Discover the InVite Fruit Fly Traps & How To Use

After utilizing the Invite Fruit Fly Traps, sanitation is essential to keeping fruit flies away. They won’t stop returning if you don’t remove the food supply that is drawing them in.

Keep out of children’s and animals’ reach. Prior to usage, store the product in a temperature-controlled space for optimal outcomes.

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Description of the InVite Fruit Fly Traps

InVite Fruit Fly Traps
<strong>The InVite Fruit Fly Traps<strong>

You may set the InVite Fruit Fly Trap and forget about it—it’s a fast, simple, and efficient trap.

Without using pesticides, fruit flies and phorid flies can be attracted and trapped using the Invite trap’s enticing lure. When it is activated, it releases an odour that attracts fruit flies, and it is safe to use near food.

The trap’s design reduces spillage while enabling it to be set up on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, as well as upside-down on the underside of a table or counter. To quickly get rid of a fruit fly infestation, use Invite Fruit Fly Traps.


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How To Use InVite Fruit Fly Traps

  • Follow the InVite Fruit Fly Traps Label Instructions and Apply:

Examine any food sources in the contaminated region that may have first drawn fruit flies before proceeding. Food that has been left out, such as fruits or vegetables left on the counter, or decomposing material in the garbage could be examples of this.

Before or during use, make sure the little hole in the top is completely open, but DO NOT take off the film.

For each trap being utilized, tear open one package of Liquid Lure, add it through the top hole, and swirl to activate.

Put in places that are busy. The trap can be hung upside down, on its side, or right side up. To avoid or reduce spillage, take your time when turning or moving about.


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According to the InVite Fruit Fly Traps Label Where Can I Apply?

  • Kitchen
  • Near trash cans
  • Sinks


When To Use the InVite Fruit Fly Traps

When there’s an increase in fruit fly activity nearby, apply this product.


What are the Target Pests of the InVite Fruit Fly Traps?

  • Fruit flies
  • Phorid flies


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What is the Shelf Life According to the InVite Fruit Fly Traps Label?

Up to two years should be allowed for proper storage of this product in a cool, dry environment.


Additional Product Information?

What are the Active Ingredients? Nil
What are the Possible Areas of Application?
  • Indoors
  • Outdoors
What Is the Product Type? Equipment
Does this Product Have any Usage Restrictions? No
Which Products Can Be Compared To This Product? Vector 960 Fruit Fly Traps
Is It Safe To Use Around Children and Pets? Yes, it is safe to use around children and pets.
What Is Its Formulation? Glue Trap


Where To Buy InVite Fruit Fly Traps?


Watch the Explanatory Video on How To Use the InVite Fruit Fly Traps



A quick, simple, and efficient leave-behind product to draw and capture fruit flies without the use of pesticides is the InVite Fruit Fly Trap.

The Invite Fruit Fly Trap is pre-assembled and requires no further tools for operation.

When used as directed on the product packaging, Invite Fruit Fly Trap is safe to use around kids and pets.

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