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How To Use InVite Multi-Moth Lure

When used as directed, InVite Multi-Moth Lure is harmless to humans, animals, and the environment. Wear safety gear whenever working with or applying this substance.

InVite Multi-Moth Lure coated glue boards or traps kill pests within 1 to 2 days by suffocation or dehydration from selected glue board adhesive.

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How Do I Describe the InVite Multi-Moth Lure?

Invite Multi-Moth Lure
Picture of the InVite Multi-Moth Lure

This is a high-quality item for luring moths indoors. This bait contains pheromones specifically formulated to attract moths. Several species of moths find it extremely appealing.

It can be used by anyone and does not require any cleanup afterwards. These lures are made with special pheromones to quickly attract moths. It is effective, harmless, and poison-free.


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How To Use InVite Multi-Moth Lure?

  • Follow The InVite Multi-Moth Lure Label Instructions:

First, you should clean the area where you intend to set up the InVite Multi-Moth Lure. The cupboards and pantries should be emptied.

Second, put together the glue board or trap you’ll use to catch the moths using your Multi-Moth Lure.

Third, unwrap the InVite Multi-Moth Lure and set it up on your trap or glue board.

  • Apply:

Cover the trap and set it where pests are most likely to be found. Every 30 to 50 feet, set up a single Invite Multi-Moth Lure.

In order to catch moths in warehouses, set up a grid of traps covered in Multi-Moth Lure every 50 to 100 feet.

Once every three weeks, you should switch out the Glue board. Lures can be used repeatedly for up to eight weeks.


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According to the InVite Multi-Moth Lure Label Where Can I Apply?

  • Warehouses
  • Storage
  • Residential homes
  • Areas with some air movement


When Do I Use the InVite Multi-Moth Lure?

If you notice moths, reach for the Multi-Moth Lure. Most of the time, you won’t even realize you’ve picked things up.

Moths can be purchased at any store that sells groceries or small animals. You will most often see these in cooking environments.


What are the Target Pests of the InVite Multi-Moth Lure?

  • Indian Meal Moths
  • Tobacco Moths
  • Almond Moths
  • Mediterranean Flour Moths
  • Raisin Moths


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What Is the Shelf Life According to the Multi-Moth Lure Label?

If kept out of the reach of minors and at temperatures (above 60 degrees Fahrenheit) or (below) room temperature, Multi-Moth Lure has a shelf life of up to 3 years.

This product can be used for up to 8 weeks after the package has been opened.


Additional Product Information?

What are the Active Ingredients? Rubber Septa Lure with Pheromones
What are the Possible Areas of Application? Indoors
What Is the Chemical Type? Stomach Toxicant
Does this Product Have any Usage Restrictions? None
Which Products Can Be Compared To This Product? None
Is It Safe To Use Around Children and Pets? Yes, it is safe to use around children and pets.
What Is Its Shipping Weight? 0.11 lbs


Where To Buy InVite Multi-Moth Lure For Sale?

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