Pramitol 25E Herbicide | How To Use

This is a great herbicide for eliminating a series of weeds in your lawns. The Pramitol 25E Herbicide is sprinkled on the ground surrounding the weeds that are to be eliminated so that it can be ingested by the roots of the plant through the soil.


How Do I Describe the Pramitol 25E Herbicide?

Pramitol 25E Herbicide
The Pramitol 25E Herbicide

The non-selective bare-ground herbicide concentrate known as Pramitol 25E is a popular choice for use in a variety of industrial and commercial settings.

This product is perfect for use on building sites, along roadways, at industrial sites, and in any other area where the full removal of vegetation is required.

The Pramitol 25E Herbicide is sprinkled on the ground surrounding the weeds that are to be eliminated so that it can be ingested by the roots of the plant through the soil.

If you use Pramitol either before or within three months after the development of weeds, it will stop the growth of weeds for at least a year after just one application.


How To Use The Pramitol 25E Herbicide?


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  • Do Your Calculations:

To determine the total square footage that needs to be treated, multiply the length by the breadth of the area.

Spot treatments with Pramitol 25E should be applied to smaller areas at a rate of 1/2 – 7/8 pt of Pramitol 25E diluted in 1 gallon of water to treat an area that is 500 square feet in size.

In order to effectively treat an area that is 1,500 square feet in size, you will require at least 1.5 pints of Pramitol combined with three gallons of water.

  • Mix:

The spray tank of the application equipment that you are using should have the needed quantity of Pramitol 25E added to it, followed by the amount of water that is half of what is required.

Mix thoroughly after adding the remaining quantity of water that was required.

  • Apply:

Apply the Pramitol 25E Herbicide mixture to the areas that need to be treated, and use a nozzle setting that allows you to spray in a fan pattern if possible. Put in your applications as near to the ground as possible.

Despite the fact that results can be seen if Pramitol 25E comes into contact with the foliage, the drug is most effective when it penetrates the plant’s roots.

Following the completion of the application, you will need to water the area in order to activate the product.


According to the Pramitol 25E Herbicide Label Where Can I Apply?

  • Construction sites
  • Along fence lines
  • Around farm buildings
  • Lumberyards


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When Do I Use the Pramitol Herbicide?

Before asphalt is laid on right-of-ways, Pramitol 25E Herbicide can be used. Applying in winds up to 10 mph is not advised.

For best effects, apply to areas where perennials with deep roots are present beginning in mid-summer and continuing until late fall, or just before the rainy season starts.

Pramitol 25E Herbicide can be used up to three months before or after the weeds being targeted first appear.

Before applying, check that weeds are no taller than 4 inches and that the weather is suitable.


What are the Target Pests of the Pramitol 25E Weed Killer?

The Pramitol 25E ground sterilizer will kill any and all vegetation that it comes into contact with. For up to a year after it has been administered, nothing will grow in the area.

It is possible to kill tree roots with pramitol, which is also the most effective grass and weed killer. Because it is nonselective, it will eradicate all forms of plant life.


How Long Does It Take Pramitol Weed Killer To Act?

Following the initial application of Pramitol 25E Herbicide, the results should be visible within one to two weeks.

The amount of time it takes to kill the weeds is determined by the density of the weeds as well as the level of saturation in the soil.


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Additional Product Information?

What are the Active Ingredients? 25.0% Prometon
What are the Possible Areas of Application? Outdoors
What Is the Chemical Type? Herbicide
Does this Product Have any Usage Restrictions? No
Which Other Product Can Be Compared With this Product?
  • Pramitol 5PS
What Is the Shipping Weight of this Product? 2.15 lbs
Is This Product Safe For Pets? Yes, this product is safe if used according to its label.


Where To Buy Pramitol 25E Herbicide?

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