Pure Harmony Dog Food (Review)

Pure Harmony dog food is one of the best-processed food you can feed your dogs. As a caring and loving dog parent, you might be wondering what pure harmony dog food is.

Worry no more, this article has everything facts you need to consider if the Pure Harmony dog food is actually safe for your pet friend, I will call this a review of Pure Harmony dog food. Just keep reading!


What is Pure Harmony Dog Food?

Pure Harmony Dog Food

Pure Harmony spends a lot of time and care picking out healthy ingredients and cooking up tasty dishes so that your pet gets the best.

Every one of Pure Harmony’s offerings begins with 100% real meat as the primary component, followed by fresh produce and whole grains.

Everything from a pet’s age to its food is taken into account at Pure Harmony. If you go with Pure Harmony, you know your pet is getting the best there is.

Read on to know more about the pure harmony dog food review. But before we rush down, let us know the different pure harmony brands.


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Different Pure Harmony Brands

These are the four different dry dog foods that are part of the Pure Harmony brand. When the AAFCO nutrient profile for a product is available, it will be listed with each recipe.

These profiles can be for Growth, Maintenance, All Life Stages, Supplemental, or Unspecified.

  • The consonance of Chicken, Barley, and Peas [A]
  • Beef with Brown Rice in Perfect Harmony (3.5/5.0) [A]
  • Grain-Free Lamb, Pea, and Chickpea by Pure Harmony. [A]
  • (4.5 stars)  Pure Harmony Grain-Free Salmon, Pea, and Chickpea. [A]


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Here’s What We Think of Pure Harmony Dog Food

The moderate amount of specified meat meals used as the principal source of animal protein in Pure Harmony’s grain and grain-free dry dog diets results in a 4-star rating.

Pure Harmony Dog Food


A Rundown of Ingredients

  1. Chicken: chicken is the first ingredient in this diet for canines. Despite being a high-quality product, raw chicken can have up to 73% water.
  2. Beef: This loses a significant portion of its weight due to water loss during cooking. The item would likely make up a smaller percentage of the end product after processing.
  3. Chicken meal: To that end, chicken meal is the second component. Meat concentrates like a chicken meal have roughly 300 percent more protein than regular chicken.
  4. Oats: oats are the third component. Oats are an excellent source of B vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
  5. Barley: This is the fourth component. Starchy carbohydrate barley offers dietary fiber and other beneficial elements. This cereal grain has some small nutritional value for a dog due to its high energy level.
  6. Peas: Peas are used as the sixth component. The carbohydrates in peas are of high grade. And they have a high fiber content, just like other legumes. When evaluating the meat composition of this dog food, it is important to keep in mind that peas contain roughly 25% protein.
  7. Brown rice: Brown rice, a complex carbohydrate that is (after cooked) relatively simple to digest, is the sixth component. Unfortunately, rice has only minimal nutritious benefits for a dog beyond the energy it provides on its own.
  8. Chicken fat: this follows the all-natural flavor. To get chicken fat, you have to render chicken, which is a lot like preparing soup except that the fat is skimmed off the top.
  9. Linoleic acid: an omega-6 fatty acid crucial to survival, is abundant in chicken fat. Chicken fat may not seem delicious, but it’s a good element.
  10. Flaxseed: this is the ninth component because it is a great plant-based resource for omega-3 fatty acids. Flax seeds, once ground into a meal, are a good source of soluble fiber. In evaluating the meat composition of this dog food, however, it is important to keep in mind that flaxseed provides roughly 19% protein.


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Additional ingredients used in pure harmony dog food are included after this one.

Apart from these 10 ingredients listed above, they are other ingredients that promote the quality of pure harmony dog food. They are;

  1. Alfalfa meal: this is the first ingredient. Despite its nutritional value (alfalfa meal contains roughly 18% plant protein and 25% fiber), this member of the hay family is typically used for animal feed.
  2. Tomato pomace: the next contentious component is tomato pomace, the residue that remains after tomatoes are extracted for use in products like juice, soup, and ketchup. Others dismiss tomato pomace as a cheap pet food filler, despite its widespread acclaim for its high fiber and vitamin content. However, there is probably not enough tomato pomace here to produce a significant change.
  3. Garlic: garlic can be a divisive food. Garlic has been related to Heinz body anemia in dogs, despite its popularity due to its purported health advantages.  Garlic has been shown to cause mild to moderate damage to the animal’s red blood cells, thus the decision to feed it must be made with this knowledge in mind.
  4. Inulin: a starch-like molecule made up of repeating units of carbs, is abundant in chicory roots and is present in other roots and tubers. Inulin is a prebiotic used to encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria in a dog’s digestive system and a natural source of soluble dietary fiber.

Additionally, this food has chelated minerals, which are minerals that have been chemically bound to protein. As a result, they are simpler to take in. Superior dog feeds typically include chelated minerals.


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A Rundown of Pure Harmony Nutritional Analysis

Pure Harmony Dog Food appears to be a better-than-average dry product based solely on its components.

  • Data from the dry matter shows a protein content of 27%.
  • A lipid content of 13%.
  • The estimated carbohydrate content is roughly 52%.
  • Protein levels average 29% across the brand.
  • Fat levels averaged 16%.
  • The total carbohydrate content of the product line is 47%.
  • In addition, it is roughly 56% fat to protein.

Comparable levels of protein to the average. To the point of being average, fat-wise. And it has hardly any carbohydrates in comparison to other dry dog foods.

This looks like the profile of a kibble with a reasonable amount of meat when you factor in the protein-boosting effect of the peas, flaxseed, and alfalfa meal.


Where to Buy Pure Harmony Dog Food?

Pure Harmony dog food is available in most pet stores in the United States. You can actually place an order and get it delivered, you can buy pure Harmony dog food online here.

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