What do Spiders Eat? Feeding Habit of Spiders

What do spiders eat?  Spiders are not insects, but rather air-breathing arthropods, that possess certain features that disqualify it as an insect. They have eight legs, fangs that are not possed by an ordinary insect.

However, what do they eat? Spiders are one of the major friends we see on our walls, they go around spinning webs and trapping insects, which they do not eat and later let them rot.

In this article, we have taken time to screen out the feeding habit of a spider, as we have fun-filled and interesting facts.

What Do Spiders Eat


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What do Spiders Eat in a House?

Spiders can’t stop infesting your home, most times, they live in the attic, eating up some insects you don’t know of. Sometimes, they help in eliminating certain pests as they feed.

Spiders infesting in our home also aids some benefits, they serve as a biological pest control agent. In this paragraph, we will be discussing the kinds of insects spiders eat while in a house.

At home, spiders eat certain insects like roaches, earwigs, mosquitoes, flies, and clothes moths, some of these insects must have been infesting your homes, but all of a sudden, you do not see them again, this is a sign of spider present in your homes.


What do Spiders Eat in the Wild?

You must indeed be shocked, well spiders do live in the wild, and they also feed while living in the wild, but what do spiders eat in the wild? We are also going to discuss what spiders eat to stay alive in the wild.

In the wild, we see the big Tarantula spiders which look very large to the size of a pigeon, this type of spider feed on snakes, butterflies, frogs, giant bees, worms, snails, lizards, bat and many more, these may seem surprising, yet true.

In addition, spiders have different forms of diet, whether in winter, at home, and in the wild, so let us consider in general, what spiders feed on both in the wild and at home or during winter periods.


What do Spiders Eat?

After being able to identify what spiders eat in the wild and in a house, bring that together, you can recognize things that the spiders generally eat.

Having listed the types of food that the domestic and wild spiders eat, altogether, spiders feed on reptiles, insects, decayed mammals, human feed, and on fellow spiders. It’s shocking how spiders feed on the same kind. Well, it can happen.

Moreover, spiders eat a lot, to produce a lot, knowing this, you will be able to tackle the infestation of spiders in your home, by eliminating the food source, you have the chance of getting rid of spiders.



You must be having a lot of surprises, reading this, have you discovered enough on what do spiders eat? Also, have you found out that not only insects, but spiders also feed on other prey that is shocking to you.

For contribution, more queries, further enlightenment on what do spiders eat, feel free to let me know what you think about this article in the comment below.

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