Sawtoothed Grain Beetles; Facts, Identification And Control

Sawtoothed Grain Beetles; Facts, Identification and Control

The sawtoothed grain beetles botanically known as Oryzaephilus surinamensis is a unique beetle in the Cucujoidea family, this bug is popularly known as a pest that attacks grain. However, not ending there, it goes ahead to attack grain product as well, as you read further, in this article you will get to know and understand more about the facts, identification, and control of this bugs.


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Sawtoothed Grain Beetles Facts

The sawtoothed grain beetles are insects that are highly sensitive to light rays, as most insects do fly it is different in the case of this bug. They can’t fly because of their nature of creation making them unique sets of beetle.


Sawtoothed Grain Beetles Behavior

As we mentioned earlier, this bug is one of the grain-eating most common pests, this beetle has the capability to survive harsh winter weather in temperate lands. It has different ways of infestation, however, it could be when the grain is being transferred from the farm, as a result, they could perch on it.


Life Cycle of Sawtoothed Grain Beetles

As every other beetle has its life-cycle, this bug has a life-cycle in which it complete in a period of 3 weeks, as a result, in a period of 30 days serious growth must have occurred. The female grain beetle lays its eggs in openings like a hole and cracks on the ground, these places are food enclosed regions.

After the eggs are laid and are ready to hatch, the female beetle feeds the larvae, when the larvae must have completed this stage and ready for the next stage which is the adult beetle stage, it is then allowed to go in search of food.

In a temperate and humid region, the eggs move completely to the adult stage completing its entire life cycle, this could take a period of 8 weeks and thus the female beetle could reproduce a good number of larvae in a year.


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What Does Sawtoothed Grain Beetle Look Like?

This bug has a flat body with 2 tiny antennae on each side behind its head used to detect directions and close-range threat, it also has 6 projections on each side behind the head. This bug is 2-3 mm long in length, below is a picture of this bug.

Sawtoothed Grain Beetles Images

Sawtoothed Grain Beetles
Sawtoothed Grain Beetles


What Do Sawtoothed Grain Beetles Eat?

Having mentioned this earlier in our discussion, this bug doesn’t just attack or eat only grain or grain products, other foods infested by the sawtoothed grain beetles are seen to be birds, seeds, tobacco, cereals, dried fruits, nuts, chocolate, etc. However, this bug can infest nuts like kernel because of its body size which allows it to easily slip through the cracks on the nut.


Sawtoothed Grain Beetle Identification

There is a particular grain beetle that is often confused with the sawtoothed grain beetle which is the Merchant grain beetle. These listed points are the are listed to see the similarities between these two unique beetle are listed below:
  1. They are hard to tell apart due to resemblance in body structure and component.
  2. They have both unique flattened, reddish-brown body tone and a measured in about 1/10″ long.
  3. They both have saw-toothed, yes! including the merchant grain beetle but specifically, it is not called so this sawtooth is positioned on the sides of the thorax.
  4. There is an identification noticed on the antennae, head, eyes.
  5. Their eggs and larva are noticed to be similar.
  6. When it comes to pupa, larva, these bugs have a great similar component. However, the mature larva of both bugs is usually yellowish-white and less than 1/8” long.

Sawtoothed Grain Beetle vs Merchant Grain Beetle Difference

These bugs are considered a pest because of their opposing threat to the farmer and the farm, we’ll look below why basically they are called a pest.

  1. The larva and the adults of this pest mostly feed on a variety of most of the stored products on the farm.
  2. They may eat a large variety of crops but 90% are actually contaminated.
  3. The presence of a pest like this in your food is not appreciated by so many people.

Sawtoothed Grain Beetle Infestation

They are lots of Youtube videos that show the infestation process of this bug, as a house owner allowing this bug’s infestation in your home isn’t a good idea, you can discover the presence of this bug in your home when you must have found its larvae or the young sawtoothed beetle in places where kernels are kept, shelves, and grain stores.

Other forms of infestation are, you will be liable to find this bug making a hole on packaged food, however, to prevent this bug from your home, you should alert any pest control expert near you for proper extermination and control.


How Do Sawtoothed Grain Beetles Infest?

Contaminated grain and grain products kept in stores cause serious infestation, moreover, this bug mostly infests grain and grain products kept in stores or on their way to be stored.

However, when infesting homes, it could happen as a result of the contaminated products kept in the store, this bug spread quickly and would easily infest other preserved products. After infesting, this bug will lay their eggs in small holes created in a food product to give its larvae excess food to feed on, there’s every possibility of buy grain with this pest in it.

How Serious Are Sawtoothed Grain Beetles?

This bug contaminating food products, most people consider it a nuisance but the key fact here is that this bug is not harmful to health. Apart from contaminating our grain products and other food sources, this beetle often at times cause mold issues as a result of building moisture.

Though being a pest, this bug can’t bite either does it sting and they do not infest clothing, they are only responsible for the destruction of stored products which may be perishable goods, however, it is time wasting to separate the infested products, as a result, the money spent on the purchase of these goods will be a waste. This should explain how serious this beetle is.

Sawtoothed Grain Beetles How to Get Rid

In a situation where you are facing the sawtoothed beetle infestation in your home, store or warehouse, you don’t need to panic because this bug can be controlled and prevented. However, they are techniques and possible solutions to tackle this pest depending on which is effective for you.

Once the infestation is identified as a sawtoothed beetle infestation, below are what you can do to get rid of them.

Possible ways on how to get rid of this beetles:

  1. properly dispose of the infested food product.
  2. Clear the shelves and cabinet and thoroughly check all the packages.
  3. Keep all empty vacuum and shelves clean to keep off other pest infestation and food remains.
  4. Always observe a clean food preparation habit.
  5. Ensure newly purchased food products are kept safe from contaminated ones.
  6. Keep food meant for your pet in lid containers.


Sawtoothed Grain Beetle Prevention

Getting rid of this pest infestation is sure but preventing it from returning can be a problem, after getting rid of this pest without proper prevention, there’s every possibility of this pests return. However, we mentioned earlier that this pest infests food products when they are being taken to be stored or through buying infested food products.

To prevent this pest from coming back to your home, you should ensure to check all packaging for holes, cracks on the food product and tears on bagging thoroughly before paying for them. The best storage methods for your food products keeping them safe from this pest is storing products in sealed plastics and glass containers.

To prevent this pest indoors, keep your kitchen and store areas clean always, check for food particles and get rid of it. Keep your food products in good ventilation areas to prevent moisture, also dust all cabinets, counters, and shelves regularly.

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