Is the Kangal Dog Price An Affordable One?

Knowing the Kangal dog price is important for individuals who are new to dog ownership. These big canines require ample opportunities for socialization and a substantial amount of physical area.

However, if one is seeking a diligent agricultural labourer capable of offering substantial security measures while also being compatible with familial dynamics, this particular breed would be an excellent choice.

Due to their limited availability, locating a breeder within your vicinity could pose a challenge, perhaps resulting in a substantial financial investment, particularly if the puppy is from a lineage with notable accolades.


How Do I Describe the Kangal Dog?

Kangal Dog Price
Picture of Kangal Dogs For Sale

The Turkish Kangal dog is characterized by its substantial size and robust skeletal structure, which has evolved as a result of its innate ability to protect herds from predatory threats.

The specimen possesses a substantial cranial region, exhibiting a somewhat broad structure, accompanied by a muzzle that is pigmented in black.

The auditory organs of the subject exhibit a downward orientation and possess elongated structures.

The Kangal shepherd dog exhibits a body structure that is characterized by a length that exceeds its height, resulting in a well-proportioned physique.

The coat of the subject under consideration is characterized by its brevity and high density, while also featuring a notable curving tail.

The auditory organs of these organisms exhibit a black shading, while their physical appearance spans from a fawn hue to a tan shade. White-coloured hairs may be observed on the paws, underside, and chin.

The Anatolian Shepherd Dogs possess a thick and insulating double coat, which serves as a protective barrier against the extreme climatic conditions prevalent in Turkey and various regions of Africa, where they are frequently encountered.

The protective nature of their coat serves to mitigate the risk of skin rupture in the event of a bite by wild animals.


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How Do I Describe the Size of the Kangal Dog?

The Kangal dog is classified as an extra-large breed and shares a distant lineage with the mastiff. Adult males of this breed typically have a height ranging from 28 to 33 inches and a weight between 110 and 145 pounds.

The female individuals of this particular canine breed have a significantly smaller physical stature in comparison to their male counterparts, resulting in a relatively lower body weight.

The Kangal dog’s physical dimensions render it ill-suited for residential habitation in apartment settings. This expansive breed necessitates ample open area in order to flourish.


How Do I Describe the Behaviour of the Kangal Dog?

The Kurdish Kangal dog is renowned for its distinctive personality and disposition.

The distinguishing characteristics of the Kangal breed are the primary factors that influence individuals in their decision to select this particular large canine breed.

The Kangal dog breed is famous for its amiable disposition and unwavering loyalty. They are capable of readily accommodating and conforming to a wide range of environments.

The Turkish Kangal dogs exhibit exceptional aptitude as shepherd dogs and security dogs owing to their inherent protective instincts.

When a Kangal shepherd is raised with appropriate training and socialization, they exhibit notable traits of tranquillity and tolerance towards both children and other animals.

The protective behaviour exhibited by this breed is primarily defensive in nature, as they are not characterized by an inherently violent disposition.

Nevertheless, in the event that an individual is perceived as subservient or lacking in strength by a Kangal dog, it is plausible that the dog may attempt to assert dominance and assume a position of authority.

Therefore, effective leadership plays a crucial role in the context of Turkish Kangal herders.

These animals exhibit heightened vigilance and territorial behaviour, demonstrating a strong inclination to safeguard their loved ones at any expense.

These individuals exhibit remarkable agility and bravery, enabling them to effectively intercept potential dangers and safeguard their human counterparts or flock.

Experienced dog owners are best suited to care for this breed since they have the background and expertise to understand and cope with the specific traits and behaviours of this canine species.

These canines possess a high degree of cognitive autonomy, enabling them to occasionally outwit their human counterparts.


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What are the Factors that May Affect the Kangal Dog Price?

  • Gender:

Female Kangals are frequently priced higher than their male counterparts due to their potential for increased breeding capacity, resulting in a larger number of offspring.

A significant number of new breeders emerge as a result of dog owners opting against spaying their female Kangal dogs, instead opting to engage in breeding activities and subsequently selling the resulting puppies for financial gain.

  • Age:

Inherent to the nature of larger dogs is the necessity for increased quantities of food, grooming services, and greater bedding accommodations, hence resulting in escalated pet insurance expenses.

As the canine companion advances in age and experiences growth in physical dimensions, it is inevitable that the monthly expenses associated with pet ownership will also escalate.

It is reasonable to assume that one’s monthly spending will increase based on factors such as the health of their dog, as well as their food and entertainment preferences.

Adopting an older dog can result in substantial cost savings, while puppies, being in more demand, tend to command a comparatively higher purchasing fee.

  • Bloodline:

Kangal pups originating from lineages that participate in dog shows tend to command a higher price compared to those raised primarily for utilitarian purposes on farms.

Conversely, companion animals are expected to be more cost-effective in comparison to both aforementioned options. The breeder’s reputation will also influence the cost of acquiring a puppy.

Establishing a commendable reputation as a breeder necessitates a significant investment of time, spanning several years.

Additionally, breeders are required to incur expenses associated with acquiring memberships to various kennel associations, thereby inevitably augmenting the overall cost of acquiring a puppy.

Breeders renowned for their ability to consistently produce dogs that achieve championship titles typically command higher prices for their puppies.

If one desires to acquire further information regarding the lineage, genealogy, and provenance of their puppy, it is possible to make a request for a DNA test.

  • Medical Expenses:

It is expected that breeders of good standing will furnish purchasers with a health assurance pertaining to their acquired puppy.

These exams will ascertain the absence of congenital birth abnormalities or prevalent canine diseases in your new puppy.

The inclusion of these health certificates will be accompanied by an additional charge, which is inherent to the initial purchase fee.


What is the Kandal Dog Price?

I am interested in acquiring information regarding the current market value of a kangal dog.

The cost of a Kangal dog varies from $1200 and $2500, contingent upon the geographical location of the dog’s breeding and upbringing.

The elevated cost of the Turkish Kangal breed can be attributed to its relative scarcity in the market.

It is advisable to procure a Kurdish Kangal dog from a breeder who is recognized for its credibility and adherence to ethical practices since this will help mitigate potential genetic health issues.

The price of a Kangal Shepherd dog may exceed $2500 if they possess exceptional breeding and are from champion bloodlines of Kangals.


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Kangals, originally bred for the purpose of livestock herding, possess inherent qualities that make them well-suited for the role of guardians.

However, it should be noted that Australian Shepherds have a higher degree of sociability with individuals compared to numerous other herding breeds, and they typically do not display aggression towards humans.

When provided with appropriate training, they have the potential to serve as excellent companions for children.

This particular breed exhibits difficulties in seeing and respecting limits, perhaps leading to instances of aggression towards stray or tiny animals, as well as intruders, or displaying a tendency to roam.

Consequently, it is not advisable to keep them in apartment settings or compact residences. A considerable amount of room is required, ideally in a rural setting such as a farm or at the very least, a spacious yard.

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