Will Heat Kill Cockroaches?: The Effect Of Heat On Roaches

Cockroaches have so frustrated me and kept me wondering what to do. So I thought, ‘Will heat kill cockroaches?  I don’t like the smell of chemicals, so getting a chemical treatment was not an option for me.

I was thinking of something more natural that could work, and I thought of extreme conditions. Most animals and insects do not survive heat or extreme cold.

I called a pest control service and asked about using heat to kill cockroaches in my house, and they said it could be done. I had the most wonderful result after that. Read on to learn how it works. 


Why do Cockroaches Like Staying Indoors?

Not all cockroaches like staying indoors. The ones that stay indoors, like the German and brown-banded roaches, are attracted to the humid environment that indoors provides.

Inside the house, they are safe from predators and harsh weather conditions. Their body has adapted to living and surviving with humans in their homes, so they prefer to live inside.

Also, the house provides enough food for them. They always have something to eat. There is garbage—your clothes, your raw food, and sometimes your appliances. They can eat your skin if they become too hungry, just for them to survive. 


Will Heat Kill Cockroaches?
Cockroach and Oatmeal in a House


Will Heat Kill Cockroaches?

Yes! It works. Cockroaches are not immune to heat. You just have to know how to use heat to your advantage. The good thing about the heat treatment is that it does not just kill the live cockroaches that are in the house.

It kills the eggs too, with any bacteria the cockroaches must have left behind. Also, with the heat, the organic matter in the urine and feces of the roaches are completely killed in the process.

There have been arguments about the ability of heat to kill cockroaches because cockroaches love the warm environment of the home.

The trick is to take the heat way higher than they can survive in it. What we did for my heat treatment was increase the heat to around 120° F. Roaches can survive heat but 85° to 95° F.

When you take it higher than that, they can’t survive at that level. You will have to leave your house for the treatment. Do not try to do this on your own.

Contact a pest control service that uses heat to kill cockroaches to help you.  They have the best equipment and resources to take care of the problem. Let them handle the situation. 


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Other Natural Things That Can Kill Cockroaches 

  1. Diatomaceous earth (DE): 

Another thing you can use is diatomaceous earth. DE is odorless and a powder made from algae. The powder is powerful enough to dehydrate cockroaches and kill them. What you have to do is spread the DE where you have seen the roaches like under the carpets and in your bathroom. 

Take safety precautions when you are using the DE. It can irritate your lungs. Use a mask to cover your nose and face and wash your hands when you are done with using it.

Remember to spread the dirt in dry areas of the house. Do not use it near where you keep your food and follow all the instructions on the product. 

  1. Neem oil

Mix neem oil with water and spray it where you have seen the roaches in your house. It is a natural oil made from neem tree. It is safe for you to use around your house. It is also a repellent you can spread around your house to keep cockroaches away. 


How Long do Roaches Live?

All cockroaches do not have the same lifespan. Some live for a year, while others can live for only about 99 days. American cockroaches live more than a year when they reach adulthood.


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Roaches are very resilient insects. You have to put in all your efforts to get rid of them, and heat control is very effective.

Remember to get pest control to do the treatment for you. Do not attempt it on your own.  I would like to hear back from you. Drop a comment. 

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