How to Use Clean Rest Pro Box Spring Encasement

Clean rest Pro box spring encasement offers, high-quality hygienic bedding for a range of box springs and any home or business. This waterproof box spring encasement blocks allergens, and with its zip, and click feature creates a tight seal that prevents bed bugs from invading or escaping.

The box spring is a common harborage for any bed bug infestation since it provides plenty of shelter inside and around the box spring itself. So taking care of your box spring is just as important as caring for your mattress.

How To Use Clean Rest Pro Box Spring Encasement


Clean Rest Pro Box Spring Encasement

The clean rest Pro box spring encasement comes ready to use as purchased and requires no additional tools to install depending on your box springs build.

You may need a second person to help move it around these bedbug encasements are sold in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from twin to Hotel King, so be sure to get the right covers for your boxspring.


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Product Review:

The clean rest Pro box spring encasement can be used to control an ongoing bed bug infestation or to prevent one from reaching the box spring when used properly bedbugs will be unable to cross through the encasement in any direction which either protects your box spring from the infestation.


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What you need to do

In any bed bugs inside if you discover, your bed is infested, do not immediately drag your box spring to the dumpster doing. So will spread the investigation as the bed bugs, will have an easy time jumping to your other furniture along the way.

Proper use of bed bug covers and control methods will save you money by acting as your box spring new exterior layer, but if you still decide to draw out your bed, always in case it to prevent your investigation from spreading place from your mattress into a sealed laundry bag to be washed.


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How to Use Clean Rest Pro Box Spring Encasement

  1. Remove the mattress and stand the box spring up against the wall, remove the bed bug cover from the package and unzip it and fit the cover over your box spring from the top and slide it down with the zipper, and heads towards the floor.
  2. Zip the cover as far as you can get then applies the corner guards to the inner corners of your bed frame to reduce the risk of tearing lay down the box spring.
  3. Finish sipping the clean rest Pro box spring encasement has a unique zip and click feature that will ensure it is sealed completely.
  4. Pull the zipper all the way to meet the clasp hook. The pull tab over the plastic prongs then closes the clasp with a click.
  5. Once you’re done, you can make up your bed as normal, clean. Rest ProBox, bringing casements can be used in any home or apartment, to protect your box springs from bed bugs or moisture damage.
  6. Businesses, such as hotels motels beds, breakfasts, and hospitals can also benefit by protecting their box springs and limiting potential infestations.
  7. Clean rest Pro box spring encasements can be used to eliminate or prevent bed bugs invitations from breaking out in your box spring, any encasements, applied during an investigation, should stay on for at least one year as bedbugs are known to live up to one year without feeding though.
  8. You can leave them indefinitely when using bedbug encasements preemptively, be sure to inspect them at least, once a year for any rips or tears.



Clean rest Pro boxspring encasements are safe to use chemical-free and have, no safety precautions, protective personal equipment, or PPE is not necessary when applying bedbug covers.

When covering an infested box bring to be sure to fully seal the encasement. So, no bed bugs can escape. Keep in mind. That this encasement alone is not enough to eliminate a bedbug infestation. You will need additional products like a residual insecticide and insect growth regulator, a flushing agent, and barrier dust to kill bed bugs quickly and prevent them from spreading.

The clean rest Pro box spring encasement is an essential tool for anyone seeking to control and eliminate their bed bug infestation.

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