What Do Roach Eggs Look Like? Roach Eggs

Roach eggs could look like a mouse poop or any other pest dropping, identifying roach eggs in a case of a roach infestation is could be complicated so what do roach eggs look like?

You do not have to worry about identifying roach eggs as we have put in place all the facts you need to identify roach eggs and also effective techniques on how to prevent roach eggs in your home.

First, let’s find out the possible place where you can find roach eggs.


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Where Do Roach Lay Eggs?

As our human instinct would tell, it is sure, you will need to look for a suitable place to give birth, in the case of a roach, it is the same.

Research has shown that at the time a roach is pregnant, they seem to be more hardworking at that time of its pregnancy, you don’t have to blame them though since they have a chance of mating once, so they try so much to care for their young one.

A roach’s pregnancy lasts for 70-60 days on a normal routine. However, at that time, the gather enough food, search for cool or warm grounds to lay, and also hidden places to protect their eggs.

Moreover, below are certain points you should know concerning where roach lay eggs. Laying of eggs in roaches depends completely on the specie of the roach.

  • The specie of roach called the German roach, don’t lay their eggs until they are ready to hatch, and it may take up to a day. German roach eggs most times hatch while they are still glued to the mother.
  • While the American Roach or water bug reproduces near sufficient source of food and will attach them to a wall using saliva.
  • Oriental roaches empty their eggs in a warm, closed region of enough food.
  • The smoky brown cockroach females lay and hide their eggs in wet cracked areas, like under rocks or woodpiles.
  • Brown-banded cockroach eggs are easily found glued to rough surfaces like a piece of cardboard. If a region is densely infested, they appear in clusters.

Moreover, our advice to you in finding a roach egg is to take a close observation of what you think the adult likes, such as food, water, and paper.

Also, search for them in the kitchen where there is enough food and water supply. Don’t forget the bathroom where there are drips and leakage, water is easy to find there.


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The Oothecae of a Roach

What is an Oothecae? Do you know what an Oothecae is? Well, we’ve got you covered. Do you notice a brown oval substance in your cupboard, which looks like a mouse but is very fragile that careless handling can damage it? 

It is what a roach uses to gather its millions of eggs, in a single birth. This is one of a means of which a roach gives birth. In total, a roach Oothecae can be into two divisions, depending on species, and an Oothecae can carry from 14-48 eggs.

The American roach Oothecae carries 14-16 eggs, the German roach Oothecae contains 30-48 eggs and the smoky brown roach Oothecae contains 20 eggs.


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Development of Roaches inside an Oothecae

Inside the Oothecae we have eggs, and how many roaches could be inside an egg? Every independent egg within the walls of an Oothecae carries a single maturing roach nymph. The German roach species as an example can reproduce as many as 48 young roaches.

Though the don’t live that long, their age is from 160 to 450 days, relying on their sub-order, but they do as well as to leave an egg behind. The German and oriental roach can produce as many as 8 egg containers over their lifecycle, while the water bug(American roach) reproduce up to 10 and the brown-banded cockroach is around 13.


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What does Queen Roach look like?

Every insect is fond of a queen as their leader, however, is it the same with a roach, wait until you find out. A queen not only as a leader is a mother to all roaches, but she is also in charge of mating and birth-giving.

In terms of the roach, the title “queen roach” is not required as a social insect on like the bees and termite. As such they are no queen roaches so there is still not a description for the queen roach. The number of roaches is usually in millions.


What Do Roach Eggs Look Like?

What do roach eggs look like? Roach eggs look like a small tan, either brown or black capsules shaped something like a pill or a purse.

As most species of roaches are different so is their eggs, the eggs of an American roach is not the same as that of brown-banded roach eggs. Below is a description governing them.

American roach eggs: the American roach egg description is written below:

Length: 1/3-inch (8 mm) is the length of an American roach egg.

German roach eggs: the German roach egg measures the same with the American roach egg.

Length: 1/3-inch (8 mm) is the length of a German roach egg.

However, those of the Oriental and SmokyBrown cockroaches are a little longer, reaching a length of almost ½ inch (12 mm).  Brown-banded cockroaches have smaller egg sacks less than ¼ inch (5 mm).


Picture of Roach Eggs


What Do Roach Eggs Look Like
Roach Egg

Roach vs Palmetto Bug Eggs

Everyday research as shown that the roach and the palmetto bug are related to slight differences in their behavior, habitat, mating, food, and even their eggs. In addition, we have taken this step to highlight a little of the information about the roach and the palmetto bug eggs.

Furthermore, what are the reasons they are called cousins? Worry not as we have it covered in full detail-packed for you. Below are facts about the palmetto bug and its eggs.

Palmetto bug: The name palmetto bug is used to collectively group a set of cockroach species, however, the name may cause confusion and misunderstanding. A palmetto bug refers to a larger size roach. Below are the differences:

  • They are fond of flying into lights.
  • They are light brown in color.
  • They are larger than a roach.
  • They do not prefer damped and wet areas.

Roaches: We have already considered this at the beginning of our discussion, to avoid a long talk, let us jump into the facts that are not related to that of a palmetto bug. Below are the differences:

  • They are always flying away from the light.
  • They are darker than the palmetto bug.
  • They are smaller than a palmetto bug.
  • They prefer living in a damped region.

These are the similar features and characters possessed by roach and a palmetto bug, that give them that family name, so this fact is all we could gather concerning the differences in the appearance of the roach and the palmetto bug eggs.



Concerning What do roach eggs look like? that’s all we have, ranging from the facts to your query being answered. We advise you to get rid of the roach once you find their eggs anywhere in your home by trying our fumigation services and pest control products, also you could contact us for more inquiries.

Moreover, for more question, contribution, on this topic, do well to reach out to our team. Now let us take a view of our discussion for today, what could you possibly say about “what do roach egg look like” In a situation where this question is thrown at you?

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