What Do Roaches Hate The Most?

Are you battling with getting rid of roaches and you might be wondering what do roaches hate the most?

Then worry less, cause this article got you covered on everything you need to know about what do roaches hate the most.

Knowing what do roaches hate the most is relevant to help eliminate them in your houses. This guide below will assist you as you read on to know more.


Organic and Natural Scents

What do Roaches Hate the Most

As everyone knows, pesticides, insects, and herbicides have an unpleasant stench. We’ve all noticed the large exclamation point on the safety warnings of such products.

Organic and natural pest control methods that use fragrances and smells are becoming more popular. The smells are made up of natural substances, such as limonene, which is a natural aroma deterrent.

Users won’t have to be concerned about the scent of a chemistry lab in your house. Roaches are repulsed by peppermint and other fragrances that are pleasant to humans.


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Roaches Can Be Prevented With the Use of Scents.

Scents are a great solution for people who haven’t had a roach problem yet. Applying repellent odors should begin as soon as you spot one maybe two.

It is important to combine the use of scent repellents with other pest management measures if a residence is invaded by roaches. That’s just the beginning!

For the time being, just remember that roaches are scared off by strong aromas and odors. If the issue has gotten out of hand, this will not help.


What do Roaches Hate the Most

Below are scents that roaches hate and guidelines on how to apply them.

1. Roaches Hate Lavender Smells

Lavender repels roaches, which is excellent news for you. Lavender is a great plant to cultivate in your backyard and garden if you want to keep roaches away.

To keep roaches out of your house, simply grow lavender around your property. These most desperate roaches will be put off by the scent.

Lavender oil can be used to drive current roaches out of your house and prevent new ones from entering.

A spraying bottle containing lavender essential oil can be used to spray cockroach-infested areas, after diluting the oil with water.


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2. Roaches Hate Citrus Smells

Cockroaches despise the fragrance of fresh citrus, no matter how much you enjoy it. A citrus-scented cleanser in either bathroom or kitchen will keep roaches away from your home.

Additionally, you can sprinkle a few citrus peels strategically throughout your home. Roaches in the vicinity will be put off by the scent of citrus and will avoid the area.

For the tiny expense of a roach-free house, users might have to freshen the aroma every few months.

3. Thyme Smells Repulse Roaches

It’s time to get rid of those roaches once and for all. Thyme is a simple plant to use for this purpose.

Carvacrol, a molecule found in thyme, appears to frighten roaches. You can reduce thyme’s essential oil and use it as a spray, just like most of the other scents on our listing.

Thyme can also be used to keep roaches away by being planted. If you don’t have a roach problem but are concerned regarding them entering your home, you can utilize this strategy.

To keep roaches away from specific places, use powdered and shredded thyme, which can be sprinkled on top of the soil.


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4. Roaches are repulsed by minty smells.

Mint has a distinctly pleasing aroma that appeals to almost everyone. Some people prefer chocolate, ice cream, or hard candy, but it is a matter of personal preference.

Mint has a calming effect on humans, regardless of whether they like it or not.

Corn mint oil contains menthol and menthone, which deter cockroaches without going into too much detail.

Corn mint oil can be used to keep cockroaches away by adding 12 to 16 drops to a cup of water. Fill a spray container with the liquid and shake it well.

Spray the places where you’ve found the roach hotspots with your sticky traps. Per 3-5 days is excellent, however reapplication of your spray every week is the minimum.

If you remember from earlier, look for roaches in crevices such as cracks, holes, and other small spaces. To get rid of roaches, don’t spray broad open areas. Instead, focus on spraying the openings where they hide.


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5. Roaches Are Repelled by the Sweet Scent of Pine.

Pine, cedar, parsley, and a slew of other plants contain beta-pinene, which has an aroma reminiscent of basil and hops.

Beta-pinene, a terpene, has been shown to deter and even kill roaches. It doesn’t get any better than this. To keep roaches at bay, try using this mouth-watering oil.

Spraying is as simple as adding a dozen drops to a cup of water! Alpha-pinene, the cousin of beta-pinene, is also roach preventive, however, it is not as efficient as beta-pinene.


6. Use Basil to Keep Roaches Out of Your House

What about beta-pinene, our old pal? Roaches can be deterred from entering your home by using basil, which has a similar aroma.

Basil’s repulsive quality is due to the presence of the chemical linalool. In the same way that thyme essential oil may be made into a spray, basil can be planted around your home to deter cockroaches from entering.

Ensure they aren’t now inside your house, or they may be put off from returning!


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After going through this article, you will discover what roaches hate the most, and this will help you get rid of roaches with the help of these scents.

As you all know insecticides, and other herbicides have a bad smell, so introducing these scents that roaches hate is the best way to get rid of roaches if you can’t bear the smells of insecticides.

Hope you learned something new from this article, you can as well drop a comment on your point of view below the comments section.

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