tips to keep spiders away from your security cameras:

  • Clean the camera and the area around it often to get rid of any spider webs or dirt.
  • Cut back plants and bushes nearby to reduce the number of bugs and insects available for spiders to eat.
  • Put up lights that turn on when they sense motion, but place them away from the camera. This can make bugs and spiders go to the lights instead of the camera.
  • You may also want to consider using a weatherproof housing for your camera. This can make it harder for spiders to get to the camera’s surface.


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It’s important to keep spiders off your security cameras so you can see clearly and avoid false alarms.

You can stop spiders and bugs from getting near your cameras if you understand why spiders like CCTV cameras and use the methods provided above.

From turning off the security light to using lubricants and repellent scents, and changing motion sensor settings, there are lots of ways to keep spiders away from your cameras.

Always make sure to clean and take care of your cameras regularly to make them last longer and work better.

Doing these things will make your CCTV system more reliable and give you peace of mind, knowing your cameras are working well. So, get rid of those annoying eight-legged invaders and enjoy having spider-free security cameras!

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