How To Get Rid of Lovebugs in 4 Easy Steps

Lovebugs are mischievous infiltrators, a cunning breed of airborne operatives known as march flies.

These sly creatures engage in a captivating dance of partnership as their females and males form unbreakable alliances that endure until the very end of their existence.

These pesky critters are notorious for their knack for gathering in large numbers on various surfaces and causing damage to vehicle paint when they make an unwelcome splat.


Step 1: How To Identify the Lovebug

Picture of the Lovebug
  • Lovebugs are tiny, stealthy aviators with sleek, ebony exteriors and elegantly elongated physiques. However, their thoracic region boasts a captivating hue of fiery crimson, reminiscent of a blazing sunset.
    Similar to the stealthy aviators of the insect world, these winged creatures boast a single pair of elegantly dark, smoky-hued wings.
  • The enchanting creatures known as lovebugs have earned their name due to their ceaseless devotion to romance, dedicating the majority of their adult lives to passionate encounters.
    Alas, their amorous escapades are fleeting, as these amiable insects grace our world for a mere 3 to 4 days in their mature form.
    A dashing gentleman lovebug and a charming lady lovebug will unite in a delightful embrace, staying inseparable until the elegant lady is prepared to grace the world with her precious eggs.
    Until then, the pesky intruder will meet its demise and cling on until our expert extermination is carried out.
  • These tiny warriors come in a variety of dimensions, with the gallant males measuring a valiant 6-7 mm, while their fearless female counterparts stretch from 6–9 mm in length.
  • Eggs come in a variety of unique shapes and boast a charming grey hue.


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Step 2: How To Inspect For Lovebugs

Lovebugs are nature’s little winged wanderers, known to grace the southeastern states with their presence, particularly in the enchanting coastal regions.

They gather in swarms around bustling hubs of exhaust fumes emitted by mighty vehicles or lawnmowers, forming a buzzing congregation.

They seek out piles of decaying plant matter, like fallen leaves, where they find solace. These resilient creatures are drawn to the scorching embrace of hot asphalt, lured by its radiant warmth.

They have a peculiar affinity for light-coloured surfaces, particularly when they are adorned with a fresh coat of paint, becoming a beacon for their tiny presence.

And, oh, how they revel in the delicate beauty of ornamental plants, indulging in the sweet nectar that sustains them.

Frequently, these pesky conditions can be spotted lurking alongside roadways, residential driveways, highways, manicured lawns, and in the vicinity of homes or structures.

In the realm of pest control, it is customary for lovebugs to make their grand entrance in abundant swarms during the enchanting months of April to May, and once more in the bewitching period of August to September, all in the name of their passionate pursuit of romance.

You will frequently spot a dynamic duo, a male and female inseparable, yet occasionally they may venture solo.


Step 3: How to Carry Out Lovebug Control

  • Apply a Repellent Insecticide:

To thwart the invasion of lovebugs besieging your humble abode and other architectural marvels, unleash the power of a potent insecticide, specially formulated to repel these amorous critters.

Apply this magical elixir generously, creating an impenetrable shield that will endure for an extended period, ensuring your sanctuary remains lovebug-free.

Introducing Supreme IT, the ultimate pest eradicator! This powerful concoction boasts a potent blend of 7.9% bifenthrin, designed to vanquish a vast array of pesky intruders.

Once unleashed, this mighty concoction will stand guard over the conquered territories for a glorious span of 90 days, shielding them from the relentless onslaught of pests.

Calculate the optimal dosage of Supreme IT by assessing the expanse of the pest battleground. To conquer this mission, assess the dimensions of the battleground in feet, then combine them in a fearsome multiplication (length X width = square footage).

Blend 0.33 to 1.0 fluid ounces of Supreme IT with each gallon of water for every 1,000 square feet, and let the pest control magic begin!

Prepare your trusty pest control sprayer by filling it with a precise concoction of water and Supreme IT. Begin by pouring in a generous amount of water and filling the sprayer halfway.

Then, carefully measure and add the perfect dose of Supreme IT. Finally, complete the mixture by pouring in the remaining half of the water.

Now, you are armed and ready to combat those pesky critters! Secure the fortress of the spray tank by sealing its lid tightly, and unleash a tempestuous dance of agitation until the solution within achieves a harmonious blend.

Disperse the Supreme IT solution strategically across your lawn, ensuring every inch is covered with this powerful pest control remedy.

Extend its application to safeguard all the precious ornaments gracing your property. Then unleash the mighty pest warriors to fortify the sacred boundaries of your humble abode.

Spritz the gateways, such as windows and doorways, and along the roof’s edges. Then unleash the mighty pest-fighting potion upon the fortress of your humble abode by dousing the outer perimeter with a strategic spray, reaching a height of 3 feet up the majestic structure and extending 3 feet outwards, creating an impenetrable barrier against the vile invaders.

Give the solution ample time to exterminate any pests and evaporate fully. Our ingenious insect-repelling barrier is designed to deter unwanted pests from infiltrating treated zones.

Any audacious insects that dare to venture near the spray or its lingering residue will experience a most unfortunate fate.

Their delicate nervous systems will be thoroughly disrupted, leading to their untimely demise within a matter of hours.

  • Mow Your Turf:

Lovebugs strategically choose lush, verdant turfgrasses as the ideal nursery for their precious offspring, as these areas provide a bountiful feast of decaying vegetation and a constant supply of refreshing moisture.

In order to ensure a pest-free paradise, it is imperative that you embark on a grand mission to tidy up your yard and sculpt the unruly vegetation surrounding your humble abode prior to embarking on a heroic insecticide application.

Eliminate pesky overgrown tree branches and shrubs, scythe through the grass to its ideal stature, sweep away sneaky leaf litter, and snatch up any mischievous plant debris.

This innovative approach will exterminate the prime breeding grounds and eradicate the cosy resting havens for pesky insects lurking on your premises.


Where Can the Lovebug Control Products Be Purchased?


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Step 4: How To Prevent Lovebugs?

  • Shield your precious vehicles from the relentless invasion of lovebugs by implementing a steadfast regimen of regular cleansing and adorning them with lustrous wax armour.
    To prevent lovebugs from setting up their cosy homes beneath your car hood, equip your vehicle with a specially designed bug screen or a stylish grill screen.
    For optimal pest management, it is advisable to refrain from allowing your vehicle to idle for extended durations within your driveway.
    This precautionary measure is essential, as the emissions and effluence emitted by your automobile have been known to allure lovebugs to your premises.
  • Stay vigilant in your quest to exterminate unwanted pests and maintain a pristine battlefield of green. Nurture your leafy allies and tame the wild greenery by diligently tending to your arboreal companions.
    Additionally, ensure the harmonious balance of your verdant domain by regularly trimming the unruly grass when it dares to reach towering heights.
    Implementing meticulous maintenance practices will significantly decrease the availability of cosy resting spots for our unwelcome guests, the lovebugs.
    Ensure the swift eradication of all decaying foliage, twigs, or lawn trimmings to deprive the pests of their delectable sustenance.
  • Activate the porch fans during daylight hours to discourage lovebugs from loitering beneath the majestic porch canopies and steadfast foundation fortifications.
  • Lastly, employ the unwavering dominance of Supreme IT, a formidable force that ensures year-round pest control with its residual repellent powers.
    Unleash the mighty power of Supreme IT, the ultimate pest vanquisher, every 90 days to maintain an unwavering battle against those pesky intruders.
    With this relentless routine, rest assured that your fortress will remain impenetrable, providing you with year-round, shielded tranquillity.


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Watch an Explanatory Video on Effective Lovebug Control



Keep pesky lovebugs at bay by implementing a strategic pest control regimen that involves the diligent maintenance of your outdoor sanctuary.

Engage in the art of precision mowing and diligently remove any fallen plant debris that may serve as a cosy haven for these unwelcome visitors.

Ensure the relentless reign of Supreme IT is unleashed upon the lovebug population, strategically timed on a quarterly basis, to thwart their amorous advances and halt their breeding season in its tracks.

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