Which State Has The Most Cockroaches In The U.S

Are you thinking of moving to the US and want to know which state has the most cockroaches? because you do not want to share your space with any of these annoying, disgusting, and disease carrying insects?

It is true that some states indeed have and attract cockroaches more than others. We are going to look at the state that has the most cockroaches in this article and what factors help cockroaches thrive in the state. Read on!


Common Types Of Cockroach Found In The US

Which State Has The Most Cockroaches
German cockroaches

There are four types of cockroaches you will likely find in the US. The first type is the German cockroach. Just a little more than half an inch in length. They are the type you will mostly see in your house. Their size gives them the advantage of fitting in through the tiniest holes and cracks to get into your house. You will most likely see them in the kitchen going after food crumbs and in the damp places in the bathroom. 

German cockroaches have one talent, which is to reproduce very fast. That means if you see one of them in your house, there are probably others hiding somewhere and if you are not careful, you may have an infestation soon. To know if a cockroach is a German cockroach, look for two black strips on its head. It should be long enough to run down their heads. 

The American Cockroach is easy to identify. You can tell them from the yellow markings on their heads and their reddish body. They are the biggest roach you will find around human habitat.

They are over two inches in length. Their size will not stop them from finding their way through tiny spaces to enter your house. They like to live in dark corners of the house especially in clusters and in the basement. They are the only indoor roach that actually use their wings to fly. 

The oriental cockroaches have a distinct look that helps you identify them. They are darker than other types of cockroaches and like to be around water sources like in the bathroom and drains. They do have wings but rarely fly and are an inch in length. 

The brown-banded cockroaches love drier places so you will find them in your closets, behind your furniture, on the walls and ceiling. They can be identified with the brown bands they have around their body. They are not big roaches, they measure half an inch in size. 


Which State Has The Most Cockroaches

There are a lot of factors that determine if one state will have more cockroaches than the other. There are things like the state’s weather conditions, housing structure, and the population of the people in the state. Cockroaches prefer warmer and humid weather conditions so a state that has this will be favorable to them.

How does the population of a state influence cockroach populations in a place? Well, when there are many people in a state, areas that have more population of people will have more cockroach infestation.  This is because more food crumbs will be left behind which will become a good source of food for roaches.

For housing structures, a state with more apartment buildings or old building structures will have more cockroaches because apartment and old structures will most likely have cracks, and poor sanitation in it. Apartment A may be very clean and free of roaches but if Apartment B has food crumbs, Apartment B becomes a hiding spot for cockroaches who may enter other people’s houses through cracks or connected pipes.

Taking into consideration the factors that I mentioned above the state that I will say has the most cockroach is Texas. It’s warm and also has good large urban areas. In fact, in a recent research carried out Huston is believed to be the roachest city in the US, followed by San Antonio both of which are in Texas. 


Other States That May Have A High Number Of Roaches


State Factors
Florida Large Urban Areas
Louisiana Warm Year-Round Weather
Mississippi Warm and Humid Climate
Georgia Hot and Humid Summers
South Carolina Warm and Humid Climate
California Large Urban Areas (Los Angeles)
North Carolina Warm and Humid Climate
Oklahoma Warm Summers
Nevada Large Urban Center (Las Vegas)


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In conclusion, roach spread is affected by a lot of factors. And if a state has favorable conditions cockroaches love, the state may have more cockroaches than others. There are four common types of cockroaches will likely see in your house in the US.

The German cockroach, American, brown-banded, and the oriental cockroach. Remember you can still live in any state and may never see a cockroach. You just have to keep your house clean and free of food crumbs, fix any leaking pipes, and not leave any water source uncovered at night. 


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