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What is the Talstar P Professional Insecticide?

Talstar P Professional Insecticide
A Picture of the Talstar P Professional Insecticide

The Talstar P professional insecticide is a 7.9% bifenthrin-suspended concentrated insecticide.

This product is a synthetic pyrethroid that works by interfering with the insect’s nervous system to control many different species of insects, but we typically recommend it primarily indoors.

Outdoor use should be mainly to control fleas, cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes, and even wood-destroying insects like carpenter ants and termites.


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How To Use the Talstar P Professional Insecticide

When diluted with water, it will settle at the bottom of your sprayer and need to be agitated frequently. If the chemical is allowed to settle completely, it can be very difficult to get a proper mix again.

Talstar P professional insecticide is not intended to be used for a broadcast treatment but only as a spot crack and crevice treatment.

Also, note that products used frequently, such as the Talstar P professional insecticide, can lead insects to develop resistance to this chemical; repeated use of this product with decreasing signs of effectiveness can be an indication.

You will need to cycle active ingredients to minimize the use of broad-spectrum insecticides like silo for outdoor treatments and Novacide aerosol for indoor treatments.


How to Apply the Talstar P Professional Insecticide

Before using the Talstar P professional insecticide, be sure to wear proper personal protective equipment or PPE.

  • You can mix Talstar P professional insecticide at a varying rate depending on the level of infestation and your targeted pest. Always follow label directions for a proper mix rate, and do not overapply.
  • Use of the product without following the tips or measures could decrease its effectiveness.
  • Use a measuring bottle to measure with a tip, make sure both caps are tight, and tip the bottle over so that the insecticide collects in the reservoir.
  • Tip the bottle back until you have the required amount to measure with the squeezing measure bottle. Remove the cap from the smaller measuring reservoir and squeeze the bottle using the measurement lines.
  • On the side of the reservoir, to collect the required amount, add the chemical to your sprayer, then add water to agitate your sprayer, and you’re ready to apply. Be sure to do this repeatedly.


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When To Use the Talstar P Professional Insecticide

  • The Talstar P professional insecticide is typically used as an outdoor broadcast spray, but it can also be used as a barrier.
  • Spray around structures, including:
    • Around windows
    • Doors
    • Along eaves
    • Weep holes
    • Electronics and plumbing
  • It can also be used indoors as a crack and crevice, and baseboard spray.


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Once the insect comes into contact with the chemical, it can take up to an hour for it to die, depending on your target pest’s life cycle.

You may need to reapply in 14 to 21 days, as most active infestations cannot be controlled through the use of just one product.

Typically, you will also need an insect growth regulator for complete control of each insect. We have come up with a treatment method that we guarantee will work 100% of the time.

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