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What Scents Repel Flies?

Are you wondering what scents repel flies in other to help you get rid of them? Then you are lucky to be reading this article.

We have carefully selected what scents repel flies that are so effective and also simple to get.

Fortunately, there are a variety of practical and all-natural strategies for keeping the flies at bay. You can take advantage of a fly’s acute sense of smell to keep them at bay.

Here are natural and effective scents to repel these insects utilizing smells such as peppermint oil, lavender, and more.


What Scents Repel Flies?


Below are natural scents to repel flies:


1. Rosemary

What Scents Repels Flies

Most studies on rosemary’s efficacy as a mosquito repellent have focused on mosquitoes, although it’s generally agreed that the herb’s pungent aroma is a significant obstacle for other types of insects.

Rosemary, with its distinctively anti-sweet aroma, can be utilized either as a plant or in an essential oil combination.

If you opt for growing the herb, you can use it in all your usual recipes after it’s fully matured.

Wondercide’s Rosemary Indoor Pest Control Spray (like the peppermint Wondercide spray up top) is a utilizes blend with an essential oil base of cedarwood, rosemary, and sesame essential oils and is widely considered an effective way to ward off flies and other creeping insects.


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2. Peppermint

What Scents Repels Flies

As with lavender, peppermint can be used in a variety of ways throughout the home to deter pest flies.

“Peppermint is yet another common, natural, and efficient solution to repel flies,” Will said.

Peppermint is fantastic for protecting delicate plants and keeping swarm of flies away from your home, so be sure to plant some in your garden and around often traveled outdoor areas.

But peppermint oil can also do a great job of keeping the flies out of your house.

Instead of relying on a home-grown solution, I recommend adopting a tried and true commercial one.


3. Lavender

What Scents Repels Flies

The pest control specialist recommends using lavender since it is “efficient at its job” and “smells lovely” once it relates to keeping flies away.

He went on to say that another perk was the versatility with which the aroma could be used. Lavender has multiple uses for keeping insects at bay within the home.

Lavender oil is commonly sprayed around trouble areas like kitchens and windows to keep flies at bay. Lavender oil can be applied directly from the container, or it can be diluted with essential oils.


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 4. Eucalyptus Oil

What Scents Repels Flies

Another excellent essential oil for naturally repelling flies is eucalyptus oil. This essential oil can be used neat from the bottle or diluted with a carrier oil.

For some reason, the mere presence of eucalyptus in the air is enough to drive a fly away.

If you’re having trouble getting rid of flies in hard-to-reach spots like behind the refrigerator, behind the stove, and behind the toilet, then try using some diluted Eucalyptus oil.


5. Basil

What Scents Repels Flies

Natural and powerful fly repulsion can be attained with either the basil plant or basil essential oil.

According to the pro, not only does basil have a pleasant aroma, but it also serves as an effective insect deterrent in outdoor dining places.

Having a tiny basil plant inside is an option as well, particularly on high-traffic surfaces like kitchen and coffee tables.

Basil also comes as an essential oil, which may be quite effective when spritzing certain frequent problem locations when it comes to flies such as around windows.

All of the essential oils here should be used with a carrier oil of suitable diluting strength before being applied topically.


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6. Bay leaves

What Scents Repels Flies

If you crush up some bay leaves and sprinkle them in the locations where flies congregate, you may keep the pests at bay without resorting to chemical sprays or traps. This works great both indoors and out.

But you may want to store the ground bay leaves in a mesh, closeable bag outside. This will prevent the bay leaves from being blown away when they are mashed up.

You can get the same effect by scattering ground bay leaves around furniture where people sit, lie down, and rest, where flies are likely to congregate and bother you.

Plant some bay leaves in your home and place the plant pot by your kitchen window to ward off pesky flies, especially fruit flies.


7. Cloves


Cloves have a strong odor that repels flies. When you put a bowl of dried cloves in a room where flies are an issue, the flies will quickly go.

If you happen to detest the scent of cloves, this is not a suitable solution because you, too, will quickly leave the area.


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8. Rue

Rue Plant

Rue, like many other herbs, is highly effective as both a natural insect repellent and essential oil. Many people have found that planting rue around their food, plants, and furniture helps keep the flies away.

Rue also looks lovely whether grown in the garden, on the patio, or even in a tiny pot on the kitchen windowsill.

The essential oil form of rue is particularly useful for treating hard-to-reach places like drapes, window sills, and other surfaces with a diluted spray combination.

However, it would be helpful to test how effective the natural form of a rue plant is at keeping flies away.


When and Where to Apply These Scents to Repel Flies

In a nutshell, these odors are effective both indoors and outdoors. Always do extra study and get expert advice before deciding which fragrance to use in a given circumstance.

Each product is unique in terms of dilution and application, so it’s important to do your homework before using anything like lavender oil, for which the concentrations might vary widely.



Since flies are drawn to the garbage and decaying food, it’s important to hide your trash cans and keep your cut fruits covered or in the fridge.

At this point, you have known about natural scents that repel flies away. Hope this article was helpful enough for you. You can drop a comment in the comment section for us to know your view.

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