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Are you comfortable with your pest control marketing system? If not, I want to give you a detailed overview and explanation of a suitable program and show you how we can help you grow your Pest Control business.

We want to show you exactly the steps that we would take if you were to hire an expert to help you get your business to the top of Google bring you more leads, more phone calls, more clients, and more profits for your Pest Control business.

Now, maybe you’re here because you’ve attended one of our webinars or maybe you’ve talked to other pest control operators that we’ve already helped significantly increase the number of leads and sales they’re getting from the internet.


Aim of Pest Control Marketing System

Our aim is to help you increase your sales to improve your online reputation, drive more calls, leads, profitability, and increase the amount of repeat and referral business that you’re getting as a company. It starts with your website and it doesn’t matter if you already have a fantastic website, or maybe you have one that needs a little work.

But in either case, we’re going to need to get into your website and either develop a new version of that website for you or just get into your existing site and make some improvements to help you turn your website into a lead getting machine.

Now the reason that I say it starts with your website, is that a typical Pest Control website consists of about three to five pages. Now, you’ve got a home page, about us page, our services page, a contact us page and maybe a coupons page but what we found in the pest-control market is there’s a lot of different services that you offer and there’s a lot of different cities and areas that you operate in.

If you want to rank on Google, Yahoo, and Bing when someone is typing in those services in the areas that you serve. You have to have Pages for each one of those.


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Content Strategy and Ranking

As if you want to rank for all these different things and all the different cities that you operate you really need to have pages for each one of these on your website all with very unique content speaking specifically about that specific service.

Now, there’s a lot of different keyword combinations here. So you have to have a content strategy built into your website.

If you’re going to really maximize your exposure to those keywords. So we need to get into the website will develop those pages for you while optimizing it so you can rank well in the search engines.

As we mentioned earlier before a typical pest control website has a home page the about us page, our services page, a contact us page, and maybe a coupons page now. We really feel like an optimal Pest Control website has Pages for at least every service that you offer and a page for every city or location that you operate in.


Page Citation and Optimization

Typically a pest control company serves its customers in a 25 to a 50-mile radius around their main location. So there’s going to be an anchor city, which is your main base, but there are also additional cities and towns that you operate in as well. We want to build unique pages for each one of those cities for you.

So when a potential client types in your city pest control, you can maximize your chances ranking for that keyword. We also don’t just want to have one page listing all of your services either. We want to have a specific page for each and every single service that you offer now each and every one of these pages has to be absolutely unique and optimized for the search engines.

So we optimize the title tag the H1 tag, the body content all for your key services are keywords for that particular page the key here and I can’t stress this enough. This is where we see it done wrong. So often is those pages have to be you.

I think you have to write completely different completely original content for each specific city and service. So that’s one of the things that our team spends a lot of time doing we were at unique content for all your services and all of those cities and markets in which you operate. Now once the website is built and we’ve got our content strategy in place.

We’ve got Pages for each one of your services and Pages for each one of your cities and all of that unique and optimized correctly with the right title and H1 tags.


Website Structure

The next step is to make sure that the website converts well by convert. Well, I mean we want to make sure that when somebody gets to your website because of your marketing efforts it is as compelling as possible to get them to take the very next step which may be to pick up the phone and call your office or fill out.

An online forum, so for us it’s certainly important for your pest control company to rank well in the search engines, but it’s surely much more important that you’re getting calls and you’re getting leads and you’re growing your business. So we take it much further than just search engine optimization.

Some of the things we like to do from a conversion optimization perspective are we want to make sure that you have your phone number in the top right-hand corner of every page of your website.

Now, there are a lot of different reasons that someone would come to your website. But one of the main reasons they would visit a pest control website is so they can call you so we want to make that as easy as possible and putting your phone number in the top right-hand corner of every page makes it easy for them to find your number and pick up their phone and call you.

We also want to make sure that there’s a web form on every single page of your website. This form is just a place where they can go and type their name and phone number and send you a quick email.

So whether they landed on your Pest Control page or your bed bug treatment page or your home page or your termite Services page Why make them take three extra steps to go to your about us page or contact us page if they just want to contact you. So we make sure that every page on your website has an easy form for them to fill out to be able to contact you quickly.


Social Media Marketing

We also like to leverage social media profiles on your website. We find that the more information that a potential client can get about you and about your company the more they’ll feel comfortable that you’re authentic and that you’re going to treat them right the higher the probability is that they’ll pick up the phone and they’ll call your office.

So we make sure it’s easy for them to find you on social media. On your website. We also like to leverage authenticity. We like to use real pictures of the owner of your company your staff your office your trucks and your equipment the more we can Infuse the real personality of your company into the website.


Leads and Conversion

The more people will feel comfortable and the higher the conversion rate will be and we’ve seen this happen time and time again, we’ll take a generic vanilla website and we’ll put pictures of real people on it and the conversion rates will Skyrocket. So if you drive a hundred people to your website,

You only get one call. That’s not great. That’s a And percent click-to-call ratio, but by leveraging some of these strategies we’ve been able to double triple, or even 10 times that so just getting in the same 100 visitors if we can get 10 people to call that effectively has a 10x effect on your marketing efforts.

So we want to spend a lot of time focusing on the conversion elements of your website to maximize your profitability and the effectiveness of all of your campaigns. So we make sure that we think about all these conversion elements on every page of your website.


Website Optimization for Mobile Devices

Now the next really critical element from a conversion perspective is mobile website optimization more and more people getting to your website from their mobile devices. When a customer has an issue. They want results right away.

Chances are they’re going to pick up their phone or tablet or Android device. They’re going to do a quick search. They’re going to click on the first website. They see and they’re going to give them a call. Now if that website isn’t mobile-friendly, they’ll likely hit the back button and click the next site in the list.

We’re going to make sure you have a completely mobile-optimized version of your website. So your visitors can quickly get the information. They need they can Tap a button and be dialing your office without having to copy down your number and read out from their phone. This is really essential if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website you are losing business.


Google Map and Google My Business Listing

Now the next really important piece of this equation is Google Maps optimization. Google Maps is one of the main places that people look for when they need pest control services. Now we talked about setting up your website optimizing for the search engines putting all the right elements in place for conversion.

But what we need to do now is we have to make sure that your ranking on the map in your Market. There are really three core elements that go into getting rank. Well in Google Maps, the first is having a claim that optimized Google Map listing now we do.

In Google my business. There are some steps that we follow to make sure that we’ve claimed your listing in that it’s optimized correctly.

And of course, we follow Google’s best practices and there are little things that we do to make sure that Google knows exactly what your name address and phone number are so that you can rank well in the map listings the second critical element for getting ranked in the Google Map is having good citations a citation is basically any mention of your website your name your address your phone number all across the web whether a site Links to you or not.



So let me walk you through this scenario when somebody types pest control company in the Google search engine Google tries to determine who’s going to be ranked in the first spot who should be in the second spot who should be in the third spot and so on and the truth is Google wants to serve the most relevant and most authoritative companies.

And so they’re looking at things like how often your company is referenced not just on Google but on other places around the web. For example. Are you’ve listed on or are you on Angie’s List or are you?

Hi, I am Will David aka Mr. Pest, research expert and author at Pestclue. With 5+ years of experience surfing pest, pest control and pet, I will assist and provide all solutions related to pests, pest control and pet care, my aim is to ensure your environment is pest-free and your pets are healthy.

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