7 Smells that Attract Rats: Number 5 Will Shock You

As both omnivores and opportunistic eaters, almost anything is on a rat’s menu, but we have made sure to list out the smells that attract rats more.

Avoiding the smells that attract rats is necessary, as it is one way to keep your house as safe from these critters as possible.

What are the smells that attract rats? Well, let us find out!


What are the 7 Smells that Attract Rats?

1. Pet Food:

Smells That Attract Rats
Pet Food

Give it a few more minutes to remove any leftover food particles, even if your cat or dog always clears their bowl after eating. The rats can smell anything that might be food, including cat or dog food, thanks to their keen sense of smell.

It doesn’t matter that it won’t satisfy all of their nutritional requirements. One of a rat’s preferred scents is that of dog and cat food because of the fat and the smell of protein.


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2. Meat:

Smells That Attract Rats

Rats are drawn to burnt meat since they are carnivores and anything that has meat on it will attract them. To keep rodents away from your home, make sure you clear out outside grills and cutlery.

Store any cooked or raw meat, such as bacon and deli meats, if you cook indoors, to keep rodents out.

3. Birdseed:

Smells That Attract Rats

It may seem wise to put a bird feeder in your garden, but rats are attracted to the smell of a possible meal.

They look for the bits that gather around your house or on the ground. The only way to prevent birdseed from being discovered if it’s inside is to properly store it.

If they suspect there will be more, their excellent sense of smell instructs them to keep searching for the source.

4. Rotten Fruit:

Smells That Attract Rats
Rotten Fruit

Certain fruits don’t smell strong until they begin to rot, alerting surrounding rats to the presence of a foul food supply.

Rats are drawn to this fruit by its delicious scent and do not give a damn where this fruit comes from—in a garbage can or some other unapproved place in the house.

5. Leather:

Smells That Attract Rats

Rats recognize leather as an animal-based substance and perceive it as another chance to eat. Rats like to chew on a variety of non-food items, including leather.

If a rat detects the smell of luxury household items like leather sofas, shoes, handbags, or other objects, it could lead to an infestation.


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6. Dog Faeces:

Smells That Attract Rats
Dog Faeces

Rats can find compressed nutrients in all of the faeces outside. Rats simply smell food, whereas dogs lose over 40% of their nutrients during digestion.

Animal faeces are extremely dangerous to leave around because rats view them as another source of food.

7. Trash Bags:

Smells That Attract Rats
Trash Bag

One of the most frequent signs of a rat infestation is the strong smell coming from your trash bag. A rat detects the aroma of your trash bags in the air and sees them as his next healthy meal, while you view them as waste.

The smell gets more alluring to the rats as it gets more intoxicating for you. The simplest technique to keep rats out of your house is to keep your trash can sealed and clean.


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Watch the Explanatory Video Below To Discover More Smells that Attract Rats



Smells That Attract Rats



Pet Food






Rotten Fruit




Dog Faeces


Trash Bags

Any smell indicates to them that food is nearby because the food waste you leave behind smells just as good as your favourite leather belt.

Do well to share these tips with your friends who are also suffering from a rat infestation.

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