Todal Nematicide/Insecticide: A Guide On How To Use

It is not recommended to graze on turf treated with todal nematicide/insecticide, nor to feed turf grass clippings from any treated areas to poultry or cattle.

You will need to utilize a backpack sprayer, handheld pump sprayer, or a professional spray rig for big volume applications to apply Todal Nematicide/Insecticide.

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Description of the Todal Nematicide/Insecticide

Todal Nematicide/Insecticide
A Picture of the Todal Nematicide/Insecticide

An emulsifiable concentrate called Todal Nematicide/Insecticide helps lessen damage to the grassroots of golf course turf caused by nematodes and other environmental factors, including dryness.

It is composed of a combination of avermectins, a type of nerve toxin, and the active component, abamectin 1.9%. These chemicals affect the central nervous system of the pests on the list, resulting in paralysis and finally death.

Since the active component takes time to take effect, the pests will have ample opportunity to return to their colony and spread the product’s effects, ensuring total extermination.

Golf courses can be controlled throughout the season using Todal Nematicide/Insecticide, which offers variable application rates and manages different nematode infestations without using excessive amounts of pesticide.


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How To Use Todal Nematicide/Insecticide

  • Follow the Todal Nematicide/Insecticide Label Instructions and Apply:

Utilizing the formula (length X width = square footage), determine the treatment site’s length and width. To get the acreage, divide the square footage by 43,560, which equals one acre.

Applying 16 to 24 ounces of Todal nematicide or insecticide per 87.12 gallons of water per acre is recommended for controlling bermudagrass mites and mild cases of turf-parasitic nematode infestation.

To address more extensive turf-parasitic nematode infestations, use 24 to 57 ounces of product for every 87.12 gallons of water per acre. Applying more than 228 ounces of product per acre annually is not advised.

After adding the measured amount of the insecticide to halfway full the sprayer tank, top it off with the remaining water. Until the solution is thoroughly mixed, shake the sprayer.

Apply 0.1 inches of irrigation spray to the turf until it is moist. A coarse droplet should be produced by adjusting the nozzle, but too much run-off should be avoided.

To get the substance through the thatch, irrigate with 0.1 to 0.5 inches of water within an hour after application.

After the first treatment, in 21–28 days, retreat for turf-parasitic nematodes. 14 days following the first application, a second bermudagrass mite treatment may be made.


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According to the Todal Nematicide/Insecticide Label Where Can I Apply?

  • Golf course greens
  • Trees
  • Fairways


When To use the Todal Nematicide/Insecticide

When turf is well-established and nematode or bermudagrass mite infestation is initially occurring, apply this insecticide.

Use a morning application when the grass is still damp from dew, or water the area the day before if rain is not expected to fall within 48 hours of the application.


What are the Target Pests of the Todal Nematicide/Insecticide?

  • Turf-grass nematodes
  • Bermudagrass mites


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What is the Shelf Life According to the Todal Nematicide/Insecticide Label?

Todal Nematicide/Insecticide, kept in a cold, dry place, has a maximum shelf life of three years. Stay away from flames and hot sources.


Additional Product Information?

What are the Active Ingredients? 1.9% Of Abamectin
What are the Possible Areas of Application? Outdoor
What Is the Chemical Type? Insecticide
Does this Product Have any Usage Restrictions? No
Which Products Can Be Compared To This Product? Abamectin 0.15 EC Miticide
Is It Safe To Use Around Children and Pets? Yes, it is safe to use around children and pets.
What Is Its Formulation? Suspended Concentrate


Where To Buy Todal Nematicide/Insecticide?


Watch the Explanatory Video on the Uses of the Todal Nematicide/Insecticide



This product should not be applied using an ultra-low volume spray system, an aerial application system, or any kind of irrigation system.

Golf courses can be controlled throughout the season using Todal Nematicide/Insecticide, which offers variable application rates and manages different nematode infestations without using excessive amounts of the pesticide.

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