What is a Termite Bait Box?

Termite bait box offers a cost-effective alternative to costly termite treatment methods that often involve specialized equipment or extensive manual labour.

Termite bait boxes are considered an advancement over conventional termite stations because they enable the targeted administration of termiticide directly into termite tunnels.

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What is a Termite Bait Box?

Termite Bait Box
A Red Eye Termite Bait Box

A termite bait box is a piece of equipment installed in the soil around structures that monitors for termite activity and delivers termiticides.

Most termite bait stations use toxic termite baits to achieve control. Termite stations allow you to know when there is termite activity.

They also allow you to deal with the infestation before it can severely damage your home or business.


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What are the Components of a Termite Bait Box?

  • The Body:

The station consists of a pole with a diameter of 2 inches, which is inserted into the soil surrounding the structure that requires protection.

  • The Indicator:

The indicator refers to a small red dot that is visible through a transparent plastic view hole located on the top of the station. Termite activity can be detected when the red dot disappears.

  • The Injection Port:

The injection port is located on the lateral side of the station’s black top surface and is safeguarded by a compact black cover.

When the moment arrives to administer termiticide, proceed by removing the cover, inserting the applicator into the designated port, and initiating the injection process.

  • The Dome:

The upper part of the station is a black circular object that should be in direct contact with the ground when the station is correctly set up.


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How To Use the Termite Bait Box

  • Planning:

The task at hand is to ascertain the optimal number of stations required for adequately safeguarding the structure.

It is recommended that Red Eye stations be positioned at a distance of 5 feet from the structure while maintaining a spacing of 8 to 10 feet between each station.

Calculate the total length of the boundary of your structure and ascertain the number of segments measuring between 8 and 10 feet each.

The number of stations required for optimal protection of the structure is determined by this factor.

  • Installation:

To install the stations, it is necessary to create a hole in the soil with a diameter of 2 inches. The hole should be deep enough to accommodate the entire body of the station.

This can be achieved by either drilling or digging the hole. The station featuring a dome is level with the ground.

  • Treatment:

Once the red dot is no longer visible, it indicates the presence of termite activity. To administer the treatment, begin by accessing the injection port.

Proceed by inserting the applicator straw of the Fipro Foaming Termiticide into the port, and subsequently inject the foam into the designated station.

Continuing the application of the spray will result in the gradual filling of the station with foam. This foam will then proceed to penetrate the termite tunnels, leading to a direct termination of the termites.


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Where To Buy a Termite Bait Box



Minimal maintenance is necessary for the termite bait box, as the box must be replaced to effectively combat a new infestation.

It should be noted that termites can consume the structure of the box, leading to the eventual detachment of the Red Eye termite bait box.

This serves as a visual cue. If one attempts to utilize the station once more after the Red Eye has disappeared, it will be impossible to ascertain whether a fresh termite infestation has made its way to the station.

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