What Animal Eats Bed Bugs?

Using natural predators to control pests is one great way to save on your pest control method. However, you might be wondering what animal eats bed bugs. This article is carefully crafted to help you out.

Bed bugs are a nuisance and you might be thinking of getting rid of them with their natural enemies. Fortunately, they are predators that feed on bed bugs, but they shouldn’t be found in the house.

Keep reading to know what animal eats bed bugs.


What Animal Eats Bed Bugs

They are so many animals that eat bed bugs, below are a few animals that eat bed bugs.

1. Masked Hunter

What Animal Eats Bed Bugs
Masked Hunter

The assassin bug family to which the masked hunter belongs prefers warm, dry environments, making human dwellings an ideal habitat.

They can fly, range in size from 17 to 22 mm, and are often brown or gray. They are also referred to as “bed bug hunters,” a common slang term.

During their nymph stage, they are notorious for disappearing into the background, hence their original name.

They coexist alongside bats and pigeons or at least seem to. Animals like bats and pigeons attract insects, which is a tasty treat for people who hunt while wearing masks.

Predatory insects like the masked hunter prey on other insects, including the pesky bed bug. One of their most beloved tormentors is bedbugs. Do you want to let masked hunters into your house?

Not really. It’s bad news that some creatures can transmit sickness to humans. In addition, disguised hunters will bite humans if they feel threatened, sometimes while they are sleeping.

Their bite can be just as unpleasant as a snake’s, if not more so.

Although masked hunters can be effective in the theoretical fight against bed bugs, in practice they can be very dangerous.

When given the choice between their bite and a bed bug bite, I would not pick theirs. This means that there are currently many more effective strategies for eliminating a bed insect infestation.

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2. Pets

What Animal Eats Bed Bugs

Cats and dogs are the first animals that come to mind when we think of pets that help us look for bed bugs.

Cats enjoy the search and the eating of some insects, but unfortunately, bed bugs are not one of those insects. Not only are they too little to attract cats, but they also don’t have any other appealing qualities.

On the flip side, dogs can be a huge help in the search for bedbugs. They may consume them if they get too numerous, but their assistance in finding the pests is appreciated nonetheless.


3. Geckos

What Animal Eats Bed Bugs

Many lizard species enjoy munching on a wide variety of insects. In particular, geckos make great bed insect exterminators.

You can’t just stick them in any old environment, because they require a certain climate or environment to thrive. Because of this, they might not be a tasty snack for bed bugs.


4. Spiders

What Animal Eats Bed Bugs
A Spider

Some species of spiders enjoy the taste of bed bugs, and this is especially true of the black widow.

Thanatus flavidus is one kind of spider that has proven effective at catching and killing bed bugs. Spiders are the top animals on our list since they outperform all the others.

Why so? Because they are well-suited to not only fending off bed bugs, but also sharing human company. Bed bugs are easy prey for the spiders that will inevitably find their way into your room.

Some people who want to get rid of bed bugs don’t sleep in the same room and those who do end up helping the pests spread.

So, if you’re trying to get rid of bed bugs, spiders are a better choice than other insecticides. Of course, if you have arachnophobia(fear of spiders), having spiders in your home would be a nightmare.


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5. Ants


Bed bugs are prey for several species of ants. Nonetheless, Pharaon ants are by far the most typical. They stand out from the crowd as separate ants that are a pale shade of brown.

They will overrun your home if you don’t handle them properly. Envision ant colonies popping up all over your home.

It is also not a good idea to use them for bed bugs because they will contaminate your meals.


6. Cockroach

What Animal Eats Bed Bugs

Cockroaches frequently visit warm and dry places like your kitchen cabinets, pantries, and drawers. Predators like secluded areas with easy access to food.

They share the fight against the bed bugs despite their inherent nastiness. However, you shouldn’t rely on them to eliminate your bed bug problems.

They will also consume anything, even trash and junk food. As a matter of truth, cockroaches favor filthy living conditions.

Due to the speed at which bed bugs reproduce, cockroaches will never be able to eradicate them entirely.
No amount of cockroaches can eliminate them quickly enough.

Cockroaches are unpleasant and should never be considered as a solution to the problem of bed bugs. And if cockroaches have taken up residence in your home, eliminating them should be your top priority.


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7. Centipedes

What Animal Eats Bed Bugs

For starters, while all the aforementioned are insects, centipedes are arthropods, making them distinct from the other species that prey on bed bugs.

Some species of centipede can grow to be 15 cm in length, and these beasts are known for their voracious appetites on smaller creatures.

They are on the lookout for anything from cockroaches to bedbugs.

An important fact to remember is that centipedes don’t leave behind any traces of their existence, so you might not even realize you have a couple of them residing in your home if you have them there.

Only if you catch sight of them foraging for food will you know they have made their way into your home. But then again, who would want a colonies of centipedes in their home in order to hunt down bed bugs?

They’re monstrous and vicious, and they have been known to bite. Centipede bites are painful and toxic, much like a bee sting.


Concluding on What Animal Eats Bed Bugs

As we mentioned earlier, the above-listed animals work effectively to assist in getting of bed bugs in your home or property. After getting to know what animal eats bed bugs, do you want to use them as natural predators to eradicate bed bugs?

Unfortunately, some of these animals are not welcome in your homes, so when making a choice you have to put them into consideration.

What you do think about what animal eats bed bugs? Let us know your thoughts in the comment.

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