Washington Cockroaches: Common Types Of Cockroaches Found in Washington

There are no unique ‘Washington cockroaches,’ but there are several types of cockroaches that are common in the state. Cockroaches are a cause of concern for everyone, no matter where one lives.

In fact, they have a reputation for being one of the most feared insects in the world, and Washington is no exception. Sometimes, you may notice an increase in their activity around you, nothing to worry about, their activities change with the season.

Although they are not as common in Washington as in other places, you should still be wary of cockroaches and understand how dangerous they can be.

Let’s learn about the common types of cockroaches you will find in Washington so that you know what lures them inside your home and how to keep them away.


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Washington Cockroaches: Common Types You Will Find

The types of roaches you will find in Washington are American cockroaches, German cockroaches, Brown-banded cockroaches, and Oriental cockroaches.


  • American Cockroach
Washington Cockroaches
An American Cockroach

The American cockroaches are the biggest type of roach you will find around Washington. The yellow band behind their heads is what you can use to tell them apart from other types of cockroaches. They also have wings, can fly(not very good), and are good at climbing walls.

They can grow up to about 2 inches in size and are reddish brown in color. They are not called American cockroaches because they are native to America; they are believed to have migrated from Africa in the ships when ships were the major means of transportation which is why they are also called ship cockroaches.

When they are outdoors, you will see them in the cracks of sidewalks and under leaf debris. But when they come inside the house, they stay in places like their basement and other dark places feeding on whatever garbage they can find. 


  • German Cockroach
Washington Cockroaches
German Cockroach

German cockroaches are considered to be pests and the worst type of cockroach to find in your house. One of the reasons is that they are small (around 1.6cm), so it is easy for them to enter anywhere no matter how small the space or crack looks.

It is quite common for people to unknowingly carry German cockroaches inside their houses from elsewhere because of how small they are and how easily they can fit into cartons and clothing.

Another reason is that they breed very quickly and will produce over a thousand offspring in a short period. German cockroaches have wings but rarely fly. They prefer to run. Their distinguishing feature is the two black stripes behind their heads.

They are the cockroaches you will find in your kitchen and bathrooms, but also in places like under cabinets and behind appliances where they will feed on crumbs of leftover food and other things they find.


  • Brown-banded cockroaches
Washington Cockroaches
Brown-banded Cockroaches

 The brown-banded cockroaches are not very common in Washington but you can still see them. They are really small roaches measuring just about half an inch in size. What you can use to identify them is the light brown bands across their body.

They do have wings but only male-banded cockroaches can fly. They prefer to live in dry places like in closets, behind picture frames, and furniture. Their food is mostly clothing fabrics but they can eat other garbage.  


  • Oriental cockroaches
Washington Cockroaches
An oriental Cockroach

Oriental cockroaches are the roaches with the black and shiny-looking bodies you see. Quite uncommon to see them in Washington but not impossible. Their favorite places are dark and damp like in pipes and in the bathrooms.

They are bigger than the German and brown-banded cockroaches in size. They can get up to an inch. Males and female oriental cockroaches have wings but only the females are known to fly.


Are Cockroaches Dangerous?

Yes, cockroaches are dangerous because they bring disease and bacteria into the home. They get this bacteria from the dirty place they live and with this bacteria, they contaminate your food surface by running through these places.

Apart from spreading bacteria, cockroaches trigger allergies and asthma in some people. They are not the real cause of these issues, but their presence worsens them. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do cockroaches Enter Into Homes?

A. Cockroaches enter into the home to seek shelter from harsh weather conditions and also to find food, when it is scares outside. 

Q. Do Cockroaches Only enter Inside Dirty Homes?

A. No, they do not only enter dirty homes. There are many reasons why cockroaches will enter the house. One of them is to find water, they cannot survive for more than a few days without water, so if the temperature makes finding water hard, they will enter your house to find water that will help them survive. 

Q. What is the biggest roach you will find in Washington

A. The biggest roach you will find is the American roach. They are over 2 inches in size and can live both indoors and outdoors. 


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Cockroaches are everywhere, and we need to understand how each type behaves to get rid of them efficiently. Remember, roaches are dangerous because they carry disease and contaminate food surfaces.

They not only get inside dirty homes but also invade clean ones. Therefore, always keep your house clean so that if they enter, they will not find any food to eat, which will make them leave your house alone.


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