Turkestan Cockroach In House: Why Do They Enter?

We are beginning to see more Turkestan cockroach in houses than before. Previously, it was believed that this cockroach species does not stay or thrive indoors, but that has changed as many pest control services have announced that they have seen more Turkestan cockroaches in the houses they are called fumigate.

But what could be the reason for this? Is there a season where they are more likely to be indoors than others? Or did we misunderstand this cockroach species? Let’s find out!


Turkestan cockroach

Turkestan Cockroach In House
Male and Female Turkestan Cockroach In House

Turkestan cockroaches are one of the cockroach species that live outdoors. They can grow up to half an inch or an inch in length. Although they are now prevalent in central and northern America, Turkestan cockroaches are not native to America. They are believed to have originated from either Africa north or Central Asia.

It is quite easy to identify a Turkestan cockroach. The first thing you need to identify them is their look. Male and female Turkestan cockroaches have different looks. The females are the reason why Turkestan cockroaches are also called simply rusty red or red runners because they have a dark reddish brown look with brown bands on their bodies and small wings.

At the same time, the males are light brownish orange with light almost transparent wings that look yellowish. But only male Turkestan cockroaches can use their wings to fly. The wings are also used by the males to attract females to mate. 


The Turkestan cockroach is omnivorous and feeds on anything from plant and organic debris to other insects it can find. When inside, they feed on crumbs, paper, leather, etc. 


You are more likely to see them outside of your house like under small rocks, wood mulch, electric boxes, and sometimes in your garden under compost piles. If you have potted plants, you can also see them around it. Like the oriental cockroach, they prefer moist environment. 


Are the Turkestan cockroaches dangerous? 

There are many reasons why the Turkestan cockroach can be considered dangerous. The first reason is that they reproduce fast and more than other types of cockroaches, like the oriental cockroaches.

This means that if they enter a house that has an environment that favors them and they can live, this could lead to an infestation. Also, like all other types of roaches, they like to stay in dirty places, like compost piles and the dirty parts of a house.

They carry diseases and germs that can harm you, from these places to places like your kitchen or where you are likely to keep your food, sometimes getting into food jars or containers that are not tightly sealed, which will end up making you sick. Let’s not forget that they can trigger allergic reactions if you are prone to these issues.


Turkestan Cockroach In House. Why do they enter?

The reason why Turkestan cockroaches enter the house is because they need food and water. They need food and water to survive even though they live outdoors.

When their food and water supply are scarce, they will enter your house to find food. They are resilient pests who will do anything to survive. Also, the males may be attracted to the lights in your house which will make them enter the house.


Can Turkestan Cockroaches Be Used as Pet Food?

Yes, most people breed the Turkestan cockroach to feed their pests. And often times this is how these cockroaches get into the house.

The Turkestan cockroach breeds faster and produces more than cockroaches like the oriental cockroach, which makes them a choice for most people with the fact that they require less care and attention to survive.


How to prevent Turkestan cockroaches from entering the house

  1. Keep your house clean, do not leave any crumbs behind for them to find. You do not want an infestation. 
  2. The reason they enter the house is to find a water source. What you can do is; at night, make sure your home is dry. The kitchen and bathroom should be dry with no open water left anywhere in the house. 
  3. Do not leave your lights on at night so that you do not attract them into the house. 
  4. Find any entry points and close them, especially at night so that they do not find a way to enter. 


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The turkestan cockroaches are mostly outdoor pests but this does not mean they will not will not enter your house when they need food and water or if you leave your lights on. They are also a good protein source for your pet lizard if you want to breed them


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