The 4 No See Ums Control Tips

No See Ums control should be prioritized as these minuscule, bloodsucking gnats, resembling mosquitoes, pose a significant threat.

They are particularly notorious in coastal regions and areas with high moisture levels, such as marshlands and other damp locations.

To prevent the annoyance caused by No See Ums in your yard, follow these pest control prevention tips provided by Solutions Pest and Lawn.

Our No See Um treatment guide offers effective treatment options and DIY pest control products that can help minimize or eliminate the presence of these bothersome bugs.


Step 1: How To Identify the No See Ums

No See Ums
Picture of the No See Ums on the Skin
  • The pests known as No See Ums, as their name suggests, are quite difficult to spot. They usually possess a grey hue and measure less than 1/8 of an inch, or possibly even smaller.
  • The pest in question is commonly referred to as “No See.” The wings of this particular pest are characterized by the presence of hairs and distinct colour patterns.
    The pest in question possesses 15-segmented antennae and, similar to mosquitoes, exhibits the behaviour of extracting blood from humans, pets, and animals for sustenance.
  • The pest in question is commonly referred to as “No See.” Mosquitoes, such as the ones you mentioned, have the ability to transmit various diseases, including Carrion’s disease and Leishmania, among other potential illnesses.
  • The No See Ums, also known as biting midges, possess specialized mouthparts resembling saws, which are well-suited for their blood-sucking behaviour.
    The pest in question is known for its persistent biting behaviour, often inflicting multiple bites. This can be particularly bothersome for individuals who spend time outdoors or seek to relax in their own yard.
  • The presence of standing water is necessary for the reproduction of No See Ums. No See Ums are attracted to homes or properties that have abundant standing water sources that are not regularly drained.
    They will readily establish their presence in such environments. The pests in question are known to consume nectar, which explains their frequent presence in garden areas.


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Step 2: How To Inspect For No See Ums

No See Ums, similar to mosquitoes, are often discovered in close proximity to stagnant water sources. They are frequently encountered in areas characterized by muddiness or swampiness.

This is due to the females depositing their eggs in stagnant water, including lakes, streams, or even damp soil.

To effectively address pest issues, we recommend initiating your inspection process outdoors. Thoroughly inspect all areas of your home for any lingering water sources.

Inspect bird baths, rain gutters, ornamental fountains, potted plants, rain barrels lacking screen covers, water bowls for pets, buckets, tree stumps, puddles, garbage cans, and sections of your yard with poor drainage.

We are actively searching for potential breeding grounds in the form of standing water sources.

To effectively combat the elusive No See Ums, it is crucial to meticulously pinpoint the alluring zones and potential breeding grounds they favour.

Conduct a thorough inspection in the aforementioned locations, along with damp soil, yard waste, and moist mulch.

Upon identifying the breeding grounds (standing water or moist soil), that is precisely where the treatment shall be administered.


Step 3: How to Carry Out No See Ums Control

  • Get Rid of Standing Water:

In this crucial step, we shall eliminate all pesky standing water and address any bothersome moisture concerns in and around your humble abode.

Exterminate water and moisture using all available methods. Commence the eradication process by swiftly neutralizing stagnant water sources.

This can be achieved by promptly overturning buckets, swiftly emptying foundations, diligently unclogging rain gutters, and diligently ensuring the efficient drainage of water from the yard.

  • Apply Pyrid Aerosol:

If you suspect the presence of No See Ums indoors, our recommended solution for effective pest control is Pyrid Aerosol.

Pyrid aerosol is the ideal solution for effectively eliminating and swiftly incapacitating any No See Ums that come into view. It can be used as a space spray or a contact spray for optimal results.

Our top-notch solution is conveniently packaged in an aerosol spray can. For optimal utilization as a space spray, kindly ensure that all individuals and furry companions have vacated the premises.

Please ensure that all food serving items (glasses, bowls, plates, pots) and eating utensils are properly stored away. Please ensure that the air conditioner is switched off, all windows are closed, and all doors are securely shut.

Our recommended application rate is 1 to 3 seconds per 1,000 cubic feet. For optimal pest control, kindly ensure that individuals and furry companions refrain from entering treated areas until a minimum of 15 minutes have elapsed and proper ventilation has been established in each room.

Following the application, kindly ensure to thoroughly wipe and sanitize all eating surfaces, as well as diligently wipe down your countertops.

  • Apply Supreme IT and Tekko Pro IGR:

Now you’re ready to exterminate pests outdoors. We will employ two highly effective pest control products, Supreme IT and Tekko Pro IGR, to address the issue at hand.

Supreme IT, the ultimate pest control solution, is a potent insecticide designed to combat over 75+ insect pests.

It effectively repels and eliminates these pesky creatures, ensuring your yard remains free from the annoyance of No See Ums. Tekko IGR and Supreme IT will be utilized in conjunction to address the issue at hand.

Tekko Pro, the mighty Insect Growth Regulator, shall swiftly target and neutralize the vulnerable stages of those pesky No See Ums (larvae, eggs) that dare to infest your esteemed property.

These products will be used in conjunction with each other. Combine 1 ounce of Supreme IT and 1 fluid ounce of Tekko Pro with a gallon of water for optimal pest control.

Our pest control treatment is specifically designed to cover an area of 1,500 square feet. Employ a hand pump sprayer to disperse the product thoroughly across your yard, effectively eradicating any unwanted pests.

Commence your journey from the rear of the premises and proceed towards the front. We will effectively treat mulch beds, flower beds, ground cover, ornamentals, and the entire lawn, paying special attention to areas with moist soil and standing water.

Please ensure that individuals and animals refrain from entering treated areas until they are completely dry.

For optimal pest control, we recommend applying the Supreme IT and Tekko Pro along your home perimeter, targeting areas where Midges tend to rest.

Areas commonly treated for pest control include siding, foundations, garages, tree trunks, outdoor lighting fixtures, and around windows.

Please ensure that you diligently implement this treatment every 10 to 14 days until the pest population is effectively managed.

For optimal pest control in commercial areas and severe infestations, we highly advise the utilization of a misting or fogging machine.


Where Can the No See Ums Control Products Be Purchased?


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Step 4: How To Prevent No See Ums?

  • To prevent pest infestations, it is crucial to diligently minimize and address any moisture problems in and around your residence. Prevent pests by avoiding the accumulation of rainwater in buckets.
    Additionally, ensure that your rain gutters are functioning effectively to deter unwanted critters.
  • To prevent pest infestations, it is crucial to address any indoor moisture problems promptly. Be sure to repair any leaky faucets or faulty plumbing.
    To effectively deter No See Um from entering your home, it is advisable to consider the installation of screen doors on both your windows and doors.
  • To prevent No See Um bites while working outdoors, it is advisable to wear long clothing.
  • To prevent the presence of No See Ums in your area, it is recommended to apply Supreme IT and Pivot 10 IGR before their most active season.
    To ensure effective pest control prevention, it is important to maintain a regular application schedule. Consider applying the necessary treatments every 10-14 days following the initial applications.


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Watch an Explanatory Video on Effective No See Ums Control



Prevent No See Um infestations by ensuring there are no standing water areas present. Additionally, apply Supreme IT and Tekko Pro IGR around highly active outdoor areas in your yard.

To prevent the re-establishment of No See Ums, make sure to regularly reapply Tekko Pro and Supreme IT every quarter. This will help in warding off these pests effectively.

Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself on pest control prevention tips.

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