What Eats Cockroaches?

Cockroaches might look disgusting but they are a source of food for some. Do you know what eats cockroaches? Some animals, birds, pets, insects, and even  human beings eat cockroaches.

What eats cockroaches will be revealed in this article, continue reading to know them.


What Eats Cockroaches?

What eats cockroaches? You might be surprised about the following animals, pets, insects, birds, and humans that eat cockroaches. Yes, human beings eat cockroaches as well.


Animals that Eat Cockroaches

Many animals eat cockroaches but some are listed below:

 1. Frogs Eat Cockroaches

What Eats Cockroaches
A Frog

Due to their high protein, vitamin, and nutritional content, cockroaches provide excellent nutrition. If you have a frog as a pet, discoid or Dubai roaches are the best option for controlling the pest population.

Frogs don’t typically eat roaches because they aren’t as plentiful as crickets, but if one happens to fall into their hands, they certainly won’t go hungry for very long!

Make sure they aren’t too big for your pet to swallow; smaller ones are simpler to digest due to their softer bodies.

Avoid giving your pet dead roaches and instead provide it opportunities to hunt, as it would in the wild.

In terms of size, Latteralis species are among the best options, but their speed makes them difficult for your frog to catch.


2. Geckos Eat Cockroach

What Eats Cockroaches

Get some roaches from the pet store if you have a gecko as a pet. It’s not uncommon for big geckos to feast on roaches because they’re such an accessible target.

By doing so, you may rest assured that the roaches came from a clean, parasite- and bacteria-free environment before being introduced to your pet.

If you have pets, make sure the roaches never get bigger than their heads. Feeding your gecko roaches is an excellent way to ensure they get enough protein.


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3. Mice Eat Cockroaches

What Eats Cockroaches

Mice use their forepaws as positioning tools, moving the roach closer to their mouths until the head is in the perfect position for a bite.

They remove the head by biting through the neck, then move on to the wings and legs. On occasion, they will simply eat the roaches’ stomach contents because of how soft they are.

Mice can get all the nourishment they need by eating cockroaches. Proteins are essential for the development of muscular tissue, which in turn aids in movement, daily tasks, and reproduction.

A German cockroach, according to some studies, has 62% protein and 25% fat. Mice need this substantial amount of fat to insulate their bodies and provide them with energy.


4. Lizards Eat Cockroaches

What Eats Cockroaches
A Lizard

Cockroaches are a common food source for several species of lizards. Many lizard species rely heavily on cockroaches for nutrition.

They make a nutritious feed for panther chameleons. Follow the “rule of thumb” for feeding cockroaches to your lizard (the roach should be the same size as the distance between the lizard’s eyes) if you decide to get one as a pet.

Bearded dragons are well-liked as house pets, but their seemingly insatiable hunger can make their upkeep costly.


5. Spiders Eat Cockroaches

What Eats Cockroaches

Spiders’ diets in the wild consist of whatever they can hunt or capture. Wolf spiders, jumping spiders, runner spiders, and widow spiders are just a few of the spider species that prey on cockroaches.

These encompass a wide range of insects. Cockroaches are a common pest that can be found almost anywhere, making them an easy target for some types of spiders.

However, this does not imply that any species can’t survive without cockroaches. A spider may pursue a cockroach if it is sufficiently hungry and the insect is nearby.

To catch their food, spiders often spin a web and wait for passing cockroaches to walk into it.


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6. Chickens Eat Cockroaches

What Eats Cockroaches
A Chicken

If cockroaches are readily available, chickens will consume them. It should be fine for hens to eat roaches as long as the area where they are kept is not sprayed with pest pesticides.

If cockroaches are readily available, chickens will consume them. Cockroaches are common in a chicken coop because they are attracted to the chickens’ droppings and because the coop provides the roaches with the necessities of life.

These birds have a natural preference for roaches as food. There is no risk in eating cockroaches because they are a nutrient-dense food source.

It is common for them to collect a wide variety of beetles, worms, and roaches that they encounter when foraging.


7. Bearded Dragons Eat Cockroaches

Bearded Dragons
Bearded Dragon

Those who own bearded dragons should realize that a cockroach makes the ideal feeder insect.

Pet bearded dragons are popular. Rich in minerals, vitamins, protein, and fat, cockroaches offer the ideal dietary balance and are also simple to digest.

How many roaches your pet needs to consume is conditional on factors such as size, weight, and age.

Bearded dragon hatchlings and juveniles require 25-50 roaches per day, fed in several smaller servings.

The best option for adults is to feed them three to five jumbo roaches every two to three days on their protein day. A cockroach shouldn’t be bigger than your pet’s pupil size.


Insects That Eat Cockroaches

Below are some insects that eat cockroaches:

 1. Cricket Eat Cockroaches


They prefer to settle in verdant areas with lots of grass to play on. Crickets are omnivores like roaches and will eat just about anything.

Crickets can use roaches as a food source, but it’s unusual for them to eat them. Foods like grass, barley, fruits, corn, and vegetables are favored.

They will also devour smaller insects. What they eat is determined by what is around them.


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2. Ants Eat Cockroaches

Ants Eat Cockroaches

They get aggressive if a roach crosses their paths and are always successful due to their high population density.

Some types of ants are known to prey on cockroaches. They’ll even chow down on a roach’s corpse if they come upon one. Dead insects, especially roaches, might entice them with their stench.

It’s not like they’d hunt out a roach and kill it as a snack. However, ants can act in a manner that might drive cockroaches away if they compete for dominance in a living space.

However, this is only seen in a select few species, such as the red fire ants. These animals have strong territorial instincts.

Both herbivores and carnivores require constant access to a food source, which might lead to a struggle over who gets to stay in the home.

Roaches don’t put up much of a defense in this kind of conflict. Once they have established a reliable water supply, food supply, and haven, they become fiercely territorial.


3. Wasps Eat Cockroaches


The female wasp will sting the roach first, injecting the venom, when she catches one. Wasps’ unusual relationship with the common cockroach could make for an interesting tale.

In this method, the roach is rendered helpless and unable to flee. Once the eggs have hatched, the roach is helpless as the larvae consume it alive.

The mere mention of it makes your mouth water, right? Despite not being immobilized, it does not attempt to move.

Following this, the wasp takes a roach by the antennae and carries it back to the nest. A roach is used to carry the eggs to the nest, where the bird lays them on its belly.


4. Grasshoppers Eat Cockroaches


Most grasshoppers eat plant matter. Aren’t picky eaters, though they do prefer green leaves.

When grass and plants are in short supply where they live, they will happily consume mushrooms, moss, and even some decaying insects or spiders.

Finding a dead bug corpse provides protein, therefore roaches can be consumed in this method. They are completely harmless to their prey insects.


Pets That Eat Cockroaches

Some pets also eat cockroaches, below are some of the pets that eat cockroaches.

 1. Gerbils Eat Cockroaches

 Gerbils Eat Cockroaches

A cockroach can be a delicious snack for a gerbil if it’s little enough. Gerbils in the wild consume a wide variety of foods.

Due to the harsh desert environment in which they have evolved, they will consume nearly anything they can fit into their mouths.

Gerbils’ regular diets include grass, plant roots, seeds, fruit, and even insects. Insects play a crucial role in the food web because they provide essential elements like protein, fat, minerals, and vitamins.

If you have a gerbil, you should supplement its diet with some insects now and then. Dubai roaches are also delicious when prepared properly.

They require all of these things to live and develop normally. Worms, flies, and crickets are common prey for these creatures.


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 2. Dogs too Eat Cockroaches

 Dogs To Eat Cockroaches

It’s rare for dogs to eat bugs like roaches, but it does happen occasionally.

Roaches are not poisonous in the wild, but they can bring viruses, chemical pesticides, and other dangerous substances into your home that can be fatal to your pet.

Cockroach ingestion by dogs typically occurs in the course of pretend play. You must visit the veterinarian at the first sign of illness or unusual behavior.

There’s not much you can do if you catch your dog eating a cockroach, so simply watch for signs of distress.


 3. Cats Eat Cockroaches

 Cats Eat Cockroaches
A Cat

Dangerous bacteria can be carried by pests and pose a real threat to your cat. Cats do occasionally eat roaches, but it’s usually just a byproduct of them toying with their natural hunting instincts.

They can eventually learn to catch roach and consume it. Generally speaking, cats do not eat insects, but there are always exceptions.

Even if your cat eats a roach, it’s fairly safe to say that it won’t suffer any ill effects. The average house has a few roaches, and your cat can eat one, but this is not acceptable.

That’s how the fun begins—they catch it, pet it, play with it, bite it, and inevitably end up choking on it. The greater size of roaches makes them easier for a cat to see.

Birds That Eat Cockroaches

Birds eat cockroaches also. Below are some birds that eat cockroaches.

1. Starlings Eat Cockroaches

 Starlings Eat Cockroaches

The starlings are omnivores and will consume virtually any type of food. Insectivorous starlings do exist.

Worms, snails, insects, fruit, and vegetables are among the many foods they enjoy. Starlings’ violent tendencies come out during food battles.

They dig into the dirt, shifting the dirt and stones out of the way as they forage for food. Young birds typically follow their parent around on the ground and rely on them for food and protection.


2. Crows Eat Cockroaches

 Crows Eat Cockroaches

They may consume anything from small mammals and birds to frogs and toads, and even eggs. Because crows are omnivores, they eat just about anything.

Even carrion is fair game for them. Feeding on insects, including cockroaches, is quite unusual. Birds can eat just about anything, including seeds, nuts, fruits, worms, and even other birds.

They will eat everything they can grab and swallow whole. Crows frequently eat trash dumped by humans.


Human Beings Eat Cockroaches

Human Beings Eat Cockroaches
A Human Feeding on a Cockroach

Cockroaches are a popular food item in many cultures. Cockroaches are edible, as gross as that may sound.

Well, at least not the kind you might discover in your backyard. They include a variety of essential nutrients, including protein, vitamins, minerals, and fat.

However, cockroaches are a health risk when brought indoors. Eating a roach in such a setting could expose you to harmful bacteria, germs, and parasites, increasing your risk of chemical poisoning, diarrhea, salmonella, and other gastrointestinal issues.


Are Cockroaches Bad for Your Health?

Similar to flesh in texture, but significantly lower in fat. Due to their high protein content, roaches are beneficial to human health.

In Asia, cockroaches are served as a tasty delicacy. They need to be cooked thoroughly so that any harmful bacteria and germs are eliminated.

Properly prepared, they are an excellent protein source to include in one’s diet. While the idea of eating insects is generally frowned upon in the West, in other parts of the world it is a common staple.


Finally on What Eats Cockroaches

Many animals, birds, insects, and even human beings eat cockroaches. Though some animals eat cockroaches unintentionally, some eat cockroaches as a source of nutrients.

Research has shown that cockroaches are not dangerous to human beings if properly cooked, they are a great source of protein.

But not all humans eat cockroaches. Reading to this point you have gained knowledge on what eats cockroaches, we believe your search query about what eats cockroaches is answered.

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