Wolf Spider Washington State: Are These Creepy-Looking Spiders A Threat? [2024]

All spiders have been tagged horrific, venomous, scary, and even dangerous by most individuals, but the wolf spider Washington State has rather proven an alternative point.

This spider is all out to prove to you all that not all evil is evil… lol! This spider species is actually allowed to thrive in most homes, but do you know why?

Let us now find out!


Are there Wolf Spider in Washington State?

Wolf spider in Washington State? How possible is this? Wolf spiders can be found in various habitats, including coastal and inland habitats.

Wolf spiders can actually be found in Washington State and are very prevalent in this region. While reading this article, we will come to find out if these pests are dangerous to humans.

Unlike other spider species, a wolf spider in Washington State is known to jump on their prey rather than spin webs to trap these insects.

A ground wolf spider Washington state will avoid human contact in any possible way they can. These arachnids are rarely found in the home unless there is a prevalent infestation of pesky pests in your home.

As a matter of fact, if you have bug infestations in your home, a wolf spider in Washington state will definitely help you curb these pests. 

Although having these spiders in your home can be somewhat beneficial, allowing them to prevail will only lead to a rise in their population, which can in the future become a problem that will require the services of pest control experts.


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What Does a Wolf Spider Washington State Look Like?

Wolf Spider Washington State
Wolf Spider Washington State Picture

Just like every spider species, the wolf spider Washington state also has 8 legs. What separates these spiders from most of their other spider counterparts is their large eyes.

The wolf spider in Washington state has 2 large eyes arranged in rows, with 4 other smaller eyes on the bottom. You can easily distinguish them from other common house spiders by the large eyes on their faces.

Another thing that distinguishes these spiders from other spider species is their long legs and very hairy body. Yes, these spiders are hairier than most common house spiders.

Wolf spiders may not be the largest spiders in Washington but they sure are large and can grow up to 2 inches in length.

Wolf spiders are usually black or dark brown in color and may have cream, gray, or yellow markings on their bodies. However, the most common colors seen in homes in Washington are:

  • Brown
  • Tan


Are Washington State Wolf Spiders Dangerous?

As a matter of fact, most spiders in Washington state are venomous, except for 2 species that lack venom glands. How then do they capture their prey? Well, these spiders have developed the skills to do this.

Surprisingly, the harmless wolf spider Washington state is venomous, but this does not mean that the spider is dangerous. In fact, their venoms are in no way a threat to humans.

A wolf spider bite Washington state is not something to even take seriously unless the victim is allergic to spider bites. 

As we mentioned earlier, these spiders are not a threat to the home and pose no danger at all, besides helping you get rid of the bugs in your home.

The wolf spider Washington State looks notoriously hairy and large, but its large size should not deceive you. They would even prefer to flee into hiding when they see you than stay to attack.


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How To Prevent Ground Wolf Spider Washington State

Wolf Spider Washington State
Caulking Your Doors and Windows Will Help Seal Possible Entry Points
  • Do well to seal cracks, crevices, and other possible entry points.
  • Caulking gaps around doors and windows is one step to preventing the entry of this spider.
  • Keeping your doors and windows shut most of the time will prevent the wolf spider in Washington state from gaining entry into your home.
  • An untidy home is an invitation for bugs and this spider, of course. Do well to always keep your home neat and tidy.
  • Keeping your environment (internal and external) clean and debris-free will prevent these spiders from thriving, as there will be nothing attracting them.
  • A door sweep is a very useful piece to have in your home, as it will prevent spiders from slipping in.


How To Get Rid of Wolf Spider In Washington State

Wolf Spider Washington State
Place Your Sticky Traps From Amazon In Strategic Points
  • Place glue traps in strategic locations in your home where you know these spiders will tread.
  • Ensure that you do not step on these spiders, as this could cause the dispersion of their young.
  • Contact pest control experts to come and help you get rid of this pest when it gets out of hand.


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The wolf spider Washington State is a loveable arachnid that is more beneficial than a pest in homes in this region.

Most people tag all spiders as dangerous, scary, and even venomous pests. This spider species has, however, proven that not all heroes wear capes (smiles).

What do you think of this spider species in Washington state? Do you think spiders in Washington should be allowed to thrive? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below!

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