How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally; Step by Step Guide

When it comes to sexual performance, most couples have problems satisfying each other and end up asking the question of how to last longer in bed naturally.

Making love is not just mating alone it entails a whole lot more; there are some vital facts that couples have been ignoring mainly the Men in marriage.


How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally; Facts and Things to Avoid

The advantages of taking drugs to get the best sexual performance are lesser than the disadvantages, to get the best sexually performance, giving your spouse(wife) the best satisfaction-you need to let go of certain foods you consider as diet.


The effects of drugs taken for good sexual performance have a time duration, taking it repeatedly in the long-run will certainly cause damages to your sexual organs which may lead to low sperm counts or infertility for men and in women delays pregnancy, etc.


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Signs of Low Testosterone Levels in Men, How to Boost Them Naturally

Here’s a video on how to naturally boost your testosterone:


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They are as follows:

Before we proceed into details, let’s see a short video of foods that decreases your desire causing fast ejaculation.

10 Foods that Decrease your Desires


Detailed Insight into Foods that Decrease your Desires

Most people eat ignorantly, at a stage of reproduction one has to be mindful of what he/she consumes as food. Below are certain foods that decrease our performance sexually.



Our intakes are very vital to our performance in bed, as a man we need to be very careful of what we eat; because the blood vessels from our mid-section downward is very tiny compared to the ones from our waist upward, so we need to flush those excess sugar and fat (bad Cholesterol) that hinders the effective flow of blood to our male sexual organ, for example:


Processed sugar in Beverages:

Beverages contain a lot of processed sugar which stores in the blood vessels thereby hindering the proper flow of blood to the male sexual organ, and thereby causing quick ejaculation.



this is very common among men, we tend to show our prowess and strength to our spouse but ignoring the fact that we are damaging our Liver which plays a vital role in our body metabolism. The liver is the body filter.

The liver separates and sift through hurtful substances in the blood, and makes proteins, compounds, and hormones that the body uses to avert diseases. It additionally changes over nutrients, supplements, and prescriptions into substances that our bodies can utilize.

The liver is likewise liable for cleaning our blood, delivering bile for processing and putting away glycogen for vitality.

The liver procedures more than 90 percent of devoured liquor. The rest leaves the body by means of pee, sweat and relaxing.

It takes the body roughly an hour to process one mixed drink. This time allotment increments with each drink.

The higher somebody’s blood liquor content, the more it takes to process liquor. The liver can just process a specific measure of liquor at once. At the point when somebody has an excessive amount to drink, the liquor left natural by the liver courses through the circulation system.

The liquor in the blood starts influencing the heart and cerebrum, which is the means by which individuals become inebriated.

Interminable liquor misuse causes pulverization of liver cells, which results in scarring of the liver (cirrhosis), alcoholic hepatitis and cell change that may prompt liver malignancy, so when you consume alcohol it disrupts the function of the liver thereby affecting the potency and longevity in bed,

Most men become really tired after a round of sex even when they take herbal concoction prepared with alcohol.



This might come as a surprise to many but this baked flour coupled with sugar, bromate, and yeast poses a threat to a man’s longevity in bed as they have an adverse effect on your performance.


Soft Drinks:

These highly consumed substances contain lots of sugar which store later as excess sugar in the blood vessel thereby hindering proper blood flow to the male sexual organ thereby affecting the performance of men in bed.


The Mind:

Our Mind plays a key role in our performance in bed (bedmathics), When we view a pornographic movie or watch a sex scene repeatedly, it projects and registers in our subconscious mind thereby sending signals to the brain and allowing quick ejaculation to take place.

So we must be mindful of what registers in our mind as they affect our mental well being which in place reduces the longevity in bed.



When we are anxious about sex, our entire sensuality is awakened thereby the result is very bad because you have fantasized about it already.


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10 Foods that boost your Desire

To get a clear picture and understand more, let’s see a video of foods that act like viagra which boosts your desire naturally.




Detailed Techniques to Help You Last Longer in Bed Naturally



This is the foundation of good sex as it prepares you for the main event. It makes your spouse get in the mood and sends a lot of sensations to her brain giving her 50% satisfaction before penetration.

Making your spouse (wife) to orgasm through foreplay before penetration helps sex last longer when you finally penetrate you can rest assured your spouse has already had some sexual pleasure.


Sex positions:

Sex positions are vital as they reduce overstimulation; the man should try to keep his leg and pelvic muscle relaxed. “Cowgirl” and “spooning” are two sex positions that help reduce overstimulation.


Sexual communication:

Don’t talk about the things that worry you; rather try flirting with your spouse (wife), this helps to avoid anxiety and as you know anxiety is one of the leading causes of premature ejaculation.


Do not be in a hurry:

Allow your body and mind calm and ready before penetration; don’t try too hard or too fast as you begin to move toward sex.

If you are in a hurry you will be disconnected from your bodily processes which can cause you to ejaculate prematurely.


Further solutions

Try to relax and ease into the sexual experience and be sure to savor every moment. Talk to your partner in deep breaths; notice the feelings, thoughts and physical sensations that spring up. Penetrate only when your body and mind are calm.



Sex is one of the most pleasurable and intimate experiences a husband and wife can have; as it helps cements and binds their marriage If you want to last longer in bed; use this article as a resource for what works and what doesn’t.

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