What is a Live Dealer?

In the glitzy world of online gambling, the role of a Live Dealer is paramount, so what is a live dealer? Imagine connecting with players from all around the world, hosting thrilling casino games, and ensuring fair play, all while working in the booming sector of online gambling.

But what exactly is a Live Dealer? How much do they earn? And how can you become one? Let’s delve into the exciting world of Live Dealer jobs.


What is a Live Dealer Roles and Responsibilities?

A Live Dealer is a professional who hosts a variety of casino games, such as Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Poker, and Live Baccarat, that players can view and participate in via streamed video link or broadcasted TV network. They interact with players, keep them entertained, and maintain the highest professional standards to ensure fair play is upheld.


Similar Job Titles

What Is A Live Dealer

Besides being called a Live Dealer, individuals in this role may also be known as Games Presenters, Casino Hosts, Poker Dealers, Table Hosts, or live casino games online Managers.

Daily Tasks of a Live Dealer in the Online Gambling Sector Interaction with Players. Live Dealers are the face of the casino. They interact with thousands of players worldwide, providing a seamless and interactive gaming experience.


Participation in Media Campaigns

As brand ambassadors, Live Dealers also take part in various media campaigns to enhance the casino’s brand image.


Pros and Cons of Becoming a Live Dealer


  • Entry-level career opportunity in the gaming industry.

  • Comprehensive training provided.

  • Additional benefits and perks.



  • Requires strong communication skills.

  • Must be flexible, including working evenings and weekends.


Earnings of a Live Dealer Starting Salary

A starting position as a Live Dealer can earn on average £22,000 plus benefits and training.


Senior Position Salary

  • More senior roles can command up to £50,000+, including bonuses.

  • Qualifications to Become a Live Dealer Previous Experience

  • While previous casino experience is desired, it’s not a requirement.


Key Skills

Essential skills include excellent customer service, numeric competence, a natural desire to entertain, and strong communication preferably in English and one other European language.


Getting Your First Job as a Live Dealer

Becoming a Live Dealer requires dedication and the right skill set. Utilize job platforms and networks to find the right opportunity for you.


Long-Term Career Potential

The role of a Live Dealer offers significant long-term career potential, with opportunities for growth and advancement in the gaming industry.


Overview of the Casino Games Hosted

Live Dealers host a range of popular casino games, ensuring that players have an array of options to choose from for a unique gaming experience.


Real-Time Interaction with Players

Live Dealers facilitate real-time betting decisions, enhancing the overall gaming experience for players.

What Is A Live Dealer


Importance of Professional Standards

Maintaining high professional standards is crucial for ensuring fair play and building trust with players.


The Growing Sub-sector of Live Casino Games

The live casino games sub-sector is burgeoning, highlighting the increasing demand for interactive and immersive gaming experiences.


The Role of Live Dealers in Customer Experience

Live Dealers play a significant role in enhancing customer experience by providing interactive and engaging gameplay.


Training and Additional Benefits

Comprehensive training and additional benefits are provided to Live Dealers to ensure they are well-equipped for the role.



Embarking on a career as a Live Dealer is not only exciting but also rewarding. With the right skills, passion, and commitment, you can thrive in this role, contributing to the ever-growing online gambling industry while ensuring a top-notch gaming experience for players worldwide.



What is the average starting salary of a Live Dealer?

The average starting salary is £22,000 plus benefits and training.

Is previous casino experience necessary to become a Live Dealer?

No, it’s desired but not a requirement.

Do Live Dealers work on weekends?

Yes, flexibility including working evenings and weekends is essential.

What games do Live Dealers typically host?

Live Dealers typically host games like Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Poker, and Live Baccarat.

Can a Live Dealer work remotely?

Generally, Live Dealers work in studios or casinos where games are broadcasted, but remote opportunities may also be available.

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